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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 1. Which Country has topped the Medals Table in the recently concluded IAAF World Championship a Kenya b USA c China d Jamaica Answer a Kenya. Kenya topped the medals table with 16 medals 7 Golds followed by Jamaica with 12 medals 7 Golds and USA with 18 medals 6 Golds at the third position. 2. The Buchi Babu Memorial Trophy is associated with a Badminton b Hockey c Cricket d Chess Answer c Cricket. Mumbai has defeated Tamil Nadu Cricket Association TNCA Districts XI team by six wickets and clinched the Buchi Babu Memorial Trophy in the All India invitation cricket tournament. 3. India won the Sri Lanka Test Series a 4-0 b 3-1 c 2-1 d 3-0 Answer c 2-1. India registered its first Test series win in Sri Lanka in over 22 years by defeating Angelo Matthews’ side by 117 runs. Virat Kohli lead Indian team win the three-match series 2-1. 2 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 4. Smart National Common Mobility Card has been recently launched by a Ministry of Home Affairs b Ministry of Railways c Ministry of Health d Ministry of Urban Development Answer d Ministry of Urban Development. 5. Name the Indian Origin Sikh who has been named as Australian of the Day a Maninder Singh b Dhananjay Singh c Tejinder Pal Singh d Maneesh Singh Answer c Tejinder Pal Singh. An Indian-origin Sikh migrant driver in Australia has been named‘Australian of the Day’ for feeding the homeless in Darwin for the past three years. 6. The 10th World Hindi Conference to be organized in ___________. a Varanasi b Bhopal c Ahmadabad d Jaipur Answer b Bhopal. The conference is being organized from 10-12 September 2015 in the city of Bhopal by the Ministry of External Affairs. 7. The Law Commission of India recommended that the death penalty be abolished for all crimes other than a Terrorism-related offences b Rape and murder c Waging war against the country d Honour Killing 3 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 Answer Both a and c. The Law Commission of India recommended thatthe death penalty be abolished for all crimes other than terrorism-related offences and waging war against the country. 8. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has recently called for a “direct dialogue” between a North Korea and USA b Russia and Japan c India and Sri Lanka d India and Pakistan Answer d India and Pakistan. 9. Wes Craven who passed away recently was associated with a Hollywood b Music c Politics d Journalism Answer a Hollywood. Wes Craven a master of horror cinema who was well known for his creations “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream” franchises has died at the age of 76 due to cancer. 10. Which State Government wins award for achievement in rooftop solar power output a Rajasthan b Madhya Pradesh c Gujarat d Punjab Answer d Punjab. Punjab Government has won first award in the category of highest capacity addition in grid connected solar rooftop power in the country during the financial year 2014-15. 4 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 11. What is Parichaalan a New initiative of State Bank of India b An App from HDFC Bank c Initiative by Environment Ministry d Associated with Indian Railways Answer d Associated with Indian Railways. Parichaalan is a mobile application conceptualized and developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems CRIS to make decision making on freight operations absolutely easy and user friendly. 12. Santhara is a ritual followed by a Sikhs b Buddhists c Muslims d Jains Answer d Jains. 13. Which company has recently acquired Silicon Valley startup Reduce Data a Flipkart b Snapdeal c Amazon d eBay Answer b Sanpdeal. 14. ________ has been named U.S. bid candidate for 2024 Summer Olympic Games. a Boston b Los Angeles c New York d California Answer b Los Angeles. 5 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 15. Who is the new Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief of IAF’s Eastern Air Command a Rakesh Srivastava b C H Kumar c Atul Kulkarni d Rajdeep Singh Answer b C H Kumar. 