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By denesaadmin May 7 2019 Difference Between Neurology and Neurosurgery Neurology and Neurosurgery are very closely related however there is a hairline difference between both the terms and a bigger difference when we talk about its practice and significance in the medical world. Talking about neurology and neurosurgery both deal in the treatment of injuries or malfunctioning of the nervous system still they are not the same. If we talk in the layman language at the initial stages a person going through neurological problems would consult a neurologist. If he or she is detected with any kind of structural disorder than the case is been forwarded to a neurosurgeon for further diagnosis and surgery in case it’s required. For knowing the in-depth difference in Neurology and Neurosurgery. It would certainly be a good read to understand these two words in a better way. What is Neurology 1 / 5

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A medical specialty that deals with any of the conditions affecting the nervous system including the brain spinal cord nerves blood vessels. Or in other words the branch of biology or science that deals with the study of diseases and issues in the brain and all the nerves of a human body. What is neurosurgery Neurosurgery in general known as the surgery of nervous structures such as the brain nerves and the spinal cord. Neurological surgery commonly referred to as the medical specialization that deals in diagnosis prevention surgical treatment rehabilitation and recovery of all the disorders in the entire nervous system. The complete nervous system comprises of peripheral nerves brain spinal cord and all the extra-cranial cerebrovascular system. As there is a clear difference between the two so is the difference between their treatment processes. Neurology is treated by the neurologists and for neurological surgery you have to visit the neurosurgeon. Just like Neurology and Neurosurgery there is a difference between Neurologist and Neurosurgeon let us know the difference between them. Who is a Neurologist A neurologist is a medical practitioner who recognize conditions treats and manages a neurological disorder that is the issues related to the brain or nervous system. They possess expertise in dealing with the conditions like learning disabilities management of pain sleeping disorders developmental or neurodevelopmental disorders and a lot more similar chronic condition. The furtherance of treatment for a neurologist highly depends on the overall examination of a health condition that is possible with the help of certain tests like · MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging · EEG Electroencephalograms and · CAT Computer Assisted Tomography So if you or anyone in your family has any sort of neurological disorder your prime concern must be looking forward to a neurologist apart from the regular physician to get the desired improvement. 2 / 5

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Who is a Neurosurgeon Neurosurgeon in a layman language is a person who can be referred to as a level up neurologist who is geared up with both the surgical as well as non-surgical methods of treatment of any conditions related to neurological and brain disorders. Scientifically it can be termed as ‘A neurosurgeon is a medical activist who expertise in diagnosis and treatment of brain as well as a nervous system by the means of surgical as well as nonsurgical methods depending on the condition of the patient or seriousness of the disease. Neurosurgeons have extensive exposure in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. They are been practicing on the different neurological conditions for years and possess in-depth knowledge of getting over any disease. Neurosurgeons are often recommended by the junior level doctors and practitioners including neurologists physicians interns emergency room doctors and all professionals who diagnose the disease and cannot handle the severe neurological conditions. Even the neurosurgeons depend on different test for the analysis of the condition like EEG CAT CT scan MRI and other tests related to brain and nervous system but they are much more capable than neurologists. What are the treatments carried out by neurologists and neurosurgeons Neurological disorders may prove to be really uneasy to live a smooth and carefree life. It may highly affect your personal as well as professional life. To lead a healthy life you must immediately consult a neurologist at the early stages of any sort of neurological disorder. It is easier to cope up and you can come across the easy recovery. However to let you know about all the diseases that a neurologist treats continue to follow the write-up. Parkinson’s disease. Alzheimer. Multiple Sclerosis. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Peripheral Nerve Disorders. Injuries associated with the spinal cord. Epilepsy. Severe Headaches. 3 / 5

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Insomnia and other types of sleep issues. Tremors and traumas. Brain injuries and imbalance. In short any nerve disorder whose treatment is possible without any kind of surgery can be very well treated by a neurologist. Their role is really significant in the medical genre. On the other hand Neurosurgeons are put in extensive training to treat different brain nerves and neurological disorders like: Any kind of trauma to the spine and brain. Treatment of blocked arteries. Aneurysms. Chronic lower back pain Tumor detection and treatment of spinal cord and brain. Tumor removal from the nervous system. Nervous system defects since birth. Surgery for Carpal Tunnel syndrome. All sorts of surgeries necessary to correct neurological disorders. In short neurosurgeons are high-level medical mechanics to repair the nervous system distortions so that the engine of the body get backs to necessary functioning. Focus Point: Neurology Vs Neurosurgery Common: Both the neurology and neurosurgery deals in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the nervous system nerves and the mind. Neurologists and Neurosurgeons depend on similar tests for diagnosis conditioning treatment and recovery. Difference: The basic difference between the neurology and neurosurgery is that neurology deals with nonsurgical methods of treatment while the neurosurgery involves both the surgical as well as nonsurgical procedures as and when required. Conclusion: Visit a neurologist first for any kind of neurological imbalance and disorders. Your treatment 4 / 5

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will begin right away. If the solution is not possible with education and requires surgery the neurologist will himself guide you to a neurosurgeon. Next Post Total Hip Replacement Complications Surgery Recovery 5 / 5

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