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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 1. Who will be made a saint of a Roman Catholic Church in September 2016 a Mother Jenny b Mother Teresa c Mother Nancy d Mother Daisy Answer b Mother Teresa Mother Teresa the Nobel Laureate of Kolkata to be made a saint of a Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis has recognized her second miracle and the mother will be given Sainthood. 2. Dena Bank ties up with ________ for Group Life Insurance to its Housing Loan customers under “Dena Grihaswami Suraksha Yojana”. a ICICI b Axis c HDFC d SBI Life Answer d SBI Life The insurance cover will be given to all housing loan borrowers at a very low premium. 3. Who will be honoured with Yash Chopra Memorial Award for the year 2015 a Rani Mukherjee b Rekha c Hema Maalini d Sri Devi Answer b Rekha. The Veteran Bollywood actress Rekha to be honoured with Yash Chopra Memorial Award for the year 2015. She is third recipient of this award. 4. Rannotsav festival is famous in a Kolkata b Telangana c Gujarat d Mizoram Answer c Gujarat. Rann utsav is a festival of Deserts with the full moon light is being celebrated this year in the Kutch lands of Gujarat. 5. Nasa’s Mars Curiosity rover has found high concentrations of ________ in the planets surface. a Diamond b Uranium c Silica d Carbon Answer c Silica. Curiosity found much higher concentrations of silica at some sites it has studied in the past seven months than anywhere else it has visited since landing on Mars 40 months ago. 6. Who has been named 2015 BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year a Novak Djokovic b Sebastian Vettel c Usain Bolt d Dan Carter Answer d Dan Carter. Carter 33 was an integral part of the New Zealand team that beat Australia 34-17 to win the World Cup in October. 7. Who has been named the “most fascinating person” of 2015 by Barbara Walters on her annual ABC special a Jennifer Lawrence b Scarlett Johnson c Emma Watson d Caitlyn Jenner Answer d Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner’s name topped a list that included Amy Schumer Bradley Cooper Tracy Morgan Misty Copeland Bernie Sanders Donna Karan Ronda Rousey Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump. 2 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 8. Which country has lifted its forty year old ban on oil export a Syria b USA c Cuba d Venezuela Answer b USA. The United States lifted a 40-year-old ban on export of oil thus paving the way for energy deficient countries like India to open up another frontier to import oil from a distant friendly nation. 9. India’s biggest wildlife rescue centre has been commissioned in __________. a West Bengal b Tamil Nadu c Maharashtra d Uttar Pradesh Answer c Maharashtra. Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has dedicated India’s biggest wildlife rescue centre spread in 30 hectares in Gorewada to wildlife lovers. This place will be a big asset for entire Vidarbha region where man-animal conflict is at its peak. 10. Which state government has banned the use of polythene bags across the State a Rajasthan b Tamil Nadu c Uttar Pradesh d Madhya Pradesh Answer c Uttar Pradesh. Seeking to make Uttar Pradesh an environemt-friendly place the state government has decided to enforce the ban on the use of polythene across the state a month after the Allahabad High Courts direction to prohibit its usage. 11. Chatla Sriramulu has passed away recently. Who is he a Economist b Theatre Artist and Writer c Journalist d Singer Answer b Theatre Artist and Writer. He was born in Vijayawada on December 5 1931. Sriramulu acted and directed more than 100 plays and wrote several books. 12. Who has been appointed as Chief Information Commissioner CIC a SN Krishnan b RC Rao c RK Mathur d N Subramaniyam Answer c RK Mathur. Former Defence Secretary RK Mathur has been appointed as Chief Information Commissioner CIC breaking away from the convention of appointing the head from among the serving Information Commissioners. 13. Jimmy Hill who passes away recently was associated with a Cricket b Football c Rugby d Tennis Answer b Football. Former Match of the Day presenter Jimmy Hill one of English football’s most influential figures died on Saturday at the age of 87. 14. Who has been named as India’s skipper in the ICC World T20 2016 a Vitar Kohli b Ajinkya Rahane c MS Dhoni d Suresh Raina Answer c MS Dhoni. India is going to host the T20 world Cup for the very first time next year in March 3 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 15. The Government of India has cleared the purchase of S-400 Triumf missile systems from which country a Italy b USA c Russia d Germany Answer c Russia. The GOI has approved the Rs 39000-crore acquisition of five advanced Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems. 16. Which of the following Indices has been launched by NSE a Nifty Tata Group Index b Nifty Aditya Birla Group Index c Nifty Mahindra Group Index d All the above Answer d All the above. Each of the indices will comprise all the companies of the respective business group. 17. __________ has unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at disrupting revenues that ISIS receives from oil and other resources. a G7 b G4 c UNSC d NATO Answer c UNSC. The UNSC has unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at disrupting revenues that Islamic State receives from oil and antiquities sales ransom payments and other criminal activities. 18. Who took oath as the new Lokayukta of Delhi a Vijendra Singh b Dhananjay Singh c Reva Khetrapal d Ankit Jain Answer c Reva Khetrapal. Former Delhi high court judge justice Reva Khetrapal took oath as the new Lokayukta of Delhi. Lt. governor Najeeb Jung administered the oath at a function where Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was also present. 19. The Lok Sabha has passed the Arbitration and __________ Amendment Bill 2015 to make dispute resolution in the country quicker and easier. a Compilation b Compensation c Consolation d Conciliation Answer d Conciliation. The objective of the bill is to make the arbitration process friendlier and cost effective for investors ensuring speedy disposal of cases. 20. December 18 is observed as the International Day of a Mine Workers b Refugees c Women Child d Migrants Answer d Migrants. The day is observed to call the international community to come together and remember the refugees and migrants who have lost their lives or have 4 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 disappeared while trying to reach safe harbour after arduous journeys across seas and deserts. 21. Tata Starbucks has appointed _________ as Chief Executive Officer. a Avani Davda b Mukund Khanna c Sumi Ghosh d Jaswant Sinh Answer c Sumi Ghosh. Tata Starbucks Pvt Ltd a 50:50 joint venture between Starbucks Coffee company and Tata Global Beverages operates over 70 Starbucks stores in India. 22. Noorul Huda who passed away recently was a a BJP Leader b RSS Leader c Congress Leader d Communist Leader Answer d Communist Leader. Huda – a Muslim Meitei Manipuri – was a member of the Central Committee CC of the CPI M for nearly three decades. 23. The GOI has lowered its economic growth forecast for 2015-16 to _________ per cent from 8.1-8.5 per cent. a 6-6.5 b 7-7.5 c 7-7.75 d 7-7.25 Answer c 7-7.75 percent. 24. The smartphone-based Apple Pay electronic payment system will be launched in China in _________. a 2016 b 2017 c 2018 d 2019 Answer a 2016. Apple and China UnionPay said they plan to roll out the system in early 2016. 25. Which country has become the 163rd WTO member a Afghanistan b Seychelles c Liberia d Armenia Answer c Liberia. Afghanistan is the 164th WTO member. Bhutan is the only SAARC member which has so far not joined the multilateral trade body. 26. Which Asian countrys central bank has warned that the country faces the grim prospect of stagflation a Myanmar b Nepal c Bhutan d Sri Lanka Answer b Nepal. The bank has warned that the situation will become worse if the political crisis over its new Constitution is not resolved to end the protests by Indian-origin Madhesis. 5 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 27. The Reserve Bank of Indias new MCLR system will replace the present a Bank Rate System b Repo Rate System c Reverse Repo Rate System d Base Rate System Answer d Base Rate System. MCLR - Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate. The RBI said all banks will follow a uniform methodology for calculation of base rate or minimum lending rate on the basis of the marginal cost of funds from 1 April 2016. 28. The foreign equity cap for Non-scheduled Air Transport Service and Ground Handling Services has been increased to _______. a 75 b 85 c 100 d None of the above Answer c 100. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion DIPP has enhanced the foreign equity cap for Non-scheduled Air Transport Service and Ground Handling Services from 74 to 100 and have placed these sectors under the automatic route. 29. Cricket Australia CA has appointed Sridharan Sriram and __________ as WT20 consultants a Muthaiah Muralidahran b Shane Warne c Michael Clarke d Mike Hussey Answer d Mike Hussey. Cricket Australia CA has appointed former India player Sridharan Sriram and ex-Australia batsman Mike Hussey as consultants to help the national team prepare for next year’s World T20. 30. The United States and _______ are close to a deal on restoring regularly scheduled commercial flights. a Venezuela b Liberia c Cuba d Vietnam Answer c Cuba. The diplomatic advance would help open the way for US airlines to begin flying to Cuba within months. 