16. Obama administration has recently renamed Mount McKinley to a Lendil b Denali c Kelen d Wesley Answer b Denali 17. Air Marshal SB Deo AVSM VM VSM Takes Over Command of ______ Air Command a Central b Western c Eastern d Southern Answer b Western. 18. Sakhi One stop crisis centreOSCC for women in distress has been launched by which state government a Uttar Pradesh b Haryana c Punjab d Rajasthan Answer b Haryana. Sakhi has been proposed and made to help the women especially who are victims of sexual mental harassment. 6 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 19. Which city has been selected to host 2022 Common Wealth Games a Cape Town b London c New Delhi d Durban Answer d Durban. 20. GOI’s decision on not levying MAT on capital gains made by FII is based on the recommendations of a R Gandhi Committee b Arvind Mayaram Committee c AP Shah Committee d JL Mukherjee Committee Answer c AP Shah Committee. The government has decided to amend the Income Tax Act to clarify the issue with regard to levy of MAT on FIIs. MAT – Minimum Alternate Tax. 21. Who has been appointed as interim CMD of NTPC Limited a RJ Mishra b AK Jha c S Raveendran d Narasimhan Answer b AK Jha. 22. Better Than Cash Alliance is an initiative of a State Bank of India b IMF c World Bank d United Nations Answer d United Nations. 7 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 23. Which country has won the top UNESCO prize ‘Award of Excellence’ 2015 a Britain b China c Sri Lanka d India Answer d India. India has won the top UNESCO prize ‘Award of Excellence’ 2015 for the remarkable conservation efforts of the majestic Sree VadakkunnathanTemple in Kerala. 24. The SERVIR-Mekong Project has been launched by a ASEAN and SAARC b ISRO and NASA c NASA and USAID d ASEAN and BRICS Answer c NASA and USAID. 25. Who has been appointed as the CMD of India Trade Promotion Organization a LK Jha b RK Tiwari c LC Goyal d KN Tripathy Answer c LC Goyal. 26. RBI has declared __________ and _________ as domestic systematic important banks. a ICICI and HDC b Axis and SBI c SBI and ICICI d UBI and PNB Answer c SBI and ICICI. 8 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 27. GOI has recently released _________ rupees for Employees’ Pension Scheme a 1000 Crore b 2000 Crore c 3000 Crore d 4000 Crore Answer b 2000 Crore. Union Government has released 2000 crore rupees to Employees’ Pension Scheme EPS 1995 as its contribution for the year 2015-16. 28. What is Skylake a NASA’s new mission b Upcoming James Bond’s Movie c Core Processors d China’s New Fourth Generation Aircraft Answer c Core Processors. 29. The SAARC countries’ conference on disaster has began in a New Delhi b Kolkata c Jaipur d Mumbai Answer a New Delhi. 30. Binny yanga who passed away recently was a social worker based on a Manipur b Arunachal Pradesh c Meghalaya d Mizoram Answer b Arunachal Pradesh. 9 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 31. Who is the present MOS for Finance a Krishna Muralidharan b Giridhar Gupta c Jayant Sinha d Pranav Mishra Answer c Jayant Sinha Jayant Sinha the Minister of State for Finance has announced thatthe government if India will invest Rs 8.5 lakh crore in Indian Railwaysto change the face of the sector. 32. The FSSAI has reduced the level of trans-fat in edible oils to a 8 b 7 c 6 d 5 Answer d 5. 33. The GOI has notified the merger of commodities market regulator Forward Markets Commission FMC with a Reserve Bank of India b Securities Exchange Board of India c PFRDA d IRDA Answer b Securities Exchange Board of India 34. The ____________ has become the first zone in Indian Railways to eliminate all unmanned level crossings. a West-Central Railway Zone b South-Central Railway Zone c North-East Railway Zone d None of the above Answer a West-Central Railway Zone. 10 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 35. Cabinet has recently approved reimbursement to 4 PSUs for import of a Oilseeds b Petroleum c Pulses d Onions Answer c Pulses. 36. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley left for ________ to participate in the two-day Conference of G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. a Hague Netherlands b Turkey c Sweden d Norway Answer b Turkey. 37. The Narcotics Control Bureau is organizing the Sub-Regional Drug Focal Point Meeting in a Mumbai b New Delhi c Kolkata d Bengaluru Answer b New Delhi. 