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The word cloud may sound very mechanical at times. We most of us don’t even know how and where the cloud or its backup facility is used. But the usage of the cloud is a vital fragment of our daily work. Here you know how?


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D E S C A S I O L I M I T E D 8 7 A l l e n A v e I k e j a L a g o s N i g e r i a 2 3 4 8 0 9 9 4 5 6 0 0 7 P i c k t h e d a t e DESCASIO LIMITED We are committed to improving your business operation with best business practices making you work smarter faster by leveraging Cloud technologies. Cloud Computing And IT Transformation

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BET YOU DID NOT KNOW YOU ARE USING CLOUD IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE UNTIL YOU READ THIS The word cloud may sound very mechanical at times. We most of us don’t even know how and where the cloud or its backup facility is used. But the usage of the cloud is a vital fragment of our daily work. Here you know how SOCIAL NETWORKING: Facebook Twitter Linked In Instagram Pinterest and many social platform that links you with the rest of the world use IBM cloud Platform Services or other clouds. Social networking helps you to find and get coupled with known and unknown people via the internet and one need to

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share any information to ease the process. So when youre sharing data via social networking media you are displaying it to friends as well as with the platform itself. This implies the platform will have need of an amazing capacity to show and store information progressively which is making utilization of cloud basic. EMAIL: We don’t need to talk about the usages of Email in your daily life. Gmail RediffMail and each email platform that offers you free space up to several GBs run on cloud spaces and thus it is easy for them to serve as many people at once. DROPBOX: Dropbox is an important example of Google Cloud Computing Services. Utilizing Dropbox on your PC is much the same as utilizing some other envelope on your hard drive with the exception of the documents you drag into your Dropbox organizer naturally synchronize on the web and to some other PCs or cell phones connected to your record. MICROSOFT OFFICE 365: One of the most significant and operational tools for professional purposes is Microsoft

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Office. With the help of cloud computing one can work on their spreadsheets documents presentations from anywhere and at any time. Also there is also the security of the data you share while communicating or working in Microsoft office as all the data are stored in the cloud. One doesn’t need to bother about any data loss if the device is stolen damaged or lost. Many individuals also can work on the same document at the same time as that is stored in the cloud and not in any personal device. SKYPE: Skype is telecommunication software which we basically use for Text Chatting video calling and voice calling facility in every corner of the world and that’s too free of cost. One just needs to have an effective internet connection to have wonderful clarity and experience while using the software. Did you know that Skype to uses Cloud Infrastructures Yes and thus it is possible for anyone to access their Skype from any device apart from their own

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device and one can have the access of their personal chats and texts via the internet. Your cloud specialist is in charge of attaching information and meeting lawful and consistency requirements. The cloud furthermore gives greater flexibility as in you can appreciate vast capacity and on-request reinforcements. Which has helped many Cloud Computing Companies in Nigeria to develop Recovery is additionally performed quicker in the cloud in fact that the information is put away over a system of physical servers instead of at one on the location server farm.

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IT TRANSFORMATION TO ALTER THE COMPETENCE OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY WHAT IS IT TRANSFORMATION IT transformation is an overall reassessment and redesigning of the data of an organization’s information technology frameworks. So as to enhance the proficiency and conveyance in an advanced economy organizations prefer to utilize this tool. IT transformation shapes the establishment of a better digital information strategy of an organization and is driven by crucial business pioneers. It can include changes to and modernization of software hardware and network architecture.AWS Amazon Machine Learning provides Digital Training which inspires IT transformation to benefit the executives and keep a track on how information is put away and got to. Casually IT transformation might be referred to as replacement of the previous system.

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WHY IT TRANSFORMATION: Organizations must find a way to keep pace with an undeniably advanced and aggressive market by streamlining existing frameworks as well as making and obtaining new applications and administrations that create further bits of knowledge into their business industry and clients. Commonly IT transformation plans to change the IT division from being a manageable and rigid organization to being a proactive one. Thus the adaptable piece of the business can react rapidly to the changing and advanced business prerequisites and settle on progressively cultivated choices. BENEFITS OF IT TRANSFORMATION: IT transformation services in Nigeria accumulates a strong and essential framework on which to convey mechanized administrations distributed computing and new working models. It likewise robotizes and quickens its organization’s benefits and diminishes hazard amid

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arrangements. IT transformation clears the way to conveying IT as an administration that is more practical active and helps to cultivate advancement. By improving usual IT cost models organizations free up IT spending plans from operational costs and can assign more assets for digital transformation. IT transformation additionally guarantees better business and IT arrangement. CHALLENGES OF IT TRANSFORMATION: Severalorganizations were not perceived in the innovative age which implies that they cannot be managed as much opportunity to quickly and totally be replaced with all current IT frameworks. These organizations must think about inheritance applications frameworks and plans of action that oblige their capacity to change while strategizing approaches to join present day developments and methodologies. This incorporates affecting spending plan and assets from conventional IT and toward new and advanced transformation activities.

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HOW TO AVAIL A SUCCESFUL IT TRANSFORMATION Any IT transformation needs a compelling methodology. It begins with building up a reasonable lucid vision of things to come to the territory of IT and the business case for transforming IT. That vision must be created with the information and sponsorship of senior administration. Cloud Business limited and IT pioneers likewise should characterize the fundamental needs extension and size of the IT transformation venture including having a reasonable undertaking time table. Its likewise authoritative for organizations to characterize their way to deal with banding together and seller the board and have an individual or group in charge of examining business and accomplice execution and aptness. Usage techniques are similarly imperative including evidence of idea activities pilots and strategies for rapidly testing new advancements and their impact on business process. The three rapid steps of a successful IT Transformation is Modernization automation and transformation.

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