31. The cabinet has given its approval for the introduction of Constitution SC Order Amendment Bill 2015 in the Parliament. The Bill seeks to amend the Constitution Scheduled Castes Order ______. a 1985 b 1950 c 1975 d 1960 Answer b 1950. The bill seeks to modify the list of Scheduled Castes in five states i.e. Chhattisgarh Haryana Kerala Odisha and West Bengal. 32. Cabinet has approved a policy framework for development of UCG in India. It is associated with a Granite b Career c Cast d Coal 6 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer d Coal. UCG - Underground Coal Gasification. UCG is a method of extraction of energy from coal/lignite resources which are otherwise regarded as uneconomical to work through conventional mining methods. 33. Loon is the project of a Microsoft b IBM c Facebook d Google Answer d Google. In his first visit to the country Google’s newly-appointed chief Sundar Pichai managed to secure support for the company’s ambitious Loon project in the government. 34. Who received the Garwood Award for Outstanding Global Leader from UC Berkeley- Haas School of Business a Vladimir Putin b Pranab Mukherjee c Barack Obama d Raghuram Rajan Answer b Pranab Mukherjee. The University of California Berkeley has established the Garwood Award to acknowledge individuals who have embraced supported and encouraged open innovation in a significant and impactful way. 35. Cabinet has approved signing of an MoU between India and __________ on cooperation in port matters. a Mexico b Spain c Canada d Italy Answer b Spain. The agreement will be signed with a view to strengthening cooperation and to render sustained mutual assistance and advice on port matters and other related maritime matters. 36. Who is the present Law and Justice Minister a Ravi Shankar Prasad b Arun Jaitely c Venkaiah Naidu d DV Sadananda Gowda Answer d DV Sadananda Gowda. The Lok Sabha has passed the Commercial Courts Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Bill 2015 which seeks to create commercial divisions and commercial appellate divisions in high courts and commercial courts at the district level. 37. Cabinet has approved the revised model text for the Indian BIT. It is associated with a Security b Education c Investment d None of These Answer c Investment. BIT - Bilateral Investment Treaty. The cabinet has approved revised model BIT which will be used for re-negotiation of existing BITs and negotiation of future BITs. 7 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 38. Cabinet has approved an MoU for strengthening and further developing of energy saving and energy efficiency cooperation with __________. a G20 b SAARC c G7 d BRICS Answer d BRICS. BRICS - Brazil Russia India China and South Africa. 39. _______________ is observed on December 17. a International Day of Migrants b International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers c International Day of Refugees d International Day of Handicapped People Answer b International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. 40. Which two cities sign pact to be sister cities a Bengaluru and San Francisco b Bengaluru and Tokyo c Tokyo an Hyderabad d Bengaluru and Beijing Answer a Bengaluru and San Francisco. Bengaluru the silicon valleys of the east and San Francisco the silicon valley of the west have inked pacts to foster cultural bonds by entering in the field of public art and promoting women entrepreneurship. 41. Honda car India introduces an app. Name it. a Honda app b Hondacars c Honda Connect d Honda All Answer c Honda Connect. Honda Cars India introduced Honda Connect – an App that provides convenient access to detailed information about Honda vehicles and other services. 42. Lok Sabha passed a bill that will allow _______ to have collaboration with other PSUs in the nuclear field. a BHEL b GAIL c NTPC d NPCIL Answer d NPCIL. Lok Sabha passed a bill that will allow state-run NPCIL to have collaboration with other PSUs in the nuclear field. The government has allayed the fears that it will facilitate FDI into the sector or allow participation of a private company in atomic power production. . 43. World Bank approves _____ sum to support clean India campaign. a USD 1.0 billion b USD 2.0 billion c USD 2.5 billion dUSD 1.5 billion Answer dUSD 1.5 billion. The World Bank has approved a USD 1.5 billion loan for the ambitious clean India campaign. It aims to support the government in its efforts to ensure 8 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 all citizens in rural areas have access to improved sanitation and end the practice of open defecation by 2019. 44. Who won the women’s gold in air rifle in the 59th National shooting championship on December 15 2015 a Geetakshi Dixit b Apurvi Chndela c Itzhak serena d None Answer b Apurvi Chndela. Apurvi Chandela won the women’s gold in air rifle in the 59th National shooting championship on December 15. Geetakshi Dixit clinched the silver one point behind Apurvi. In the final Anjum Moudgil led throughout before she stumbled with shots of 9.6 and 9.9 that left her win the bronze medal. 45. Who is the CEO of Google a Sundar Pichai b Larry Page c Satya Nadella d Shivam Balochia Answer a Sundar Pichai. Google CEO Sundar Pichai will meet President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his first visit to India since he took the top job in August. There will be no new launches this time but Pichai will meet Google employees. The India-born CEO who will visit India on Dec 16 and 17 is scheduled to address the media on Dec 16. He will meet Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad later. 46. Full form of SAARC. a South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation b South Asian Associate of Regional Cooperation c South Asian Association of Rally Cooperation d South Asian Association of Regional Cooperate Answer a South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation. India is all set to launch an “India Business Card” for the business community in SAARC countries.The stumbling block so far for issuance of this card had been Pakistan but the decks have now been cleared with renewed ties with Pakistan. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi all set to visit Pakistan to attend the SAARC summit in late 2016 the government wants to deliver on the announcements he made during the summit in Nepal. 47. Name the Japaneses firm which won its first solar power project in India. a SoftBank b Inmobi c Forteyli d None Answer a SoftBank. Marking its debut in the Indian solar sector after its investment announcement of 20 billion Japan’s Soft Bank won its first solar power project in India. The Japanese firm won the 350 megawatt Mw project under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission NSM through its joint venture JV company SBG Cleantech 9 | P ag e

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 48. Which country has reopened its embassy in Iraq after 25 years. a Pakistan b Saudi Arabia c India d UAE Answer b Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has reopened its embassy in Iraq a quarter of a century after Riyadh broke off diplomatic relations with Baghdad following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The staff of the Saudi embassy arrived on Dec 15 in Baghdad.. 49. Transactions above Rs. ________need PAN from January 1 a Rs. 2 lakhs b Rs. 1 lakhs c Rs. 3 lakhs d Rs. 4 lakhs Answer a Rs. 2 lacs. In a bid to curtail domestic black MONEY flow the finance ministry on Dec 15 announced mandatory furnishing of permanent account number PAN for all transactions above Rs 2 lakh through all payment modes with effect from January 1 2016. 50. SC bans diesel vehicles above ________ engine upto 31st March 2016. a 2000 cc b 1500 cc c 3000 cc d 5000 cc Answer a 2000 cc. The Supreme Court has banned the registration of new diesel-guzzling luxury cars and SUVs with an engine capacity of over 2000 cc until March 31. The decision effectively stops the sale of popular vehicles such as Toyota’s Innova Mahindra Mahindra’s Scorpio the Tata Safari and Sumo and Mitsubishi Pajero during the ban period but existing diesel cars can continue to ply. It also hurts luxury car-makers across the board as most of their best-sellers are diesel-driven.. 51. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT a K V Chowdhary b Arun Kumar Jain c Anita Kapur d Akhil Sharma Answer b Arun Kumar Jain. Senior revenue service officer Arun Kumar Jain has been appointed as the Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT. The appointment has been also approved by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet ACC headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 52. Who has been appointed as as UP Lokayukta a Ranjan Gogoi b NV Ramana c Virendra Singh d Akhil Sharma Answer c Virendra Singh. A bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and NV Ramana appointed former Allahabad High Court judge Virendra Singh as the new UP Lokayukta after recording the repeated failure of the state government to comply with the court’s directives — the state government has breached at least three deadlines in the last one year. 53. Vijay Diwas was observed on______. a 16 December b 17 December c 15 December d 6 December 10 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer a 16 December. Vijay Diwas has been observed across India on 16 December 2015. On this day nation remembers martyrs who laid down their lives during Indo-Pak War of 1971. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar Army Chief D S Suhag Navy Chief R K Dhowan and Air Chief Arup Raha remembered martyrs and paid tributes at Amar Jawan Jyoti in New Delhi 54. India has been ranked __________in the latest report of UNDPs Human Development Index. a 1 b 140 c 130 d188 Answer c 130. India has been ranked 130 in the latest report of United Nations Development Programme UNDP’s Human Development Index. India has climbed five spots up to 130 in a list of 188 countries for the year 2014. 