38. The ________ government is observing National Nutrition Week to educate mothers and caregivers on nutrition issues. a Punjab b Odisha c Assam d West Bengal Answer d West Bengal. 11 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 39. India’s rank in FIFA is a 150 b 153 c 155 d 157 Answer c 155. The Indian football team has climbed up a place to occupy 155th spot in the latest FIFA rankings. Argentina Belgium and Germany are ranked in top three respectively. 40. Which city is hosting LMW ITF Futures Tennis Tournament for the third time a Hyderabad b Bengaluru c Chennai d Coimbatore Answer d Coimbatore. 41. Shahbaz Ahmed was recently in News. He is associated with a Cricket b Hockey c Badminton d Billiards Answer b Hockey. 42. ICICI Lombard General Insurance has recently tied up with a Lakshmi Vilas Bank b Karur Vysya Bank c Catholic Syrian Bank d Canara Bank Answer c Catholic Syrian Bank 12 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 43. The President of India inaugurates ____________ programme at Rashtrapati Bhavan on the eve of Teachers’ Day. a Be a Good Teacher b Be an Inspiration c Be a Teacher d Be a role Model Answer c Be a Teacher. 44. Who is Kiren Rijiju a MoS for Revenue b MoS for Home Affairs c MoS for Finance d MoS for Tourism Answer b MoS for Home Affairs. 45. The IMF has announced which of the following state among the few bright spots in the Global Economy a Sri Lanka b India c Bhutan d Bangladesh Answer b India 46. What does R stands for in OROP a Reserve b Revenue c Rank d Resource Answer c Rank. OROP – One Rank One Pension. Government of India has announced the acceptance of the long-pending demand for ‘One Rank One Pension’. 13 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 47. Who is Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami a Scientist b Business Man c Politician d Soldier Answer d Soldier. Indian Army has paid last tributes to Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami a special forces commando who was a part of three back-to-back operations which killed 10 militants in Jammu and Kashmir. 48. GOI to develop __________ as spiritual capital. a Kasi b Varanasi c Bodh Gaya d Madurai Answer c Bodh Gaya. 49. Aadesh Shrivastava who passed away recently was a a Kabbadi Player b RBI Committee Head c Finance Secretary d Music Director Answer d Music Director 50. Which company is going to invest USD 100 Million in Shopo a Flipkart b eBay c Snapdeal d Amazon Answer c Sanpdeal. 14 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 51. Gagan Narang is associated with a Archery b Chess c Shooting d Swimming Answer c Shooting. 52. Who has been appointed as the Director of IGCAR a KN Gopalakrishnan b LR Murali Sankarraman c SAV Satya Murthy d D Rajagopalan Naidu Answer Dr SAV Satya Murthy. 53. The city Nahara is in which country a Russia b Japan c North Korea d South Korea Answer b Japan. 54. Joshna Chinnapa is associated with a Badminton b Tennis c Squash d Hockey Answer c Squash. National champion Joshana Chinappa clinched the women’s title in the USD 15000 NSCI Open JSW Indian Squash Circuit 2015. She defeated Egypt’s Habiba 11-8 11-9 11-6 in a tough title-clash. 15 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 55. Cricket Player Shane Watson represents a South Africa b West Indies c New Zealand d Australia Answer d Australia. Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has announced his retirement from Test cricket effective immediately. 56. Which state government has passed a bill to abolish the Police Recruitment Board in order to end the nepotism in the police recruitments a Punjab b Gujarat c Madhya Pradesh d Haryana Answer d Haryana. 57. Vikas Krishnan is associated with which of the following sports a Shooting b Archery c Boxing d Swimming Answer c Boxing. 58. Apurvi Chandela is associated with which of the following sports a Gymnastics b Chess c Hockey d Shooting Answer d Shooting. 16 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 59. Who won the Italian F1 Grand Prix recently a Sebastian Vettel b Lewis Hamilton c Nico Rosberg d Kimi Raikkonen Answer b Lewis Hamilton. 60. The Shaheen Eagle – 4 Air Drill is between Pakistan and a Russia b Afghanistan c China d USA Answer c China. 