crime, hacking, and scams

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Crime, Hacking, and Scams!! : 

Crime, Hacking, and Scams!! Latimah Clark, Dave DiVirgilio, & Jonathan Joyce

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents Slide 1~ Title Slide 2~ table of contents Slide 3~ overview of topic Slide 4~ Negative Attributes Slide 5~ Positive Attributes Slide 6~ Main Points/surrounding issues Slide 7~Impact on society Slide 8~extra information Slide 9~ Project reflection Slide 10~ environmental impact Slide 11~wrap up Slide 12~ References

Overview of Topic : 

Overview of Topic Hacking - refers to the re-configuring or re-programming of a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer. Cyber crime~ a criminal act involving the internet, computers and networks. Scams- attempts to defraud a person by gathering their confidence and then getting important information.

Negative Attributes : 

Negative Attributes Scams can give away important information which gives hackers a way into your personal accounts Hacking is illegal and could cost up to millions of dollars with lost or stolen data, and cause damage to equipment. Cyber Crimes are illegal and can cause many problems such as, companies losing revenue, identity theft, and others.

Positive Attributes : 

Positive Attributes Scams make you keep yourself protected by updating your software and protection programs. The only real benefit of hacking is (lost or forgotten passwords, testing networks/ programs for venerability) cyber crimes add to advancement of technology (unique types of cybercrime require unique approaches to improving computer safety) there are sites to report these crimes

Main Points/Surrounding Issues : 

Main Points/Surrounding Issues Scams are all over and are easy to get caught in. Scams will find you anywhere, even on the internet, at the car dealership and certainly in the streets. Hacking was first reported in the late 1950’s, since then hacking has always been a major issue with the information technology field. Today there are many different forms of computer hacking. End users must be aware of the situation to better help protect them self’s. Cyber space crimes can range from activity against data to content and copyright infringement

Impact on Society : 

Impact on Society Scams can cause  physical injury or death to innocent victims caught in the middle of a scam gone wrong Emotional and psychological burdens placed on the fraud victims Stolen data could affect credit harm on a single person, or affect business and government everyday operations Cybercrimes are committed everyday and can cause emotional and mental damage

Different types of hacking : 

Different types of hacking Inside Jobs Rogue Access Points Back Doors Viruses and Worms Trojan Horses Denial of Service Anarchists, Crackers, and Kiddies

Project Reflection : 

Project Reflection Dave DiVirgilio, Latimah Clark, Jonathan Joyce All group members did their own research on their own topics and then combined them. One benefit from working together was different point of views on the topic Another benefit is team members catching each others errors A major disadvantage was schedule conflicts amongst team members.

Environmental Impact : 

Environmental Impact Environmental Impact on cyber crime, hacking and scams are very low. Wasting resources to power firewall servers and other networking equipment to help protect a network.

Wrap Up : 

Wrap Up There is no simple solution to solving these problems. The best way to protect one’s self is to update your os system applications and firewall. Also educate yourself to be aware of these current scams, hacking and cyber crimes.

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