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Summer 2007: Descriptions and Images: 

Summer 2007: Descriptions and Images


This picture is taken early in the morning, the sun is still rising and glinting off the waves. The first thing you see in this picture is the huge ocean barge, brown with machinery all over the top of it. There are capital letters across the side, mostly illegible, but the word BULKER is visible. After a closer look, vertical lines are visible on the barge. It could almost have wood siding. On the right side of the boat is a two level rectangular structure, closed with some windows. Many lines and technical ship things are attached to it, with more machinery visible. At the left side of the boat is another mast, complete with a crow’s nest [an observatory post], and tethers going down to the deck. No man or living thing is visible on top of the boat. After taking a closer look, you’ll gasp in surprise. A man, alone, is surfing a wave almost into the boat. He is so small; he almost looks like one of those bendy action figures, arms and legs disproportionate. The wave his board is balancing on looks like a ridge of rocks in the ocean, or a man made jump. However, the way the water is blowing off of it tells us that it is definitely real. And just water. His body is slightly tilted to the diagonal, with arms outstretched for balance. Two yards to his right and he would be surfing directly into a sun spot that seems to almost be a flashlight beam rising out of the water. The sun is also beaming down behind him. Compared to the size of the boat, he looks like a dwarf, or smaller. He is an ant about to be crushed by a boot, but this isn’t appropriate. The ship looks almost friendly to him, welcoming him to the waves. Since he is just surfing along the side of it, not in front or in back, it seems that he could turn whenever he would like, and surf in the opposite direction. The sky behind the boat is a light blue-gray, increasing in intensity as it moves up. Near the waves the sky looks almost a very light pastel yellow.


In the focus of the picture there are two wolves, one a grown wolf and the other a pup that are pictured from the side. The grown wolf has its jaw opened wide and looks as if it is roaring. The pup is right in front of the wolf and is looking upward into the sky. It also looks like the pup is licking its mouth and doesn’t mind the wolf being up so close and having its jaw right in front of him. In front of the wolves there is grass and a branch from a pine tree that appears from the right and covers both of their faces a little bit. The focus is on the wolves never the less. They are both white with shades of a darker brown or black and a hint of a brownish auburn color. Around the jaw the wolf has white color but at the tip of its nose a brown color starts that leads over its forehead to its back. Only the faces can be seen and a little bit of the wolf’s upper body and one leg. The light from the sun hits at the pups chest and makes the white fur look almost transparent or lighter at least. The background looks dark. The look on the wolfs face is not necessarily mad or what you would expect ones expressions to be when your jaw is wide open and appears to be mad but you can see that the eyes are relaxed and that it’s just play.


A busy Airport check in line by a United sign and a line forming tape that reads United Airline in the middle of it. A beige shirt with light brown lines going vertical and horizontal across a collared shirt and light colored faded blue jeans worn by a man with dark hair that is itching his eyebrow with his left hand. This man has a black carrier bag slung over his back. This man has no face visible or anything in the front of his body for that matter. To the right of this man there are about 6 medium sized suitcases, one is bright red, 3 are black colored, one is a dark teal color, and a grey one. A child is leaning on top of these suitcases. The child has blonde hair and is wearing a black sleeved and red bodied wind breaker. He is staring out to the left of the camera with a straight mouth and a face that says I am very bores. A woman after the six suitcases is looking at the camera with a disgusted face. She is wearing a black top with blue jeans. To the left of the man wearing the beige collar shirt is a man with a greenish style hat and a white shirt. He is carrying a black suitcase with a leather black bag on top of the suit case. Slung over his shoulder he has a black bag that looks like it carries a laptop and some papers for work. In front of him is a blond haired middle aged woman reaching into her dark brown purse with her right hand. She is wearing all black and has a black suitcase in front of her. In front of her leaning down showing the top of her golden blonde hair. She is wearing a white T-shirt with something on front and tan long legged pants.