61. ___________ government has signed an MoU with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences TISS to increase employability of students in the state. a Gujarat b Madhya Pradesh c Andhra Pradesh d Telangana Answer c Andhra Pradesh. 62. Ruthvika Shivani Gadde and Lakshya are associated with a Tennis b Badminton c Archery d Shooting Answer b Badminton. India’s Ruthvika Shivani Gadde and Lakshya Sen have won the Women’s and Men’s singles titles respectively at the Sushant Chipalkatti Memorial India Junior International Badminton Championship. 17 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 63. The International Literacy Day is observed on a September 07 b September 08 c September 09 d September 10 Answer c September 09. The Theme for 2015 is “literacy and sustainable societies”. 64. The Indian Air Chief Maarshal Arup Raha is on a four day visit to _______ and __________. a Thailand and Indonesia b Laos and Cambodia c Myanmar and Bangladesh d Vietnam and Thailand Answer d Vietnam and Thailand 65. BSNL has decided to offer _____ Mbps minimum broadband speed from October 1. a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 Answer b 2 Mbps. 66. The Able Response 15 Exercise is a joint drill by USA and ________. a China b UK c South Korea d India Answer c South Korea. 18 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 67. The FAO’s Headquarters is in a Greece b Italy c Switzerland d Germany Answer b Italy. 68. Deepak Lather is associated with a Boxing b Weight Lifting c Discus Throwing d Badminton Answer b Weight Lifting. Deepak Lather wins gold in fifth Youth Commonwealth Games. 69. India has recently released a first ever census on a Panther b River Dolphin c Leopard d White Tiger Answer c Leopard. The estimate of India’s total leopard population was in the range of 12000 to 14000. 70. Doha Bank has has signed as MoU with __________ to generate business opportunities in the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC. a Tata Group b State Bank of India c Reliance Group d Mahindra Group Answer c Reliance Group. 19 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 71. Who has been appointed as new full time member of NITI Aayog a Kumar Chawla b Shanmughanathan c Vaidy Subramaniyan d Ramesh Chand Answer d Ramesh Chand Agriculture Expert. 72. The Ultra Marathon is organized by a Indian Army b Indian Air Force c Indian Navy d Indian Reserve Police Answer b Indian Air Force. 73. Who becomes first Indian to qualify for President’s Cup team a Roshan Chaitanya b Pragya Reddy c Anirban Lahiri d Alok Mishra Answer c Anirban Lahiri. 74. Which of the following state is seeking Rd 25000 Crore Loan from World Bank a Tamil Nadu b Andhra Pradesh c Telangana d Uttar Pradesh Answer c Telangana. 20 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 75. Brad Haddin has announced his retirement from International Cricket. He represents a New Zealand b West Indies c England d Australia Answer d Australia. 76. Which state government has cleared DMRC as the implementing agency and given administrative sanction for the proposed Light Metro project a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Karnataka d Andhra Pradesh Answer b Kerala. 77. Who has been appointed as DRDO’s Director General Electronics and Communication Systems cluster a Swathi Krishnan b Nisha Ramanathan c J Manjula d N Kalpana Answer c J Manjula. 78. Which state Govt has completely banned the manufacturing and sale of gutka and pan masala and other similar products containing tobacco a Uttar Pradesh b Bihar c Karnataka d Haryana Answer d Haryana. 21 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 79. Cabinet increased dearness allowance DA by what percentage a 6 b 7 c 8 d 9 Answer a 6. 80. Union home minister Rajnath Singh announced ________ percentage reservations would be provided for women in all paramilitary forces. a 30 b 33 c 35 d 37 Answer b 33. 81. The Union Cabinet has permitted _______ Percentage foreign direct investment FDI under the automatic route for white label ATM operations. a 50 b 75 c 90 d 100 Answer d 100. Till date foreign investment in while label ATM operations WLAO was allowed through the government approval route. This required some processing time and projects were delayed. 