55. Full form of UNDP. a United National Development Programme b United Nations Development Programme c United Nations Developer Programme d United Nations Development Programes Answer b United Nations Development Programme 56. Who has been appointed as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia a Mohammad Javed b Ahmad Javed c Salman Mustaq d Salim Maalik Answer b Ahmad Javed. Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmad Javed has been appointed as the Ambassador to Saudia Arabia. A 1980-batch IPS officer Javed is scheduled to retire on January 31 2016. 57. Who has been awarded the Jewish Nobel 2016 for his accomplishments as a musician teacher and advocate for the disabled a Yo-Yo Ma b Pinchas Zukerman c Itzhak Perlman d Isaac Stern Answer c Itzhak Perlman. Israeli-American violinist Itzhak Perlman has been awarded the Jewish Nobel 2016 for his accomplishments as a musician teacher and advocate for the disabled. The Genesis Prize is given each year to an individual who has achieved professional success contributed to humanity and shown a strong commitment to Jewish causes and the state of Israel. 58. Which is the first state to submit Smart City plan a Andhra Pradesh b Gujarat c Rajasthan d Uttar Pradesh Answer c Rajasthan 11 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 59. Pakistan has successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile. Name it. a MOM b Ariv-II c Shaheed d Shaheen-1A Answer d Shaheen-1A 60. Who won Order of Merit crown of Asian tour for the year 2015 a Anirban Lahiri b Jeev Milkha c Arjun Atwal d Jyoti Randhawa Answera Anirban Lahiri. Anirban Lahiri wins Order of Merit crown of Asian tour for the year 2015 in Sentosa Singapore. With this he became the Fourth Indian Golfer to win the title after Jeev Milkha Singh 2006 2008 Arjun Atwal 2003 and Jyoti Randhawa 2002.World No. 41 Lahiri with earnings of 1139084 enjoys a huge lead over second- placed Scott Hend of Australia who has accumulated 491631. 61. Mahindra group has acquired the Italian auto design firm. Name the firm. a Sun Pininfer b Pininfarina SpA c Natco Autos d None Answer b Pininfarina SpA. The India based Multinational company Mahindra group has acquired the Italian auto design firm Pininfarina SpA on Decemeber 2015. Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Mahindra have jointly signed this agreement. The all cash deal of this acquisition is expected to be nearly 65 million US dollars. 62. The National Energy Conservation Day is observed on a December 11 b December 12 c December 13 d December 14 Answer d December 14. The main aim of National Energy Conservation Day is to create awareness among the people about the significance of our energy resources and also to minimize the energy consumption. 63. ISRO is all set to launch how many Singapore Satellites from Sriharikota a Five b Six c Seven d Eight Answer b Six. Of the six satellites TeLEOS-1 is the primary satellite weighing 400kg whereas the other five satellites include two micro-satellites and three nano-satellites. 64. Losar Festival is celebrated in a Bihar b Karnataka c Jammu and Kashmir d Mizoram Answer c Jammu and Kashmir. The ten-day long festival of Losar festival has begun in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir with illumination of religious and residential places on the eve of the festival. Losar is Tibetan word for ‘new year’. 12 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 65. Who has been appointed as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia a Mohammad Javed b Ahmad Javed c Salman Mustaq d Salim Maalik Answer b Ahmad Javed. Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmad Javed has been appointed as the Ambassador to Saudia Arabia. A 1980-batch IPS officer Javed is scheduled to retire on January 31 2016. 66. ___________ has invested USD 3 million in US based wearable device startup firm WHOOP to pick up a minority shareholding in the company. a TCS b Wipro c Infosys d CTS Answer c Infosys. Infosys said WHOOP’s system includes a device worn by athletes on their wrist that continuously measures key strain and recovery variables and actionable analytics powered by proprietary algorithms that generate intensity and recovery scores. 67. Olympic medallist Vijay Kumar has won gold medal in the 59th National Shooting Championship held in ________. a Hyderabad b Bengaluru c Kolkata d New Delhi Answer d New Delhi. Gurpreet Singh of the Army won the silver while national rapid fire pistol champion Pemba Tamang bagged the bronze to make it a clean sweep for the Army team. 68. Japans Kento Momota and Nozomi Okuhara emerged champions in the men’s and women’s singles categories respectively in the BWF Superseries Finals held in _______. a Dubai b Tokyo c Beijing d Moscow Answer a Dubai. 69. Which country has evacuated more than 700000 people ahead of the powerful typhoon Melor a Laos b Vietnam c Philippines d Cambodia Answer c Philippines. 70. Who has been selected as the new national president of IIMM a KJ Panagariya b OP longia c Arvind Reddy d Mukesh Sharma Answer b OP longia 13 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 71. ________ has got approval from the DCGI to sell generic version of Daclatasvir hepatitis C treatment drug. a Sun Pharma b Biocon c Natco Pharma d Reddy Labs Answer c Natco Pharma. Daclatasvir is the first-in-class NS5A inhibitor used in combination with Sofosbuvir for the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C virus HCV genotype 3 infection. 72. Name the Indian Origin politician who has been appointed as South Africa’s new Finance Minister by President Jacob Zuma a Parvin Gordhan b Karthick Shanmugham c Rahul Krishnan d Kishore Raveendran Answer a Parvin Gordhan. 73. India sign MoU with which country to set up Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail link a China b USA c France d Japan Answer: d Japan. India and Japan have signed an MoU on cooperation and assistance in the Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project referred by many as Bullet Train project. The two countries have also entered into two comprehensive technological cooperation agreements for modernization and upgradation of Indian Railways. 74. Application for Notaries to become Online from which date a 16th December 2015 b 1st January 2016 c 1st April 2016 d 1st February 2016 Answer - b 1st January 2016. Indian Law Justice Ministry would soon launch online system for receiving applications for appointment of Notaries across the country. 75. Shinzo Abe is on three-day official visit to India from 11th December 2015. He is Prime Minister of which country a China b Japan c Philippines d Kango Answer: b Japan. Shinzō Abe is the Prime Minister of Japan re-elected to the position in December 2012. Abe is also the President of the Liberal Democratic Party and chairman of the Oyagaku propulsion parliamentary group. 76. Which Bollywood veteran has been conferred with the Padma Vibhushan by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh a Saira Banu b Anupam Kher c Dilip Kumar d Rishi Kapoor 14 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer c Dilip kumar. Legendary actor Dilip Kumar was today presented the Padma Vibhushan by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh at the thespian’s residence in suburban Bandra. The 93-year-old legend was presented a medal a certificate and a shawl by Singh in the presence of the actor’s wife Saira Bano. 77. How many nations reached a landmark accord that will commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions a 201 b 189 c 172 d 195 Answer d 195. The Paris Climate Deal to stop global warming has been adopted. The representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord that will commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change. 78. Which country declared itself as a ‘Islamic republic’country a Senegal b Gambia c Banjul d Dakar Answer b Gambia. Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has declared the tiny West African country an Islamic republic saying he decided this because Islam is the religion of the majority of its citizens and to break from the nation’s colonial past. 79. The MoU beween ________ state forest and environment department and WTI was signed and as per the agreement management plans will be prepared for protected areas as well as areas outside it. a Tamil Nadu b West Bengal c Kerala d Odisha Answer d Odisha. The MoU beween odisha state forest and environment department and WTI was signed and as per the agreement management plans will be prepared for protected areas as well as areas outside it. 80. In which city LOGO and MASCOT of 12th South Asian Games 2016 has launched a Bengaluru b Lucknow c Guwahati d Mumbai Answer c Guwahati. The Organising Committee of the 12th South Asian Games 2016 OC- SAG has unveiled the logo and mascot of the Games in Guwahati Assam. The North Eastern cities of Guwahati and Shillong would jointly host the Games from February 6-16 2016. 81. Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India TAPI project is commencing after how many years of the inception of the project a 30 b 20 c 25 d 15 15 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer c 25 years. The construction of much-anticipated TAPI gas pipeline will begin from December 13 in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India TAPI project is commencing after 25 years of the inception of the project. 