In the picture there are two people, a little girl and what appears to be her mother. The girl is in a white dress. She looks about 8 years old and is very pretty. She has creamy bronze skin, free of blemishes, with brown hair and dark eyes, and she appears to be middle-eastern or Mexican. Her hair is hanging down and hangs in front of her shoulder. Her face is scrunched and her eyebrows are raised up on her forehead to show sadness. Her hand is on her heart with her mothers hand over it and her other arm at her side. The mother has the same creamy brown skin except has hair, black as night, pulled back into a pony tail. She is a large, overweight woman and is tall. You can’t see much of her face as they are covered by black sunglasses and she is leaning over. She leans over her child with one hand on top of her daughters and a second around her daughters mid-section, holding a flower. She is wearing a white coat with buttons that is covering a black dress with designs on the bottom. The two are mourning and the mother appears to be crying. They are both standing on a light colored cement, in front of a marble pillar.


In this picture there is a man that looks like he could be in his early 50s. He is wearing a beige suit with a darker tie that is gray and tan checked but it is also sort of metallic. The shirt he has on under the jacket is a lighter color that might be cream colored. He is looking to the left side of the picture and he is bent over. He sort of looks suspicious. His eyes are looking up and they are open. His hair is short cut and is a dark brown. He is surrounded by 3 men who all have some gray in their hair. The man behind him on the left is walking right. He is African-American and is wearing a suit. Also this man is wearing glasses. He looks a little bigger than the normal person. The man in front of the man in the beige suit to the left is older than the rest of the people. He is also wearing a suit looking down at what the man in the beige suit is handing to him or showing. The man in the beige suit has his wallet open so he might be showing him and ID. The two men in black suits look like they could be security personnel. There is also one other man in the picture that is in the back and you can only see a bit of his face and he is wearing a red shirt. The building they are in looks like it has marble pillars and looks like it could be an important place. The man in the beige suit has a more rugged face but he is clean shaven and sort of looks worried. He is handing something to another man out of his wallet. In his hand he is holding a wallet between his thumb and index finger and then his phone between his ring and pinky fingers. This looks like it is something important like a business meeting or court hearing because of the men dressed up real nice. I think it could be court because the main man looks really worried. The phone in his hand looks like it is not a flip phone and is a red color. His wallet is really thin and it is closed. The man is a more heavy set man but he is not fat. He is stocky. On the left side of the picture the wall is black and looks like it is coming out towards him. The right side looks like a marble column that is a cream color. Even though his hair is short it looks as if he gelled it and combed it back. He has a lot of wrinkles on his face which told me he might be older.


This is a picture of a bunch of people in a circle. There are some white people and some black people. Two people have signs that say Stop. Killing. People. vertically, one on top of each other. The signs are reddish-black and have white all-caps letters on them. There are trees in the background and it looks like they’re in a park because of the building behind them. The people are all in the circle and they are praying because two kids got shot and they died. You can only see six people in the circle from left to right they are: a black man wearing a black t-shirt with green and red splotches on it with sweat pants. There is an older white lady next to him. She is shorter than the man on her right, and has graying black hair. She is wearing two shirts. One light blue and green button up shirt that is open and she is wearing a grey t-shirt under it. She is wearing black pants. She is also wearing glasses. There is another white lady next to her that isn’t as old. She has brownish-reddish hair and is wearing a pink polo and you can’t see what kind of pants she is wearing because she has her sign in front of her. There is one more white lady next to her. She is wearing a semi-fancy shiny blue shirt with the top part open with a white shirt under it. She is wearing jeans. The person next to her is a black gentleman. Him and the lady next to him (the one I just described) are holding the sign together. He’s wearing a white hat backwards, a blue checked shirt and an orange t-shirt, with jeans. The white guy next to him is wearing a grey t-shirt and black shorts. He also wears glasses. You can’t see the rest of the people in the circle, but you can see a bit of an orange shirt in on the right side. You can also see two black people holding hands in the circle in the upper left corner of the picture.


In the clear sunny day, a us navy monark in Lake Michigan near the shore. The boat is being steered by 2 men. One is in the deck house. The other man is on the back top. The bottom part of the boat that is in the water is black. The top part is white. There is a black u shape connecting the boat to another boat behind them that is silver. The u shape back thing has water all around it. On the shore in the background is trees and tall pole-like figures. Also the water is flat. On the boat behind the fist one that’s connected is a man on the left side of the boat. The first boat is near the right side of the picture and the following boat is in the middle of the picture.