82. President Pranab Mukherjee presented the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2014 to a DRDO b ISRO c SBI d RBI Answer b ISRO. 22 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 83. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has commissioned INS Vajrakosh in a Gujarat b Maharashtra c Karnataka d Andhra Pradesh Answer c Karnataka. 84. India and _________ have signed a pact for repatriation of each other’s wanted prisoners and cooperate in all criminal matters. a Thailand b Singapore c Vietnam d Indonesia Answer d Indonesia. 85. HCL group will be investing around 1 billion in ________ over the next five years. a Gujarat b Madhya Pradesh c Tamil Nadu d Karnataka Answer c Tamil Nadu. HCL will spread its operations in Madurai and Tirunelvelli districts while expanding its operations in Coimbatore. 86. Which country has agreed to modernize railway stations across India while participating in the country’s 140 billion investment plan a Russia b USA c Japan d Australia Answer c Japan. 23 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 87. Which city’s Air has been judged as the most dusty in India a Varanasi b Madurai c Kolkata d Ahmedabad Answer d Ahmedabad. 88. ___________ has planned to launch full-fledged 4G services by March 2016. a Aircel b BSNL c Vodafone d Airtel Answer b BSNL. 89. OSCB begins ‘Banks on Wheels’ service in remote areas. This bank is based in a West Bengal b Odisha c Manipur d Mizoram Answer b Odisha. OSCB - Odisha State Cooperative Bank Limited. 90. What is India’s rank among the countries suitable for old age people to live a 51 b 61 c 71 d 81 Answer c 71. India stood at 71 among 96 countries and has been termed as the worst place for older people. Switzerland has cliched the best place in the world for older people to live. 24 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 91. Indian Orgin Boy named Anirudh Karthirvel has won the Spelling Bee Contest in a USA b UK c Australia d Norway Answer c Australia. 92. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the three-day 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan World Hindi Conference in a Bhopal b Varanasi c Lav Kush Nagar d Guwahati Answer a Bhopal. 93. The City Joso has been in the news recently. It is in a Russia b China c Japan d South Korea Answer c Japan. Japan has evacuated about 100000 people from Joso sity after rare torrential rains unleashed floods. 93. Indra Nooyi is associated with a Coco Cola b Nestle c Pepsi d Apple Answer c Pepsi. 25 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 94. The UN General Assembly has recently approved to raise ________ flag over the UN in New York. a Syria b Iran c Palestine d Iraq Answer c Palestine. 95. The Galileo Satellites have been launched by a NASA b Japan Space Agency c European Space Agency d NASA and ESA Answer c European Space Agency. 96._______ became the first Indian state to submit its annual action plan under the newly launched AMRUT. a Gujarat b Rajasthan c Madhya Pradesh d Uttar Pradesh Answer b Rajasthan. AMRUT - Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation. 97. ___________ will invest USD 50 million about Rs 330 crore over next three years to make handsets in India. a Huawei b Gionee c Micromax d Apple Answer b Gionee. 26 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 98. Canada India Singapore and Egypt are showing interest in buying Mistral Warships from a Germany b France c Russia d Norway Answer b France. 98. Online auto portal CarDekho has acquired ________ recently. a GeepDekho b Zigwheels c TruckWheels d Carbuynsell Answer b Zigwheels. 99. John P Connel who passed away recently was a/an a Economist b Street Magician c Hollywood Actor d Novelist Answer c Hollywood Actor. 100. Who has been retained as the Team Director of the Indian cricket team till the 2016 T20 World Cup a Kapil Dev b Rahul Dravid c Ravi Shastri d Sunil Gavaskar Answer c Ravi Shastri. Shastri was appointed Team Director in August 2014. 27 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 101. A new technical ranking system of the Asian Football Confederation AFC has placed India in _______ spot. a 21 b 22 c 23 d 24 Answer b 22 nd Spot. The new ranking system is based on the performance of the national team and clubs at AFC competitions of a particular country in the last four years. 