Things To Consider While Choosing A Cloud Solutions Provider


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Slide 1: Things To Consider While Choosing A Cloud Solutions Provider

Slide 2: With Cloud solutions and various IT services in hand, you can focus on your business goals without bothering about the worrisome IT concerns. For this you must select a reputed and trustworthy service provider. Here is a list of things to consider while choosing a service provider.

Slide 3: Types of cloud services offered: you should ask about the type of cloud services provided by the company. These may include any one from Dropbox (for storing documents, photo and video online) QuickBooks (for online accounting), Salesforce (for online CMR). Pricing structure: you would definitely want to pay for the services that you use. Therefore, you must carefully choose the services that you want and ask about the pricing structure of the IT services that you opt.

Slide 4: Cloud security : since the security of the cloud where the critical data of your business is secured is a major consideration, therefore you must make sure that the cloud provider that you are selecting have standard security measures, which are also constantly updated. Accidental data loss issues : ask the service provider that how will hebe rectifying the problem, if he accidentally loses your important data. A Standards for Attestation Engagements 16 (SSAE 16) certification is the best indicator that the vendor data center is more secure.

Slide 5: Customer support services : make sure that the cloud solution provider renders you technical support around the clock online or by phone. Flexibility of the cloud : your business would expand in the future and you will definitely require a broader space in the cloud for storage purposes. Therefore, you must make sure that the provider you choose offers flexibility and can easily expand according to your future needs.

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