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Ricardo Arjona Deyli Ocando Andreina Soto Final Project English II Section R221 Teacher: Doris Molero


Contents 1.- About me 2.- Unit 7: TIME 3.- Unit 8: CELEBRATIONS 4.- Unit 9: DAILY ROUTINE 5.- Unit 10: HOUSE AND ROOMS 6.- Unit 11: CLOTHING 7.- Unit 12: JOBS AND AMBITIONS

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ABOUT ME I HATE I like MY DREAMS Get up at 7:00am Smoke Rome Paris Graduation Public Accounting Maracaibo Nineteen/ I was born on July 27th Movies Dance Noel Schajris English My boyfriend

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About me Deyli Fabiana I Like… go to the beach! “Tucacas” go to the movies Ricardo Arjona My dreams Graduate have a family I hate hypocrisy About English I think is very important for today Europa

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Unit 7 Time He born on January, 19th of 1964. 20 records This concert was From 10:00 pm to 12:30 am 25 years of experience Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 8:00 Interview 12:00 Lunch with his manager 1:30 Photo shoot 2:50 Practice with the band 2:00 Invitation to a program 5:30 Voice class 5:30 Voice class 5:00 Travel to Italy 9:00 Concert in Madrid 11:00 Concert in Valencia

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Unit 8 Celebrations Ricardo Arjona sings at the festival in Viña del Mar 2010, in his presentation at the Quinta Vergara achieves a silver torch, another gold and two silver g ull Viña del Mar is a music festival celebrated annually during February since 1960 in Viña del Mar, Chile.

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Unit 9 Daily Routine Ricardo Arjona Sleep Ricardo get's up every morning at 7:00 am He brushes his teeth He takes a shower He get's dressed He has breakfast He walks He has lunch He write or compose He records He has dinner He reads


DEYLI´S REFLEXION Technology Logistic New people Talk in English

Ricardo Arjona house:

Ricardo Arjona house Little yard with pool Ricardo´s bedroom The kitchen The laundry room The bathroom Ricardo son´s bedroom The living room Unit 10

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Ricardo Arjona STYLE Black Winter Hat Gray T- Shirt Glasses White Sport Shoes Beige belt White Jeans Red Leather Jacket

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Unit 12 Ricardo Arjona and his coworkers Singer/ Outgoing/funny Manager/Hardworking Musicians/ Creative Hairstylist/ Creative Bodyguard/Serious/Smart Makeup Artist/ Creative/ outgoing Composer/Creative/smart

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Andreina´s REFLEXION New friends Nice teacher My English knowledge Easy English Logistic

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