Featured Exterior Hand Car Wash Packages from Detailing World

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Auto exterior car wash is really important part of your car cleaning process. Detailing World provides most affordable hand car wash packages in Calgary and improves the stability of your car. Through this document we have shared some information related to exterior car wash packages.


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Featured Hand Car Wash Packages From Detailing World


When ever you go outside with your or driving car in monsoon weather, your car wants to clean with soft hands. Because this is the only when your car feels happy. About Car Hand Wash Service


Auto Exterior Car Wash Packages Detailing World offers most affordable exterior car wash service in Calgary. For sake of consumers in Calgary Detailing World gives 3 types of exterior car wash packages so that every one can easily clean their favorite car. Exterior Car Wash Packages: Exterior Lite. Exterior Plus. Exterior Comprehensive. ** If you want to get more details about car exterior cleaning services just visit at Exterior Hand Car wash Packages **


Exterior Lite In this package we use the most modern apparatus and devices to give the best results. This is the most low-priced exterior car cleaning packages. This Starter Exterior Package Includes: Hand Wash & Dry Hot Waxing Tires & wheels cleaned


Exterior Plus In this package you will get additional services than Exterior Lite. The service also contains with tires and wheels dressing and engine shampooing. This Advanced Exterior Package Includes: Hand Wash and Dry. Hot Waxing. Undercarriage Washed. Carnauba Wax Paint Protection.


Exterior Comprehensive This service is particularly planned to make sure that the exterior of your car looks as sparkly as a new car. This complete Exterior Package Includes: Hand Wash and Dry Hot Waxing Smooth as Glass Paint Finish Clay and decontaminate Paint Power Polish, Brighten Color and revitalized paint finish.


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