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By denesaadmin May 29 2019 What Are The 4 Main Causes of IVF Failure and How Can You Get Over It Overview of IVF Treatment Failure: Unlike other surgeries IVF encompasses emotions apart from physical and financial involvement. It is heartbreaking if you come across failure despite multiple efforts. It is challenging to face the failure not everyone can get positive results in the very first time. There are 50-50 chances of success and failure in IVF Treatment. It is neither the fault of the gynaecologist nor yours. The causes of failure depend upon several reasons. It varies from one patient to another. Some causes of IVF failure can be highly complex but you along with your fertility specialist can get over it. Introduction : It is essential to know the reason for IVF failure so that you can begin with the process again. Failed IVF can break you down emotionally and financially but that does not mean you cannot get pregnant. For many patients the first IVF cycle is a failure and they lose 1 / 5

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hope. However a few others keep trying and the result is usually a success. Reasons for Failure of IVF Treatment: In vitro fertilisation fails due to the following reasons: Age of Female and The Quality of Egg: Ageing is the prominent reason for infertility. The age factor affects the fertility of women before men. It is because the age disturbs the entire reproductive cycle in women. No matter it is about the quantity of egg production in the ovaries or the quality. Women are born with their ovarian reserve. It is possible to know the fertility or reproduction cycle of women through analysis of the ovarian reserve. The gynaecologists carry out several tests to complete the diagnosis. However women can avoid sterility due to ageing by freezing eggs. If the doctor retrieves a sufficient number of eggs there is no risk to your future fertility. Although it is feasible to enhance the stimulation in case of fewer eggs by using specific drugs and medicines. Unfortunately if all the above options fail then your gynaecologistsuggests you for donor eggs. Poor Quality Embryo: Another reason that leads to disappointing results from IVF is the quality of the embryo. Most importantly the flaw in the nucleus does not appear during tests. Genetic disorders also disturb the quality of the core as it interrupts the growth. The quality of the embryo is the prominent reason for IVF failure no matter you consider fertile or sterile couples. It 2 / 5

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leads to miscarriage in more than 25 couples. This number is a record of miscarriages that involve IVF Treatment. If you also include the miscarriages due to natural pregnancy the results are miserable. For all the women who face IVF failure due to the weak nucleus doctors suggest Preimplantation Genetic Screening i.e. PGS. It enables to test the quality of the embryo for all types of chromosomal abnormalities before the embryo transfer. Implantation Dysfunction: For the desired results or success of IVF it is important that embryo attaches to the uterine lining properly. But if the embryo does not attach to the uterine lining IVF fails. The embryo does not attach either because of uterus issues or nonviable embryo. Some other causes of implantation dysfunction are: Endometrium: It is a thin lining in the uterus that interrupts the fertilisation and results in lower implantation rates. Fibroids or Polyps: The fibroid is a type of abnormality within the uterus. However the gynaecologists can solve the fibroids aberration and use them for improving fertility. Undesired Ovarian Response: The complete process for the success of IVF Treatment depends on the eggs of the women. If the patient fails to produce the best quality eggs it stems for a deprived ovarian response. Apart from that it is also crucial that women produce enough number of eggs as per the necessity of the treatment. As per the gynaecologists the undesired ovarian response does not affect all the patients. One can observe these issues in: A woman who is above the age of 35 years. It can also strike a woman with disturbed hormonal levels. It can either be high or low. The problem that occurs due to the low level of hormones is Antimullerian Hormones and issues that arise because of increasing hormonal levels is Follicle Stimulating Hormone. 3 / 5

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However it is feasible to treat this problem with the help of drugs and medicines. The procedure to overcome the issue depends on the type of ovarian disorder and also the IVF cycle. In most of the cases medications help to improve the ovarian response. What to Do In Case of IVF Treatment Failure IVF Treatment provides the desired outcome in multiple cycles if not one. As apart from the four reasons for the failure detailed above various other reasons are unknown. Most commonly the women with early ovarian ageing and biological overage fail to see positive results in a pregnancy test. If these women keep on trying IVF Treatment with their eggs there is no choice then other than undergoing multiple IVF attempts. If the IVF treatment fails more than four times doctors advice to opt for donor eggs method. Donor eggs IVF treatment is even successful for women above 45 years. The doctors who specialise in IVF Treatment do not stop after the failure but they usually change their approach. They improvise their monitoring methods and be more careful during ovarian stimulation. The gynaecologists continue their efforts to retrieve every single egg. while few doctors believe seeking a single egg from a follicle involves risk others find a single egg and an embryo enough for fertilisation. Undertaking the aggressive methods for pregnancy yield desired outcomes. Apart from the change in the process of IVF doctors use medicines to boost the stimulation. IVF treatment can finally give fruitful results if you do not lose hope. Final Words: IVF Treatment is valid for sterility but you cannot expect success in the first cycle. Most of the times over age couple undergo IVF treatment. Over age women have weak ovaries and other problems too. However you cannot doubt the success rate of IVF as it is above 65 . Each failure cycle must be the beginning of a new IVF cycle. Initially over a decade ago the bounce rate of the treatment was higher but this is not the present scenario. With continuous research and technological advancement IVF is new hope for couples struggling with pregnancy issues. IVFLatest Posts Previous Post Get Acknowledged to Best Neurosurgery Hospital in the World 4 / 5

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