82. Who was named as Saudi Arbia’s first elected female politician after winning a Seat on the Council in Madrakah in Mecca province a Lama Suleiman b Lama al-Suleiman c Rasha Hufaithi d Salma bint Hizab al-oteibi Answer d Salma bint Hizab al-oteibi. Salma bint Hizab al-Oteibi was named as Saudi Arabias first electedfemale politician after winning a seat on the council in Madrakah in Mecca Province. She was running against seven men and two women. 83. Who knocks out Dillian Whyte in the seventh round to win the British heavyweight title a Anthony Joshua b Floyd Mayweather c Manny Pacquiao d Wladimir Klitschko Answer a Anthony Joshua. Anthony Joshua came through his first real test as a professional knocking Dillian Whyte out in the seventh round to win the British heavyweight title. Olympic champion Joshua 26 came into the fight boasting 14 straight knockouts in the first three rounds. 84. The Delhi government announced that private vehicles with odd and even registration numbers would only be allowed to operate on alternate days. From when this rule will come into action a 1 March 2016 b 15 August 2016 c 1 January 2016 d 1 April 2016 Answer c 1 January 2016. Pollution levels in Delhi have reached alarming levels. The Delhi government then announced that from 1 January 2016 private vehicles with odd and even registration numbers would only be allowed to operate on alternate days. 85. which India’s largest oil firm will invest Rs 1.75 lakh crore over the next seven years on expanding refinery capacity building petrochemical plants and laying pipelines a IOC b IOCL c HPCL d BPCL Answer a IOC Indian Oil Corporation. Indian Oil Corporation is Indias largest commercial enterprise with a sales turnover of Rs. 450756 crore US 73.7 billion and profits of Rs. 5273 crore for the year 2014-15. It is also the leading Indian corporate in Fortunes prestigious Global 500 listing of the worlds largest corporates ranked at the 119th position for the year 2015. 16 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 86. World tourism council has appointed which of the following as its Chairman of World Travel Tourism Council a Geoffrey Lipman b Kapil Chopra c Michael Frenzel d David Scowsill Answer b Kapil Chopra. Kapil Chopra President The Oberoi Group has been appointed as the Chairman of World Travel Tourism Council India Initiative WTTCII for 2016. 87. Which country has hosted “International Conference on Policy of Neutrality” a Djibouti b Turkmenistan c Afghanistan d Pakistan Answer b Turkmenistan. The 20th anniversary of the Neutrality of Turkmenistan was organized by the Office of the Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to UN in the banquet hall of the hotel “New York Palace” in New York City. 88. How many new cities join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network a 43 b 45 c 47 d 49 Answer c 47. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has announced the designation of 47 cities from 33 countries as new members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. 89. Who has been awarded with the 2015 Mailer Prize for Lifetime Achievement a Arundhathi Roy b James Carlson c Mohammaed Ismail Khan d Salman Rushdie Answer d Salman Rushdie. The Award honours writers who fully exercise their freedom of creativity and thrive on dialogue and debate. 90. GOI has imposed an anti-dumping duty ranging from five to 57 per cent on import of cold-rolled flat products of stainless steel for how many years a Two b Three c Four d Five Answer d Five. The highest duty has been levied on steel imports from China at 57.39 per cent followed by the European Union at 52.56 per cent. Imports from Thailand will have the least duty imposition of 4.58 per cent. 91. The International Mountain Day has been observed on a December 10 b December 11 c December 12 d December 13 Answer b December 11. 2015 Theme: “Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods” 92. With assistance from Japan India’s first bullet train network will come up between Mumbai and ________ at a cost of Rs 98000 crore. a Kolkata b Delhi c Ahmedabad d Chennai Answer c Ahmedabad 17 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 93. Government of India Signs MoU to establish 3 IIITs. Which of the following is not among those three places a Ranchi b Varanasi c Nagpur d Pune Answer b Varanasi. 94. _________ has become the tenth state to join UDAY Scheme. a Karnataka b Telangana c Gujarat d Tamil Nadu Answer c Gujarat. 95. Veteran farmer’s leader and founder of Shetkari Sanghatana has passed away recently. What is his name a Murali Krishnan b Sharad Joshi c Shankar Khanna d Arjun Prasad Answer b Sharad Joshi. Born in Satara Joshi completed his education in Mumbai and had worked as a lecturer in Economics in Pune University.He had also worked with the Indian Postal Services and United Nations before starting the pan Maharashtra farmer’s organisation called Shetkari Sanghatana. 96. Who got the second Hollywood Walk of Fame star recently a Quentin Tarantino b Ron Howard c Christopher Nolan d James Cameroon Answer b Ron Howard. Howard who won an Oscar for best director for “A Beautiful Mind” got a star on the Walk of Fame in 1981 for a television career. Howard’s latest film is a shipwreck story “In the Heart of the Sea”. 97. Who has taken charge as Chairman of SAIL a Pankaj Mishra b Neeraj Kapoor c Prakash Kumar Singh d Dhananjay Singh Answer c Prakash Kumar Singh. 98. The Aegis Graham Bell award for developing a solution for the Internet of Things IoT has been conferred to a TCS b Wipro c Infosys d CTS Answer b Wipro. The Aegis Graham Bell Award is the country’s innovation award in the field of Telecom Internet Media and Entertainment TIME and Social Mobility Analytics and Cloud SMAC. 99. Inle Lake is in which country a Bhutan b Nepal c Bangladesh d Myanmar Answer d Myanmar. Myanmar has launched the country’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – Inle Lake in Shan state opening a new chapter in its commitment to bio-diversity and eco- system conservation 18 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 100. Elizabeth Susan Koshy is associated with _______. a Archery b Swimming c Shooting d Cricket Answer c Shooting. Kerala’s Elizabeth Susan Koshy has won the Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions Gold at the 59th National Shooting Championships held at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting range in New Delhi. 101. Who has been conferred with the prestigious South East Asia Write Award a JM Sali b KN Ahamad c CR Mustaq d NC Khan Answer a JM Sali. Jamaludeen Mohamed Sali a 76-year-old Indian-origin writer whose 57 books are read in universities has been declared as the winner of this year’s prestigious South East Asia Write Award. 102. Serik Akhmetov the former Prime Minister of _______ has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. a Uzbekistan b Turkmenistan c Kazakhstan d Kyrgystan Answer c Kazakhstan. A court in the industrial city of Karaganda found Akhmetov guilty on four corruption-related charges including embezzlement and abuse of power. 103. Deborah Herold is associated with a Boxing b Shot-put c Disc Throwing d Cycling Answer d Cycling. Indian cyclist Deborah Herold became the first Indian female cyclist to be ranked fourth in the World Elite Women Ranking for the 500m time trial event. 104. DuPont has been merged with a Pfizer b Sun Pharma c US Chemicals d Dow Chemical Company Answer d Dow Chemical Company. The merged company will be named DowDuPont and it will have a combined market capitalization of approximately 130 billion dollars at announcement. 105. Who is the present Reevenue Secretary of India a Arvind Mayaram b Kumar Abhishek Gautham c Pranav Sinha d Hasmukh Adhia Answer d Hasmukh Adhia. Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia and Ambassador of Japan Kenji Hiramatsu signed the protocol to amend double taxation avoidance pact. 106. Shaheen-III surface-to-surface ballistic missile is been successfully tested by a Iran b Saudi Arabia c Pakistan d South Korea Answer c Pakistan. The missile is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads to a maximum range of 2750 kilometres. 19 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 107. Government of ___________ has approved world’s 1st Dengue fever vaccine named Dengvaxia. a Canada b Germany c Italy d Mexico Answer d Mexico. The Dengvaxia vaccine is being manufactured by French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi.The vaccine works against all four subtypes of the dengue virus but better for some subtypes than others. 108. The Arrow 3 ballistic missile shield has been successfully tested by a Pakistan b Russia c China d Israel Answer d Israel. The Arrow system is a joint project between Israel Aerospace Industries and the US aviation giant Boeing. Each Arrow 3 missile costs about 2.2 million. 109. India and _________ has announced 10-point Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue. a China b USA c Pakistan d Sri Lanka Answer c Pakistan. 110. Yangon Stock Exchange has been inaugurated recently by a Bhutan b Myanmar c Philippines d Thailand Answer b Myanmar. The exchange was set up by local companies in a joint venture with Daiwa Institute of Research Japan and Japan Exchange Group which operates the Tokyo Stock Exchange 111. Nishi Vasudeva has been chosen CEO of the Year. SHe is associated with a BHEL b NTPC c HPCL d HAL Answer c HPCL - Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd. Reliance Industries has bagged the CSR Award at the 17th annual Platts Global Energy Awards often called the Oscars of energy. 