In this picture there are five to six black visible figures a couple wearing some kind of hat and they are wearing tall boots also they are wearing jackets that could be from the army or marines and it looks as if thought they are marching down the road there is a building in the background and a few trees and by the trees there are a few green shrubs and some grassy areas the sun looks like it is setting all of them have their right arm swung out in the front of them and there left swung out in the back the like they are young men around five to six feet tall thy are average size around 115 to 150 pounds


In this picture there is a wall that starts about half way up the pic. the wall is segmented and at the bottom of each segment is something that looks like a cinderblock that people can stand on. Right above the block is some small round holes that look like water comes out of them. The holes are as big as someone’s fist there is about 8 blocks that are 7 feet wide and go to the top of the pic. On the bottom half of the pic where the wall stops there Is a lot of crap like shirts, pants, broken bottles, and door panels and everything you can think of on the ground you cant see the ground anywhere there are 4 people in this image one of them in on the third block from the right and he is sitting on the block that is at the bottom of the wall. He is an African American and he is wearing all black. The there are also another 2 men on the block to the left of him the one closes to him is wearing green with a maroon colored coat that is not zipped and the other man to the left of him is wearing light blue and a green hat and they both have their arms crossed standing there one has his left knee bent and his foot agents the wall. There is an girl in the middle of the ground and she is wearing the cloth on her head and all black clothes she is facing to the right and you can only see the right side of her and in her right hand there is an light blue purse and the strap is wrapped around her arm. She is taking an step and she has black socks and nothing else on her feet.


This is an woman holding an umbrella and next to her another woman has her purse over her head. There are 2 big buildings in the back round. It is somewhat difficult to see because it is very foggy. The woman with the umbrella is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and she has some kind of strap over her right shoulder it appears to be from a purse. The strap is black and on her left arm she has what looks like a bad with blue straps. The woman next to her has a purse over her head it seems to be a blue purple. She is wearing a red dress. All of these people appear to be Asian. There is what looks like a free-way past them almost as if they are on a bridge.


The Picture is satellites hanging off balconies in a condo or apartment. Each and every one has a different design on it there is pink, green, white, red, yellow, white and blue. All of these are just hanging by wires off the balconies in the backround of them is the sky and tan and white condo or apartment balconies and there is hooks where I think the dishes are suppose to hang off of it. On these dishes there is palm tree’s, flowers and it looks like 80’s rainbow colors. The only part of the dish that isn’t painted is the pipe off the dish that gets the channels off of. Also in the picture you can see the bottom part of the roof. That is where the hooks are. On one of the balconies it looks like a guy looking down at a street or person. Most of them have the same colors but all of them have a different pictures on them with creative things on them most of them have flowers on them.


This picture looks like it takes place on a New York street. It takes place at night but one of the big buildings on the side of the road is on fire and then there is a building caught on fire behind them and a car in the road is also on fire. Without these fires the picture would be really close to pitch black but the fire fills the sky with light and since there’s that light you can see all the smoke roll off the buildings. In the middle of the picture you can see telephone wires going across the street from building to building. There are also street lights on one side of the road that are visible. You can see street signs and the fire fighters shoot a stream of water at the top of one of the buildings that is on fire. There is also a ladder going up to the top of the building that is most on fire. It pretty much looks like a bomb just hit this neighborhood and everything was on fire and there still putting everything out.


I think that I would be mad if anything like that happened to me. I think that they are some nice cars actually and that anybody that had they’re car messed up like that I really do hope they had insurance. I really think that the cars look like a sandwich. The first car really attracts me because I like black cars and I have rims to match them. And then the yellow car looks like the Honda CRV I got a friend with that same car I think. I really can’t even explain the car in the middle. All I can really say that its grey. The car below it looks like a darker blue/ grey intrepid. They guys standing next to the cars looks really puzzled of maybe how the cars got this way and maybe whose were they because I know that it wasn’t his because he would have had a lot more anger on his face if it was his, well I know I would at least. Maybe he’s trying to find some pieces added on to his car and he is just looking at where he should start looking. They are in a junkyard so maybe those cars just got smashed up together. I find it really funny how there is one bright yellow car and rest of them are darker color.


