Benefits of Automated Sliding Gates


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Another advantage that automated sliding gates have over swing ones is that they are more efficient and safer to use as well. Most swing gates will invariably use more power compared to the simple sliding motion required by their rivals, and although sliding gates require their tracks to be kept clean at all times,


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About US Vishwas Automation Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated with an aim to manufacture, and supply high quality Motorized Rolling Shutters, Aluminium and Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters, Telescopic and Automatic Sliding Gates, Doors and Entrance Automation with barriers and more. With our comprehensive experience and expertise in manufacturing doors and shutters, we certainly have bagged a covetous position in the market.

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Benefits of Automated Sliding Gates

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Various properties, whether residential or commercial, need to have security parameters installed along their perimeters or boundaries. These security parameters come in the form of fences and gates.

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With gates being the point of entry and exit, due attention should be given to them when planning a property’s security parameters. Gates do not only provide security but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

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There are different kinds of gates such as sliding, swing, cantilever, and boom. The best one to use depends on the property they will be installed on. When it comes to how these gates are operated, they can either be manual or automated. For many applications, installing an automated sliding gate is the popular choice. Here are the reasons why.

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They are convenient.

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Automated gates allow people to enter properties without having to get out of their cars to open manual gates – a clear advantage when it’s raining or late at night. It also closes automatically so that you don’t have to be mindful of closing and locking the gate after entering.

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They are more secure.

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Automated gates, as their name implies, come with automatic locks, integrated safety beams, and other features that boost security. Also, doing away with the need to get out of the car to open and close the gates significantly lowers the risk of something happening while you are outside the car such as getting mugged or having your car stolen.

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They take up less space.

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Landscaping and parking area capacity are no longer problems when you decide on having automated sliding gates for your property. Since they slide instead of swing inside or outside, landscaping areas are not affected and so are parking areas.

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You can use even the space right by the sliding gate because it will not take up a large area when opening or closing. Smaller properties greatly benefit by opting to go with installing sliding gates.

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They are more functional in certain conditions.

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There are instances wherein automated gates are better used than manual swing gates. Sliding gates are better for very wide openings in properties, especially in industrial or commercial ones, and for driveways that have an upward slope.

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