Lobster Tails- Rich Oceanic Delicacies

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One of the tastiest and meatiest portions in a lobster is its tail. If prepared well, the tail can taste brilliant.


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Lobster Tails: Rich Oceanic Delicacies! Image Courtesy: goo.gl/dDBmBQ

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Lobsters are considered the kings of the sea by seafood lovers all over the world! Image Courtesy: goo.gl/5w9sxs Image Courtesy: goo.gl/6ZTqx2


One of the tastiest and meatiest portions of the lobster is the tail! Image Courtesy: goo.gl/gftdjR Image Courtesy: goo.gl/QRGf6X

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The best way to prepare lobster tails is to bake them! Image Courtesy: goo.gl/TmWqvq Image Courtesy: goo.gl/plIQ5H

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Here’s how to bake lobster tails… Image Courtesy: goo.gl/dUJd9D Oven to be pre-heated at 350° Cut tail in half, along the length Lay the tails on a piece on aluminum foil, shell down.

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Add melted butter over tails Then add pepper & sea salt to taste Squeeze some lemon juice over the tails Seal this with another sheet of foil Put into the oven for around 20 minutes Image Courtesy: goo.gl/SUSwCg

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Baking Lobster tails is that simple. These baked goodies are also extremely yummy!

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