There are 3 people mourning, holding each other close. They’re African American. There is a larger woman holding a much smaller and a much younger person. All of them are female. It’s obvious to see that the 3 people are very upset. The youngest and smallest of the 3 is holding a Kleenex up to her eyes to wipe away the tears. They are standing beside a telephone pole that at the base of it has a majority of things. It has 2 white crosses, it has flowers on the ground, a superman doll, 6 American flags, there are pictures on the ground as well. Behind the telephone pole there are bushes and behind those there is an ambulance. There is caution tape wrapped around the telephone pole and hanging from the pole are 2 reefs that have flowers around the edge. Hanging from the caution tape is a square white piece of paper. Also there is a balloon hanging from it as well. There are 2 african American gentleman on the far right side of the picture. Also on the ground there is a small Dalmatian dog doll. It might not be an ambulance in the background. It is a large white vehicle with a thick blue stripe running along the side with a thinner blue line on both sides of the thinker line. The little girl is wearing a jean skirt with a light blue short sleeve shirt. The older looking lady is wearing a long sleeve white dress shirt with a black skirt. The largest of the 3 ladies is wearing a black dress with white flowers on it. The ground is all tore up and messy. The superman doll is leaning up against the telephone pole. There are different colors of flowers on the ground. There are yellow, red, some pink flowers are on the reef. The bushes in the back are thick and healthy looking green


A newborn baby wombat looks out looks up to everyone out of her mother’s pouch. The fore arm of the baby wombat is stretching to give relief of some tension. The snout is almost exposed to the world. The wrinkles of the baby’s neck have different colors than its head, and the arm of the baby wombat. The mother does not look discomforted with the baby in its pouch; the baby almost looks like it is being born again but slightly more grown that it did when it came out. The mother’s fur has several shades of brown, black, gray, and white. Her offspring has the small similarity as her. The pouch does not have a lot of hair but a lot of white, bare skin exposed to the exterior of their world. You wouldn’t know which way the baby is looking at, if it is looking down, or up or straight ahead. The baby wombat’s arm that is showing sees the color of his palm, and how it looks like our skin color, and kind of the same texture, very smooth looking and very alluring to touch, to feel the exposed skin. The eye of the wombat fills the whole eye, only a little white from the flash of the camera. The snout of the wombat has some wickers, barely even there. Having the wombat in her mother’s pouch shows a significance of family, and love. It has a feeling of first looking at it wondering what is happening is there discomfort happening, but once you look at the picture and come to look in detail you suddenly feel the feeling of warm and loving emotion. The fur has some kind of wood chips it looks like, almost like wood shaving has been sprinkled on them like a cupcake.


In this picture there are malnourished Iraqi children who all look over the age of 8. they are caged in cribs and they looked starved and depressed. They look as if they are special needs children. They are over sized compared to the cribs that they are in. they have blankets and some are wearing no shoes. They are in some type of room; it reminds me of a concentration camp. Maybe it is. They all have tan skin and black hair. They have no toy; one boy, towards the front of the room is playing with his fingers and one in the back of the room is biting his nail. Their cribs are lined along the walls of the room. And telling by the picture, the room looks very unsanitary. The floors are dirty and the cribs look old and cheap. Most are sitting with their legs folded, but one boy toward the back of the room, who is probably a little bit taller than the rest, lets his feet hang from the crib. They look really sad and helpless. They look like they are in dire need and aren’t being properly taken care of.


In this picture, there are many people standing in a group in front of the Stonehenge. The Stonehenge is a group of large rocks that have been put in the shape of a circle. The rocks look very smooth and look like they are about 15 to 20 feet tall and standing straight up from the ground. They all lay about 7-10 feet apart and some of the rocks have another rock lying flatly on top of them. These rocks look like they are in the middle of a pasture somewhere in Europe and the pasture they are in is very green. The sky in the background is a very light blue and gray and it looks cold. In the front of the picture, there are three people holding hands and it’s like they are a part of a group of people holding hands in a circle. These people are in traditional clothing like they are from the Middle Ages and they are all women of older age. They are looking up to the sky or closing their eyes like they are praying or going through a very spiritual ceremony. There are then many people in the background dressed in modern day clothing like they are there to watch these women go through this spiritual ceremony. These people are dressed in coats and layers so there is cold weather. Some of the people have cameras and are taking pictures like it is a tourist attraction. The people in the background are all different ages and it’s like they came to see a popular tourist attraction.

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