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‘Neurosurgery is the field of medical science that relates to diagnosis, prevention, medication, surgery, and rehabilitation of any disorder in the nervous system.’ So, there are no specific hospitals that focus only on neurosurgery. But, there are Neurology departments in the hospitals that deal in the treatment of diseases associated with the nervous system. The best teams in the department account for Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India.


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By denesaadmin May 27 2019 Know About the Best Neurosurgery Hospital in India Overview: Before we talk about Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India let us know what neurosurgery is When we say neurosurgery it’s quite obvious we are talking about the nervous system of the body. To get an in-depth understanding let us understand the term better. Definition: ‘ N e u r o s u r g e r y is the field of medical science that relates to diagnosis prevention medication surgery and rehabilitation of any disorder in the nervous system.’ So there are no specific hospitals that focus only on neurosurgery. But there are Neurology departments in the hospitals that deal in the treatment of diseases associated with the nervous system. The best teams in the department account for Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India. Neurosurgery team comprises of: 1 / 6

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Neurologists. Neurosurgeons. Physicians. Anesthesiologists. Psychologists nurses and Imaging professionals. The top-notch hospitals have the entire team working in sync. Let us know more about the most efficient and leading hospitals in India. Best Neurosurgery Hospital in India What do you expect when you think about travelling for medical tourism to any other country All you need is the confirmation about the best practitioners success rate and the facilities available in the hospital. So in short the patients cannot compromise. Neither with the doctor as it’s about their life nor with the hospital as it reflects comfort and facilities. Know About The Best Neurosurgeon in India: Dr Sandeep Vaishya is a prime neurosurgeon in India. He has been working with different hospitals and institutions in his career span of 17 years. He has worked as a teacher researcher and surgeon throughout his career in neurology. Growing step by step he has various achievements and specialisation in the field of Image-guided neurosurgery. Minimal invasive. Intracranial tumour surgery. Spinal surgery. Functional neurosurgery. Base tumours and Peripheral nerve surgery. For his extraordinary work and highest success rate he has been awarded from time to time. Awards: The Herbert Krause Medal and the Sundt Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in the USA. Top Faculty in Neurosurgery Department AIIMS Along with him various other neurologists in India make the country a prior choice for surgeries related to: 2 / 6

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Brachial plexus injuries and Gamma Knife surgery. So it has been a hub for all the healthcare travellers from entire South Asia. Now the best neurosurgeons cannot merely work anywhere. But they require the Best Neurosurgery Hospital in India to put forward their skills. Apart from skills they need additional support from the hospital. Support in the form of: Technology equipment. Laboratory and All the prerequisites at the hospital. At present the topmost neurosurgeons of India are working with the Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India. FMRI i.e. Fortis Memorial Research Institute seeks the first position for treatment in neurosurgery. Someone approaching Fortis for their neurological surgery can satisfactory services. But this is not the only hospital in India for neurosurgery you can find numerous hospitals offering best in class treatment. Services by Top Neurosurgery Hospitals for Patient Care: You will never face any difficulty in your treatment as the team is highly efficient professional. It assists you with satisfactory services. Admission and Discharge Process. They will guide you on how to complete the official responsibilities of the hospital. 3 / 6

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They also help you to know about the rights of the patients and attendants. The team details you with the guidelines for the visitors. They assist you in completing your clinical tests and outcomes. Apart from that you can avail the services from the best surgeons in India. The hospitals allow you to the benefit of the most effective and latest neurological treatment. The reason for the same is the availability of all of the newest technology. You can also find the most significant pool the best neurosurgeons. The combination of technology and doctors makes it possible to treat all kinds of neurological diseases. The neurosurgeons in India excel in solving neurological problems like: Arteriovenous Malformations. Arnold Chiari malformations. Cerebral Aneurysm. Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders. Metastatic Brain Tumour. Metastatic Spinal Column Tumours. Primary Intradural Spinal Tumours. Primary Brain Tumour. Stroke. Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. Subdural Hematomas etc. The team at these hospitals along with the surgeons provide the personalised care to the patients. The staff and doctors at these hospitals believe in excellence. They are never satisfied with the degrees knowledge skills and technology they are using. The best doctors are always keen to work towards improvement. The doctors at Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India are continuously involved in new researches. These researches can be helpful for the precautions and treatment of the disorders related to these areas. These doctors work under excellent facilities to excel in the treatment of children. They deal in all the problems including a spinal brain and nervous system disorder. The hospitals in India are referred to as best because they believe in providing satisfactory services. Nothing is possible without a perfect blend of knowledge experience and technology. You can find all the essential traits of the best hospital in almost all multispeciality hospitals in India. The names of few world best hospitals are: 4 / 6

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Artemis Hospital Gurugram. Apollo Hospital Chennai. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi. BLK Hospital New Delhi. Medanta- The Medicity Gurugram. Let us have a look at the Key features of the Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India that accounts for their unparalleled ranking. The hospitals have Intraoperative neurological monitoring equipment and feasibility. Top doctors in the hospitals use advanced technology and thus complete the surgery within minimum possible time. The hospitals have all the latest stereotactic surgical navigation equipment. In short everything that accounts for proper and smooth neurological treatments is available here. In spite of being at its best you do not need to worry about the expenses associated with the procedure. The treatment at Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India is highly affordable. It attracts maximum medical tourism across the globe for their quality services and cost-effectiveness. Apart from the variety in the treatment and choice for doctors the Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in Indiaexcel in post-surgical care. You will receive the complete attention in the modern intensive care unit. This unit is under complete observation 24×7. The physicians provide intensive care and are always around you. Post-surgery observation and attention are much more important than the actual surgery. Any carelessness can lead to failure of treatment and may call for complete reprocessing. Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India are not only known for the primary surgeons but also for an extraordinary team. The team of highly experienced and dedicated nurses as well as doctors. They take over the complete handling of the case once you are out of your surgery or operation theatre. You get full assistance over your diet and medication. Verdict: You can count over the Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India to treat any neurological disorder. You will experience advanced best in class treatment along with the best hospitality ever. When it is called best it is not only for healthcare but keeping in mind the 5 / 6

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overall experience. It includes everything right from your admission diagnosis to your discharge and recovery. 6 / 6

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