112. __________ has updated its policy on gas-turbine engine technology transfer to India. a USA b UK c Germany d France Answer a USA. 113. The scheme SABLA is associated with a Empowering Urban Girls b Empowering Tribal Girls c Empowering Adolescent Girls d Empowering Rural Girls Answer c Empowering Adolescent Girls. Government is implementing Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls SABLA in 205 districts of various states and 20 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Union Territories. The scheme aims at empowering adolescent girls AGs in the age group of 11-18 years through nutrition healthcare and life skills education. 114. Who has been honoured with the lifetime achievement award at the Dubai International Film Festival DIFF a Shahrukh Khan b Naseeruddin Shah c Aamir Khan d Rajnikanth Answer b Naseeruddin Shah. 115. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of World Travel Tourism Council India Initiative WTTCII for 2016 a Pankaj Ahluwalia b Kapil Chopra c Kalyan Singh d Jyotsana Suri Answer b Kapil Chopra. 116. "On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power" is the Autobiography of a Raj Thackrey b Devendra Fadnavis c KP Barathan d Sharad Pawar Answer d Sharad Pawar. The book was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 10 December 2015 on the 75th birthday of Pawar. 117. The Metropolitan Stock Exchange formerly MCX Stock Exchange is all set to appoint __________ as its interim Managing Director and CEO. a Kapil Jain b Udai Kumar c Sajeev Gupta d Anil Sharma Answer b Udai Kumar. 118. The International Human Rights Day is observed on a December 09 b December 10 c December 11 d December 12 Answer b December 10. The theme for Human Rights Day 2015 is “Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always” 119. The Indian Institute of Science has bagged a _______ military contract for research and development on solar powered micro-grid. a UK b Germany c US d Italy Answer c US. The federal contract worth USD 52900 has been awarded by the US Pacific Air Forces Yokota Air Base in Japan to develop solar powered micro-grid with battery and super capacitor energy storage system. 21 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 120. Moscow Washington and _______ will hold Syria talks in Geneva as diplomatic efforts to end the conflict are ratcheted up. a UK b United Nations c Germany d France Answer b United Nations. UN peace envoy Staffan de Mistura is set to take part in the talks aimed at ending a brutal war that has killed more than 250000 people and forced millions from their homes since March 2011. 121. The Venue for 2016 SAARC Summit is __________. a Nepal b Sri Lanka c Bhutan d Pakistan Answer d Pakistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Pakistan to attend the SAARC Summit likely to be held in September 2016 in what will be the first prime ministerial visit here from India in 12 years. 122. Two American Senators have introduced legislation in the Senate proposing to cut the number of popular H1B visas by _________. a 15000 b 20000 c 25000 d 30000 Answer a 15000. Currently every year a maximum of 85000 H-1B visas can be issued including 20000 for those who completed higher education in science technology engineering and math STEM. 123. English Access Programme has been launched in Bihar in collaboration with a UK b Australia c USA d Ireland Answer c USA. As part of US-India collaboration in the areas of development and education an American english language skill course has been launched in Patna for students hailing from economically disadvantaged section of the society. 124. The recently launched communication satellite “ChinaSat 1C” satellite was carried by the Long March-______ carrier rocket. a 1-B b 2-B c 3-B d 4-B Answer c 3-B. It will provide high-quality voice data and radio and TV transmission services. 125. The Venue for Fifth Heart of Asia conference is a Afghanistan b India c Bhutan d Pakistan 22 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer d Pakistan. The Theme of the conference is ‘Heart of Asia -Istanbul Process: Enhanced cooperation for countering security threats and promoting connectivity in the Heart of Asia region. 126. Who has been named a co-owner of the Pro Wrestling League team UP Warriors a Ajinkya Rahane b Rohit Sharma c MS Dhoni d Virat Kohli Answer b Rohit Sharma. 127. Afghanistan cricket team has shifted its home base from Sharjah to the UPCA stadium in _______. a Pune b Varanasi c Kanpur d Noida Answer d Noida. According to the MoU with BCCI and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority the Afghanistan Cricket Board ACB will be able to utilise the facilities of the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex. 128. ICC has announced OPPO as Global Partner from 2016 to _______. a 2020 b 2022 c 2024 d 2026 Answer a 2020. Launched in China in 2004 Oppo has a strong presence in more than 20 countries including Australia China USA and right across Africa Europe the Middle East South Asia and Southeast Asia. 129. Indias first Bullet Train will be built by a China b USA c UK d Japan Answer d Japan. India’s cabinet has cleared a 14.7 billion Japanese proposal to build its first bullet train line one of India’s biggest foreign investments in its infrastructure sector.Japan had offered to finance 80 of the cost of the train linking financial capital Mumbai with Ahmedabad at an interest rate of less than 1. 130. The NGT has directed that there will be a complete ban on use of plastic of any kind from Gomukh to Haridwar along Ganga with effect from a February 1 2016 b March 1 2016 c April 1 2016 d May 1 2016 Answer a February 1 2016. The NGT is also slapping a penalty of Rs 5000 per day on erring hotels dharamshalas and ashrams spewing waste into the river. 131. According to the new timetable of RBI SLR will be 20.5 by ___________. a June 2016 b December 2016 c January 2017 d June 2017 23 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer c January 2017. According to the new time table SLR would be reduced to by 25 basis points to 21.25 as on April 2 2016. It would fall to 21 by July 9 2016. It would further be lowered from October 1 2016 to 20.75. 132. Name the Sri Lankan player who has been awarded honorary life membership of the Marylebone Cricket Club MCC a Lasith Malinga b Lahiru Thirumanne c Mahela Jayawardene d Angelo Mathews Answer c Mahela Jayawardene 133. Cortana is the voice-based virtual assistant of ________. a Apple b Microsoft c Samsung d Nokia Answer b Microsoft. Microsoft’s voice-based virtual assistant Cortana which ships with every Windows 10 computer is now available as a general release Android and iOS users only in US and China. 134. Who becomes co-owner of PWL franchise Bengaluru Yodhas a Virat Kohli b Rohit Sharma c Sachin Tendulkar d Saurav Ganguly Answer a Virat Kohli. Bengaluru Yodhas the JSW Group owned franchise in the Pro Wrestling League has announced India’s Test captain Virat Kohli as the co-owner of the team. 135. Mauricio Macri has sworn in as the President of which country a Chile b Uruguay c Peru d Argentina Answer d Argentina. 136. Who has invested an undisclosed amount in India’s services marketplace UrbanClap a Anil Ambani b Ratan Tata c Mukesh Ambani d Sachin Tendulkar Answer b Ratan Tata. Operational in six cities – Delhi-NCR Bengaluru Mumbai Chennai Pune and Hyderabad – UrbanClap allows users to book over 80 services including plumbing electrical work beauty wellness tutorials and wedding photography. 137. The International Anti-Corruption Day is observed on a December 07 b December 08 c December 09 d December 10 Answer c December 09. The International Anti-Corruption Day is observed on December 9 every year.2015 Theme: Break the corruption chain. 24 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 138. Which bank has announced to mobilize 5 billion US dollars for climate action by 2020 a Axis Bank b HDFC Bank c Yes Bank d HSBC Bank Answer c Yes Bank. YES Bank India’s fifth largest private bank has announced it would mobilize 5 billion towards climate finance by 2020 to help India meet its target of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions INDCs. 139. _____________ has received approval from DCGI to market generic version of Gilead’s Harvoni a drug used in the treatment of Hepatitis C in India. a Biocon b Sun Pharma c Pfizer d Hetero Answer d Hetero. Hetero is the first Indian company to receive the approval for the fixed- dose combination Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir 90mg/400mg from Drug Controller General of India DCGI. 140. Chen Long is associated with which of the following games a Archery b Squash c Swimming d Badminton Answer d Badminton. Chen Long and Carolina Marin bagged 2015 BWF Player of the Year Awards 141. ______ Rajokot became interim IPL franchises to replace CSK RR. a Kanpur b Guwahati c Agartala d Pune Answer d Pune. Sanjeev Goenka’s New Rising won the bid for Pune while Intex will represent Rajkot. 142. _________ has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel its “Person of the Year”. a Fortune b Wall Street c TIME d Reuters Answer c TIME. The magazine bestowed the title on the 61-year-old world leader for the way she managed the economic crisis over the summer and the way she’s currently handling the refugee crisis and terrorism threat looming over Europe. 143. India ranks __________ in the world in black money outflows with a whopping 51 billion siphoned out of the country per annum between 2004 and 2013. a Third b Fourth c Fifth d Sixth Answer b Fourth. China topped the list with 139 billion average outflow of illicit finances per annum followed by Russia 104 billion per annum and Mexico 52.8 billion per annum. 25 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 144. Manohar Parrikar becomes first Indian defence minister to visit PACOM. It is based in _______. a UK b Germany c Italy d USA Answer d USA. PACOM - Pacific Command. 