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We bring you 6 unquestionable benefits of implementing biometrics with the existing student attendance software. Call now on 91-141-4029605 to know more!


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Top 6 Reasons why Educational Institutions Need Student Attendance Software


Biometric time management and attendance software systems are used with diversified benefits across industries, corporate organizations and high-profile institutions. However, they are yet to make a rather big statement in terms of their viability in education sector. There are only a handful of schools, colleges and research institutions that use advanced student attendance software system with biometrics to track performance of every participant.


We bring you 6 unquestionable benefits of implementing biometrics with the existing student attendance software .


1. No card punching or roll-calling Roll-calling is the most traditional way of marking attendance in schools and colleges. Card punching too has caught on as a rather popular and wide-spread attendance marking protocol. However, both these practices are riddled by numerous flaws. They involve huge investment and no return. The ID cards and punching cards have to be thrown away after the student finishes the term. It is loss of resources with no evident recycling value attached to them.


2. Zero proxy attendance and ID thefts ID thefts posed as the greatest threat to corporate world, which often led to espionage and forgeries. In student attendance software, the chances of proxy markings and thefts are completely eliminated much like in industrial sector by incorporating the most-advanced biometrics face recognition system.


3. Easy to install and one-time investment No institute wants to be involved in repeated cost-inflated systems. Paper documentation and storage of attendance records take a lot of money and personnel to handle them effectively. Student Attendance Software systems can completely eliminate the unnecessary time and money spent by the management to overhaul attendance system every year as the old batch pass out, replaced by new set of students.


4. Convenience for everyone involved No cards and no pins required to punch attendance on biometric system. This makes life so much easy for the students. As there are no cards involved, student can continue to be carefree. Educational institutions can finally bury the troubles associated with loss, damage, breakage and duplication of ID cards, that not just hamper performance of the attendance software, but also ripe apart the foundation of the quality education system.


5. Tamper-proof accuracy The major benefit of using the biometrics face recognition system for student attendance is its proven track record of being accurate and tamper-proof. It is controlled only be a handful of IT administration managers but even the best of technicians can’t tamper with the records coming their way on a daily basis. Powered by advanced supporting tools and technologies, the attendance software system can capture data from multiple sites and devices--- on –campus as well as off it.


6. Scalable technology When it comes to include more students into the present batch, it is easy to scale up the existing biometric system. All it takes is new templates and extra seconds for face recognition and scanning to establish the identity of the student during the first interface between the individual and the system. In a nutshell, biometrics face recognition system in student attendance is a productive technology.


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