Military Networking vs Civilian Networking


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Networking is absolutely essential these days to find a better job or to generate new business and it is extends beyond the basics of business card swapping. You must go out of your way to cultivate a relationship, however innocuous, so that person will think of you first when a business opportunity presents itself.


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Military Networking vs. Civilian Networking:

Military Networking vs. Civilian Networking The differences between networking in the military and networking in the civilian sector.

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1. The Internet – Most of us have profiles on varying social media networks where we can interact with our friends, referral partners and our customers . And, there are any number of people who have created their own websites to highlight their skill set as well as provide a little biographical information to create a pleasing profile that looks attractive to potential customers and clients. Taking this idea, you can than email your website with a clever email introduction to the people in your email address book and ask them to forward it to other people. Personal recommendations via this type of networking can work for you .

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2. Use Chamber of Commerce connections – Most Chamber of Commerce entities around the country have many networking nights and there are always many people in the community who attend. Volunteer your services for setting up the event or manning the check-in counter where name badges are handed out. You can meet quite a few people and match faces to names.  I have another article here that highlights the Top Ten Networking Tips for Active Duty, Veterans and Military Spouses. Please click here to see that article.

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3. Create a date – Once you have met a few networking contacts and you want to further the relationship, make a date for coffee, drinks, or even a sports venue like playing tennis, golf, or taking a tai chi class together. There is nothing like sweating together to forge stronger bonds!  And, don’t limit yourself to just these types of events.  I found attending high profile fund-raisers in my community to be especially helpful in forging new connections.

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4. Send notes or thoughtful tokens – Establishing new ties with contacts is great but you have to stay in their thoughts periodically so they think of you later . Send them a note of thanks or a magazine article you think they might be interested in and is pertinent to their field of interest. This shows that you are attentive and interested, and worth expending a little more effort on.

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In this day and age of technology, it is great to utilize these advances but you should never forget that the old fashioned, personal touch is a great choice too in networking . Just a few minutes out of your day to maintain networking ties can translate into a great job down the road.  As, I’ve “tweeted” repeatedly on Twitter , “social media is great but there is still nothing like pressing flesh.”

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Hi, I'm Deanna Wharwood and I'm known as the Veterans' Coach. I help active duty, veterans and their families transition from military life to their dream life through a proven process of transition assistance coaching and small business start up. I'm not a mental health professional. However, I believed that it was important to get this information to our community. If you feel I can be of service to you, helping you and your family transition from military life, find jobs you love, or start your own business, contact me on . More importantly, please share this information with those who may need it. And..."Welcome Home!" Best , Deanna

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