145. According to the report released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Glaciers in Mount Everest shrink ______ in 40 years due to climate change. a 15 b 28 c 35 d 23 Answer b 28. 146. International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide is observed on _______. a December 11 b December 10 c December 09 d December 08 Answer c December 09. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the Genocide Convention and its role in combating and preventing the crime of genocide as defined in the Convention and to commemorate and honour its victims. 147. Who is the present PFRDA Chairman a Rajeev Shukla b Anuragh Prasad c Hemant G Contractor d Murali Manohar Reddy Answer c Hemant G Contractor. 148. Kartik Sawhney and ________ won the Queen’s Young Leaders award in the UK for their exceptional work in transforming the lives of others and making a lasting difference in their communities. a Neha Swain b Amrutha Anand c Nisha Subramaniyam d Pavithra Sundaram Answer a Neha Swain. 149. Lok Sabha has passed a bill to amend the “archaic” Indian Trusts Act _______. a 1992 b 1982 c 1882 d 1892 Answer c 1882. The Indian Trusts Amendment Bill 2015 was passed by a voice vote. 150. GOI has established a mechanism to be known as SETU under NITI Aayog. What is T in SETU a Technology b Talent c Time d Telecommunication 26 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer b Talent. SETU - Self—Employment and Talent Utilisation. The objective is to support all aspects of start—up businesses and other self employment activities particularly in technology—driven areas. 151. __________ has formally become a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank AIIB in December 2015. a Bhutan b Sri Lanka c New Zealand d Indonesia Answer c New Zealand. 152. Cabinet has given its approval for a MoU between India and __________ in the field of new and renewable energy. a Nepal b Indonesia c Malaysia d Laos Answer b Indonesia. The objective is to establish the basis for a cooperative institutional framework to encourage and promote technical bilateral cooperation on new and renewable energy issues on the basis of mutual benefit equality and reciprocity. 153. Cabinet has given its ex-post facto approval for signing of a MoU between India and UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on cooperation in the ________. a Energy Sector b Education Sector c Technology Sector d Defence Sector Answer a Energy Sector. 154. The Year 2016 has been declared as Year of Education Research and Innovation between India and ______. a USA b UK c Germany d Denmark Answer b UK. 155. Cabinet has approved Central Legislation to declare how many additional inland waterways as national waterways a 101 b 106 c 111 d 116 Answer b 106. After the inclusion of 106 additional inlands waterways to the existing five national waterways the total number of national waterways goes upto 111. 156. Karnataka delegation has signed an Expression of Interest EoI agreement with Reitzel Group to promote ________. a The importance of Education b Tourism c Investment d Real Estate Answer c Investment. 27 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 157. Who will be conferred with Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award a Ramachandra Guha b Kailash Satyarthi c Frank islam d Kanniyappa Mudhaliyaar Answer c Frank islam. An Indian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist will be conferred with Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award to recognise his achievements and outstanding contributions in a foreign country. 158. Scientists of _________ have genetically modified malaria-causing mosquitoes to become infertile and pass on the trait rapidly. a China b Britain c USA d Sweden Answer b Britain. They used a technology called ‘gene drive’ to ensure the gene is passed down at an accelerated rate to offspring spreading the gene through a population over time. 159. China has given first red alert on pollution in _______. a Wuhan b Shanghai c Beijing d Shenyang Answer c Beijing. Schools in Beijing are closed and outdoor construction halted as the Chinese capital’s first ever pollution “red alert” came into effect. 160. Who is the present Law Minister a JP Nadda b Arul Kumaran c Prakash Javedkar d DV Sadananda Gowda Answer d DV Sadananda Gowda. The Lok Sabha has passed a bill amending the law on salaries and service conditions of Supreme Court and high court judges to “bring in uniformity in pensions and other conditions of service of the judges. 161. ________ has become the first state to launch an online mechanism for its members to send questions and move different motions in the House. a Punjab b Kerala c Odisha d Maharashtra Answer d Maharashtra. 162. An MoU for skill development in the manufacturing sector has been signed between MSDE and the Department of Heavy Industry DHI. What is E in MSDE a Environment b Education c Entrepreneurship d Employment Answer c Entrepreneurship . MSDE - Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. 28 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 163. A Central Research Institute in Yoga and Naturopathy to be set up in Khordha District of ________ a Odisha b Andhra Pradesh c Karnataka d Madhya Pradesh Answer a Odisha. Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy CCRYN an autonomous organization under the Ministry of AYUSH has obtained 20 acres of land from Odisha Government in Binjhagiri Village in Khordha District to establish a Central Research Institute in Yoga and Naturopathy. 164. Name the submarine that has been awarded ‘The Best Innovation Trophy’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a INS Sinhuja b IND Priya c INS Sinhudhwaj d INS Bharatwaj Answer c INS Sinhudhwaj. The innovation undertaken by the submarine to repair their ventilation system under challenging circumstances at sea during a search and rescue SAR operation was adjudged the first among the 137 entries of Navy. 165. _________ has been presented the prestigious ‘Forbes Top 100 Middle East – Global Meets Local 2015’ Award. a InfoSys b Tech Mahindra c General Motors d Ashok Leyland Answer b Tech Mahindra. 166. SK Bhattacharya who passed away recently was associated with _________. a Cricket b Badminton c Football d Volley Ball Answer c Football. Former FIFA referee SK Bhattacharya has passed away in Chandanpur West Bengal following a brief illness. He was 87 years 167. A tripartite MoU has been signed among MSME Ministry of Textiles National Textile Corporation in order to set up a Technology Centre Tool Room at ________. a Kanpur b Vijayawada c Tiruppur d Surat Answer a Kanpur. 168. _________ has replaced Mauritius as the top source of FDI into India during the first half of the current fiscal. a USA b UK c Singapore d Switzerland Answer c Singapore. During April-September 2015 India has attracted 6.69 billion ₹43096 crore FDI from Singapore while from Mauritius it received 3.66 billion ₹23490 crore. 29 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 169. Who is the present minister of Environment Forests and Climate Change a JP Nadda b Prakash Javadekar c Kalyan Singh d Uma Bharti Answer b Prakash Javadekar. The GOI has announced that India’s forest and tree cover has increased by 5 081 sq km. 170. The World’s largest practical science lesson with 2000 students has been attempted at a IIT – Guwahati b IIT – Madras c IIT- Kanpur d IIT - Delhi Answer d IIT - Delhi. 171. The Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on ______. a December 04 b December 05 c December 06 d December 07 Answer d December 07. The Day is celebrated all over India in order to collect the funds from people all around the country for the wellbeing of the staff of the Indian Armed Forces. 172. What is the Capital of Venezuela a Santiago b Anglika c Caracas d Bolivar Answer c Caracas. Venezuela’s opposition party has claimed the majority of seats in the National Assembly in elections the first major shift in power in the legislative branch since the late President Hugo Chavez took office in 1999. 173. PAHAL Scheme is associated with a Agriculture b Disabled Persons c Education Loan d LPG Cash Transfer Answer d LPG Cash Transfer. PaHaL or Pratyaksha Hastaantarit Laabh formerly the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for LPG subsidy is a Direct Benefit Transfer scheme for liquefied petroleum gas LPG subsidy in India. The scheme has received a certificate from Guinness in recognition of PAHAL as the largest cash transfer programme in the world. 174. Who has been appointed as the President and Managing Director of General Motors India operations a Kathiravan Subramaniyan b Kaher Kazem c Vikas Gupta d Chandrasekhar Rao Answer b Kaher Kazem. Kazem who is currently chief operating officer COO of GM India will be replacing Arvind Saxena who has decided to retire after leading the company since early 2014. 30 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 175. Shane Watson is associated with Cricket. What about Bubba Watson a Football b Swimming c Billiards d Golf Answer d Golf. Two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson carded a six-under 66 in the final round to clinch the Hero World Challenge. 176. FedMobile an app from Federal bank has been developed by ________. a TCS b Infosys c IBM d CTS Answer c IBM. IBM has signed a deal for an undisclosed amount with Federal Bank to provide a security layer on the Federal Bank’s mobile application. 177. The eighth edition of INDRA NAVY a bilateral maritime exercise between the Indian and Russian Navies has began in __________. a Indian Ocean b Arabian Sea c Pacific Ocean d Bay of Bengal Answer d Bay of Bengal. 178. Australia defeated _________ to lift the title of the second edition of Hockey World League HWL. a India b New Zealand c Germany d Belgium Answer d Belgium. 