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Sweeney todd:

Sweeney todd

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In this shot it shows the production company , this is important and that’s why it is first to come up in the opening titles , with ought the production company the film may not of been made , so that’s why it is so important.

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This is the first acter /actress to appear in the opening titles , the reason Johnny Depp is first is because he is the most important role/character of the film , to show how important he is , his name is on his own not with other others

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this is the title of the film , this is what it is called , and that is one of the most important things , and that is why it is featured in the opening title , in this shot the colour of the title is red , red can represent blood which relates to danger and horror , which can be the genre of the film , by this the target audience is probably middle aged people.

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In this shot it shows two peoples names , they are important because they are featured in the opeing titles , but not as important as others because they do not have their names on their own.

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This is the director of the film , it is the last name of the opening titles but it is on its own to show its importance , it is very important , without the director the film might not of been made.

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