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One of the most important benefits of using roller shutters is that they provide protection from intruders, burglaries, vandalism etc. It is not easy to remove roller shutters as they are very tightly fitted to the doors.


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About Us Vishwas Automation Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated with an aim to manufacture, and supply high quality Motorized Rolling Shutters, Aluminium and Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters, Telescopic and Automatic Sliding Gates, Doors and Entrance Automation with barriers and more. With our comprehensive experience and expertise in manufacturing doors and shutters, we certainly have bagged a covetous position in the market.

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Why Should You Choose Roller Shutters?

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There are many door and window options out there in the market. However, roller shutters are fast becoming a preferable option over hinged doors. Apart from looking good and being easy to maintain, there are many reasons why you should consider roller shutters on your windows or doors, they include;

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Space With hinged doors, you need to leave room for the door to swing. The required space might be in the room if the door swings inwards or outside if it swings outwards.

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Sliding doors, on the other hand, are not suitable for narrow entrances. Roller shutters make the best use of space compared to these options.

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Convenience When you look at roller shutters, there are very many options for you. The first thing to consider is opening and closing. This can be done manually or by use of an electric motor. Where a motor is used, the system is remotely controlled so that you can open and close the garage door from the comfort of your car.

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Roller shutters are usually fitted to your window or door in a manner that is hard to breach. This is why many businesses use roller shutters rather than other types of doors.

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Also, opaque or metal roller shutters hide your stuff from prying eyes, you don't have to worry about anyone scouting your house to plan a burglary.

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If you compare a traditional hinged door to a roller shutter door, you'll find that a roller shutter provides better sealing. Consequently, the temperature in the room remains stable despite changes outside.

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This quality is helpful as it allows the air conditioning to be more efficient. In addition, roller shutter doors and windows are quite good at keeping outside noise out and inside noise in. They also provide a good shield even in extremely windy weather when debris might fly around.

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