179. ____________ has been awarded under the category of ‘Excellence in Technology for Education Delivery’ during the FICCI Education Awards 2015. a SRM University b PSG College of Technology c SASTRA University d Nirma University Answer d Nirma University. 180. __________ has launched ShanIPV an injectable inactivated polio vaccine IPV in the Indian market. a Biocon b Sun Pharma c Sanofi Pasteur d Reddy Labs Answer c Sanofi Pasteur. ShanIPV provides protection against three strains of the virus and will be manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur’s affiliate Shantha Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd in Hyderabad through a transfer of technology. 181. Which state government has decided to celebrate ‘Gita Jayanti Mahotsava’ throughout the state from December 19 to 21 a Punjab b Haryana c Rajasthan d Gujarat Answer b Haryana. 31 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 182. Sahitya Rachna Sanman and Sahityakar Sanman awards are associated with which language a Marathi b Gujarathi c Marwadi d Sindhi Answer d Sindhi. The Lifetime Achievement Awards for the year 2014-15 will be conferred to Lakshman Hardwani and Jairam Rupani under the categories of Sahitya Rachna Sanman and Sahityakar Sanman respectively. For the year 2015-16 the Lifetime Achievement Awards will be conferred to Lakhmi Khilani and Kanhaiya Lal Talreja under the categories of Sahitya Rachna Sanman and Sahityakar Sanman respectively. 183. ________ is going to pay Apple 548 million in patent dispute. a Google b Microsoft c Samsung d Nokia Answer c Samsung. 184. Who won the Rookie of the Year award a Sebastian Vettel b Lewis Hamilton c Kimi Raikkonen d Max Verstappen Answer d Max Verstappen. The 18-year-old was also won Personality of the Year and the winner of Action of the Year awards. 185. Who has been crowned as 2015 Champion in F1 World Champions a Nico Rosberg b Sebastian Vettel c Lewis Hamilton d None of these Answer c Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton collected the Drivers’ Championship trophy for the third time in his career and second successive year. 186. L Sarita Devi and Shiva Thapa are associated with ________. a Chess b Archery c Boxing d Swimming Answer c Boxing. 187. Who released two commemorative coins of Rs 125 and Rs 10 denomination as part of the 125th birth anniversary year celebrations of B R Ambedkar a Arun Jaitely b Narendra Modi c Pranab Mukherjee d Raghuram Rajan Answer b Narendra Modi. The coins were issued on his death anniversary which is being observed as “Mahaparinirvan Divas of Babasaheb Ambedkar” 188. _________ has sent the first uranium consignment of 250 tonnes to India for its nuclear power reactors. a Australia b Canada c Germany d Uzbekistan 32 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer b Canada. According to the Canadian government the contract to supply 7.1 million pounds of uranium concentrate about 2730 tonnes uranium to India’s Department of Atomic Energy was worth around Canadian Dollars 350 million 262 million. 189. GOI has imposed an anti-dumping duty of up on import of ‘melamine tableware and kitchenware products’ from a China b Thailand c Vietnam d All the above Answer d All the above. 190. _________ has become the first state in the country to join the Centre’s scheme for revival of debt stressed power distribution companies. a Karnataka b Tamil Nadu c Talangana d Andhra Pradesh Answer d Andhra Pradesh. According to a power ministry statement Andhra Pradesh has conveyed in-principle approval to the ministry for joining UDAY Scheme Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana. 191. International Volunteer Day is observed on a December 4 b December 5 c December 6 d December 7 Answer b December 5. 2015 Theme : The world is changing. Are you Volunteer 192. GAIL India Limited has launched an innovative surveillance geo-portal called ________-GAIL portal for monitoring the pipeline Right of Use through space technology. a ISRO b NASA c GAGAN d BHUVAN Answer d BHUVAN. 193. RX1E is ___________s first domestically developed electricity-powered aircraft. a Russia b China c Japan d India Answer b China. 194. Which Government has launched International festival on Birds in a bid to promote state as an international bird-watching destination a Punjab b Madhya Pradesh c Uttar Pradesh d West Bengal Answer c Uttar Pradesh. The three-day international festival from 4 to 6 December 2015 on birds will be held the National Chambal Sanctuary NCS in Agra. 33 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 195. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a package of ___________ to African nations during the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation FOCAC. a 40 Billion b 50 Billion c 60 Billion d 80 Billion Answer c 60 Billion 196. Who has been appointed as Secretary of Union Ministry of Earth Sciences a Kum Abhishek b M Nair Rajeevan c S Karthick Chidambaram d D Gunasekhar Reddy Answer b M Nair Rajeevan. He had served in renowned institutions like Tata Institute of Fundamental Research TIFR and Indian Meteorological Department IMD. 197. ___________ has launched a 500 million dollars Transformative Carbon Asset Facility TCAF to help developing countries pay for emission reductions and combat climate change. a IMF b WHO c World Bank d UNO Answer c World Bank. It is market-based scheme specially designed to help developing countries and would establish the world’s first programmatic carbon market. 198. Accessible India Campaign is associated with a Peoples access to Internet b Peoples Access to Electricity c Peoples Access to Pure Drinking Water d None of these. Answer d None of these. GOI has rolled out “Accessible India Campaign” on the occasion of The International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The campaign is aimed at making 50 major cities more accessible to the specially abled. 199. In which state GOI will introduce electronic transfer of MGNREGA wages from 2016 a Telangana b Kerala c Tamil Nadu d Karnataka Answer b Kerala. If it is successful it will be introduced e-transfer of wages in other states. 200. What is S in BIS a Support b Service c Standards d Summit Answer c Standards. The Lok Sabha has passed a bill that provides for establishing Bureau of Indian Standards BIS as the National Standards Body of India. 34 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 201. _______ became the 51st PSU to sign an MoU with Transparency International India TII for adopting Integrity Pact IP. a BHEL b HAL c NTC d NTPC Answer c NTC or National Textile Corporation Limited. 202. Pulin Kumar won the prestigious Indian National Bar Association or INBA Award. He is associated with ______. a Pepsi b Coco Cola c Adidas d Nike Answer c Adidas. 203. Cabinet has approved the signing of the agreement between India and ________ on visa facilitation for Diplomatic Official/Service and Ordinary passport holders. a Iran b Iraq c Syria d Turkey Answer a Iran. 204. A Vega rocket with gravity-hunting satellite has been recently launched by _________. a China b NASA c Russian Space Agency d European Space Agency Answer d European Space Agency. 205. GOI has released a commemorative postage stamp to mark the ________ year of Zoological Survey of India ZSI. a Quatercentenary b Halfcentenary c Centenary d None of the above Answer c Centenary. 206. The first India International Science Festival IISF has begun at ____________. a Hyderabad b Bengaluru c Mumbai d Delhi Answer d Delhi at the Indian Institute of Technology IIT-Delhi campus. 207. ________ has released a report named "Estimates of the Global Burden of Foodborne Diseases". a UNO b IMF c WHO d UNICEF Answer c WHO. 208. What is Indias rank according to the latest FIFA Rankings a 155 b 166 c 177 d 169 35 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 Answer c 166. Top Five Teams are Belgium Argentina Spain Germany and Chile. 209. _____________ has become the first state of India to launch Rotavirus vaccination project. a Arunachal Pradesh b Madhya Pradesh c Himachal Pradesh d Andhra Pradesh Answer c Himachal Pradesh. The project was launched by the state Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh at Dharamsala in Kangra district. International Clinical Epidemiological Network will provide technical assistance and will also bear the entire cost of the vaccines. 210. Indian Navy Day is observed on _________. a December 03 b December 04 c December 05 d December 06 Answer b December 04. Indian Navy Day is observed on December 4 every year to commemorate Operation Trident’s commencement as part of the 1971 Indo-Pak war. 211. India has been engaged in talks with which country on revision of bilateral tax treaty a Pakistan b Bhutan c Singapore d Mauritius Answer d Mauritius. The government is in the process of revising the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement DTAA with Mauritius. 212. _____________ has launched its maiden non-stop flight from New Delhi to San Francisco. a Air Asia b Vistara c Air India d Spice Jet Answer c Air India. It became the first Indian carrier to directly connect the US’ West Coast reducing the arduous travel time by nearly six hours. 213. IISC Bangalore is in _______ spot in a list of the top 200 universities from 35 emerging nations. a 14 th b 15 th c 16 th d 17 th Answer c 16th. IISc and Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay are the two scientific research and higher education institutions from India that are among the top 30 in the latest Times Higher Education THE BRICS and Emerging Economies Ranking 2016. 