How You can use Snapchat for User Acquisition

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Samuel Beavan, EMEA Lead, Snapchat


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1 Мобильный Маркетинг с Snapchat

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One app for every experience Source: Snap inc. Internal Data as of Q1 2018

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Friends Camera Discover Bringing them back 25 times a day The best place to keep up with people you care about most The best way to capture the moment and play with AR The best stories and entertainment made for your phone

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Shows Discover premium content made for mobile Source: Snap Inc. Internal Data as of Q1 2018 Publisher Stories Our Stories 75 of viewers come back 3+ times per week Leaned in and engaged audience Tap to view and subscribe

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Using a diverse set of online and offline signals to reach users What you share How you engage Where you go What you consume What you listen to Who you follow Camera Ads Location Publishers Shazam Follower graph

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Snapchatters are… Source: GlobalWebIndex Q2 2017 Source: Snap Inc. Internal Data as of Q1 2018 About 1 in 3 Adult Snapchatters are Parents of users are 18+ 80 Of users are female 55 Of users are male 45 13 Dads 32 Parents 19 Moms

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27 33 37 46 70 of Snapchatters who do not use other platform in any given week Base: US Snapchatters aged 13+ Source: Custom App Annie analysis commissioned by Snap Inc. Weekly exclusive reach is based on the weekly overlap of active users on Snapchat and competitor app calculation equals 1-Overlap Penetration App Annie weights iOS and Android data in their sample to reflect the general population of the market Figures calculated for Q1 and Q2 2017 At least Of Snapchatters are not on other platforms in a given week 27 Youre missing your audience 
 if youre missing Snapchat

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Source: Global Web Index 2018 “Can you please indicate which of these you are strongly interested in” GWI Snapchatters over index against other social platforms when it comes to high gaming affinity Snapchatters are Gamers Non-Snap 123 112 102 85 36 Of Snapchatters indicated they are strongly interested in gaming Index versus all respondents

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Snapchat Gamers …. Snap about gaming content Send Snaps looking for recommendations Snap their in-game experiences 52 36 18 Source: Brakethrough Research 2018

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Your ads in the camera Advertising on Snapchat Your ads in content

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Switch out to GOAT Scaled User Reach Peak Brain Training Peak is a UK-based brain training app that helps users challenge their brain with fun games and mental workouts. Lower Cost Per Install and Cost per Signup vs other channels Installs 1.7M -50 UA Channel in 2 months. 2nd Source: Peak Games proprietary data

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Switch out to GOAT High Quality Users ETERMAX Trivia Crack “Trivia Crack is world- renowned as the leader in mobile trivia. On Snapchat we found a vibrant community who wanted to be entertained and compete against each other in the app that continues to be a global phenomenon.” Eric Tornquist CMO Lower Cost Per Install and Cost per Signup vs other channels Greater D1 D3 and D7 retention vs other channels 25 -20 Snapchatters played the game for 2x as long as users from other channels 2x Source: Etermax proprietary data

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Switch out to GOAT LTV at Scale PLAYDEMIC Golf Clash “Using Snapchat’s Goal- Based Bidding for Installs we were able to drive yield 27 above our goal and drive 200k installs” James Woodmansey Performance Marketing at Playdemic greater LTV versus their goal Installs 200K 27

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