214. The Union Cabinet has approved rehabilitation package for enclaves in _________. a Nepal b Myanmar c Bhutan d Bangladesh Answer d Bangladesh. The Union Cabinet has approved the rehabilitation package and upgradation of infrastructure of the Bangladeshi enclaves and Cooch Behar district after transfer of enclaves between India and Bangladesh. The total financial implication for implementation of various components is around Rs. 1005.99 crores. 36 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 215. Union Cabinet has approved the setting up of six new Indian Institutes of Technology IITs. Which of the following is not among those states a Andhra Pradesh b Kerala c Karnataka d Madhya Pradesh Answer d Madhya Pradesh. The six states are Andhra Pradesh Chhatisgarh Goa Jammu and Kashmir Kerala and Karnataka. 216. Cabinet has approved an MoU with which country to expand bilateral development cooperation in the field of Solar Energy a Denmark b Belgium c Sweden d Germany Answer d Germany. Under the agreement Germany would provide concessional loans in the range of one billion Euros over the next five years through Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau KfW. 217. The Union Cabinet has given its approval for introduction of a Bill for establishment of a Regional Centre for Biotechnology in ____________. a Secundrabad b Hyderabad c Faridabad d Bangalore Answer c Faridabad Haryana. 218. Cabinet has given its approval for signing MoU between India and ________ in the field of water resources management and development cooperation. a USA b UK c Italy d Israel Answer d Israel 219. What is C in DTAC a Conservation b Consortium c Cooperation d Convention Answer d Convention. Double Taxation Avoidance Convention 220. International Day of Persons with Disabilities is observed on a December 2 b December 3 c December 4 d December 5 Answer b December 3. is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. Theme for 2015: Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities 221. Ashton Carter is the defence secretary of a UK b USA c Germany d Italy Answer b USA. US defense secretary Ashton Carter has said that the US will send special forces to Iraq and Syria to intensify fight against dreaded militant group Islamic State. 37 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 222. _______ has received final approval from FDA to manufacture and market its Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate injection. a Pfizer b Biocon c Aurobindo Pharma d Sun Pharma Answer c Aurobindo Pharma. 223. Veteran industrialist MAM Ramaswamy passed away recently. He belongs to which Indian state a Kerala b Tamil Nadu c Karnataka d Andhra Pradesh Answer b Tamil Nadu. He was a Veteran industrialist former parliamentarian and the last King of Chettinad Family. 224. Justice Tirath Singh Thakur has sworn in as _____ Chief Justice of India. a 41 st b 42 nd c 43 rd d 44 th Answer c 43rd CJI. The 63-year old Justice Thakur took over from incumbent Justice H L Dattu who retired on December 02 ′ 2015. 225. ________ is going to launch flavoured TB drugs made for kids to combat “superbugs”. a UNO b WHO c FDA d UNCTAD Answer b WHO. Children will be more likely to survive tuberculosis TB the world’s most deadly infectious disease once new strawberry- and raspberry-flavoured medicines are available early in 2016. 226. _________ has announced acquisition of leading German IT consulting and software services firm Cellent AG for EUR 73.5 million. a InfoSys b TCS c HCL d Wipro Answer d Wipro. Cellent has been offering IT solutions and services to its customers in the Dach region of Germany Austria and Switzerland since 2001. 227. As per the National Crime Records Bureau which state reported the highest number fo dowry deaths in India a Bihar b Punjab c Uttar Pradesh d Haryana Answer c Uttar Pradesh. Bihar is placed second. 228. The International Day for Abolition of Slavery a December 1 b December 2 c December 3 d December 4 Answer b December 2. The day is organized by the United Nations General Assembly for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others. 38 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 229. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated India Pavilion in a Paris b Moscow c London d Texas Answer a Paris. 230. India launched an International Solar Alliance ISA at the ______ Climate Conference. a CoP 20 b CoP 21 c CoP 22 d CoP 23 Answer b CoP 21. The new body which has invited all countries located fully or partly between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn to join is to function from the National Institute of Solar Energy in India Gurgaon. 231. The First BRICS Media Summit has been hosted by which country a Russia b India c China d Brazil Answer c China. A total of 25 media organisations are participating in the summit which hopes to create a new institutional framework that would be tailored to benefit the media of five emerging economies which have deep linkages with the Global South. 232. Embrace of Serpent Al Abrazo de la Serpiente won the Golden Peacock Award at the finale of the 46th International Film Festival of India IFFI. It is a a Russian Film b Mexican Film c Korean Film d Colombian Film Answer d Colombian Film 233. Roch Marc Christian Kabore elected as president of which country a Ivory Coast b Burkina Faso c Ghana d Cape Verde Answer b Burkina Faso 234. Margi Sathi who passed away recently was associated with which of the following dance a Bharatanatyan b Kathakali c Yakshagana d Koodiyattam Answer d Koodiyattam 235. RBI has signed an agreement with the ________ Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority for supervisory cooperation and exchange of information. a Russias b UKs c Chinas d Australias Answer b UKs 39 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 236. Tata Sons Ltd and ICBC have formed a long-term partnership. This ICBC is based in which country a Canada b India c US d China Answer d China. ICBC - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. 237. What is Indias rank in Information Communication and Technology Access a 129 b 131 c 133 d 135 Answer b 131 238. Thakur Anoop Singh is associated with __________. a Swimming b Chess c Body Building d Boxing Answer c Body Building. Indian bodybuilder Thakur Anoop Singh earned the title of ‘Mr World’ by winning a gold medal in a world bodybuilding meet in Bangkok Thailand. 239. Who assumed Presidency of the Royal Society in London a Vikram Singh b Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan c Sathyanarayana Moorthy d Venkateshwar Reddy Answer b Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan. He was elected to the office in March 2015 by the society’s council and will serve for up to five years. With this appointment he became the 61st president of the society. 240. Sabri Khan who passed away recently was a Maestro in a Violin b Sarangi c Sitar d Flute Answer b Sarangi. 241. Who will be honoured with the Sangeet Samman at the ITC Sangeet Sammelan 2015 a Lalitha Bhaskaran b Lakshminarayana Subramaniam c Nisha Karthikeyan d Manjula Viswanathan Answer b Lakshminarayana Subramaniam. 241. HRD Minister Smriti Irani launched GIAN recently. What is N in GIAN a National b Native c Networks d None of these Answer c Networks. GIAN - Global Initiative of Academic Networks 242. Which country has allowed women to vote in local elections for the first time a Mongolia b Iran c Iraq d Saudi Arabia Answer d Saudi Arabia 40 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 243. The 29th session of the Assembly of the International Maritime Organization IMO was recently held in _______. a Malta b Paris c London d California Answer c London. India has been re-elected unopposed to the Council of the International Maritime Organization IMO under Category “B”. 244. The World AIDS Day is observed on a December 1 b December 2 c December 3 d December 4 Answer a December 1. World AIDS Day is held on the December 1st every year since 1988. The theme of World Aids Day 2015 is: Getting to zero end Aids by 2030. 245. Eldar Ryazanov who passed away recently was a a Musician b Politician c Movie Director d Economist Answer c Movie Director. The legendary film director Eldar Ryazanov died in Moscow at the age of 88. 246. Who is the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare a Mahesh Sharma b Ravi Shankar Prasad c JP Nadda d Kalyan Singh Answer c JP Nadda. The Minister launched the injectable Inactivated Polio Vaccine IPV in India as part of its commitment to the “Global Polio Endgame Strategy”. 247. Who has been appointed as the acting Chairman of the CBDT a Vani Kapoor b AK Jain c AL Mishra d NK Shrivastava Answer b AK Jain. 248. The cabinet of _______ has backed plans for military support in the fight against Islamic State IS militants in Syria. a Sweden b Norway c Italy d Germany Answer d Germany. Tornado reconnaissance aircraft a naval frigate and a 1200-strong force will be sent to the region under the proposals. 249. As per the Central Statistics Office CSO India’s GDP accelerated to _______ in the July-September quarter. a 6.4 b 7 c 7.4 d 8 Answer c 7.4. India overtakes China as the world’s fastest growing major economy on pick up in manufacturing mining and services sectors. 41 | P a ge

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CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ PDF DECEMBER 2015 250. The Legislative Assembly of ________ has amended the Factories Bill to allow women to work in night shifts a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Maharashtra d Karnataka Answer c Maharashtra. 251. Which film has been adjudged the best film in the 46th International Film Festival of India a Buddha in Traffic Jam b Womens Heart c Beauty of Love d Embrace of the Serpent Answer d Embrace of the Serpent 42 | P a ge

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