102. Government has approved the purchase of 10 Heron-TP drones from a Russia b Israel c USA d Germany Answer b Israel. The acquisition is worth 400-million. 103. Ramaswamy R Iyer who passed away recently was an expert in a Journalism b Forest Policy c Water Policy d Air Pollution Answer c Water Policy. 104. __________ launched instant refund facility to help its customers get refunds within one hour of receiving the returned products. a Amazon b Snapdeal c Flipkart Answer b Snapdeal. 28 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 105. Name the Indian who has been conferred with the Royal Aeronautical Society’s 2015 Silver Medal. a Krishna Moorthy b Nagendra Nath Reddy c Ganghadhar Tadimalla d G Sateesh Reddy Answer d G Satheesh Reddy. 106. Leander Paes and __________ won the US Open mixed doubles title 2015. a Cara Black b Sania Mirza c Martina Hingis d Besua Sianna Answer c Martina Hingis. The 42-year-old Paes now has won nine Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. 107. Who has assumed charge as its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Canara Bank a Ashutosh Gupta b Rakesh Sharma c Manish Tiwari d Rajesh Verma Answer b Rakesh Sharma. 108. The Tadoba Festival will be organized by a Gujarat b Madhya Pradesh c Maharashtra d Uttar Pradesh Answer c Maharashtra Government. 29 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 109. The Asian Development Bank ADB signed two agreements for 500 million loans with the government of a Rajasthan b Gujarat c Tamil Nadu d Telangana Answer a Rajasthan. 110. The International Hindi Conference will be organized from March 4-6 2016 in a UK b Germany c USA d Australia Answer c USA Rutgers University New Jersey. 111. India and Australia have begin their first bilateral naval exercise AUSINDEX 15 in a West Coast of India b East Coast of India c South Coast of India d None of the above Answer b East Coast of India. 112. Lee Hsien Loong has won the election and become the Prime Minister of a North Korea b Laos c Singapore d Vietnam Answer c Singapore. Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong return to power again in a massive victory for the 12th time since independence. It has won every elections since 1965. 30 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 113. Narsingh Pancham Yadav is associated with a Weight Lifting b Archery c Wrestling d Swimming Answer c Wrestling. Narsingh Pancham Yadav secured an Olympic quota place for India after bagging a bronze medal in the Men’s 74kg Freestyle category. 114. Indian corporate Embee International is planning to acquire 33000 acres of land on lease in ______ to do agriculture. a Iran b UAE c Egypt d Armenia Answer c Egypt. 115. The Shanghai ATP challenger Title 2015 has won by a Pancham Yadav b Vinesh Phogat c Yuki Bhambri d Amit Kumar Answer c Yuki Bhambri. 116. What is A in FSSAI a Association b Agreement c Authority d Acquisition Answer c Authority. 31 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 117. Kalamandalam Sathyabhama who passed away recently was associated with a Bharatanatyan b Kalariyapattu c Kathakali d Mohiniyattam Answer d Mohiniyattam. Mohiniyattam dancer teacher and choreographer Kalamandalam Sathyabhama has passed away at the age of 77. 118. Who was crowned 2016 Miss America recently a Kira Kazantsev b Monica Bellucci c Betty Cantrell d Salma Hayek Answer c Betty Cantrell. 119. Novak Djokovic jas defeated ___________ and won the US Open Singles Title a Rafael Nadal b Andy Murray c Roger Federer d None of the above Answer c Roger Federer 120. Flavia Penetta defeated Roberta Vinci and wont the US Open Single Title Woman. She is from _________. a Sweden b Serbia c Italy d Germany Answer c Italy. 32 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 121. Who took over as the Managing Director and CEO of Petronet LNG Ltd India’s biggest liquefied natural gas importer a Satheesh Kumar b Prabhat Kumar Singh c AL Balyan d Shanmuga Sundaram Answer b Prabhat Kumar Singh. 122. Who topped the list of Most Powerful Women in Asia Pacific by Fortune a Arundhati Bhattacharya b Indra Nooyi c Chanda Kochhar d Nishi Vasudeva Answer c Chanda Kochhar. 123. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Press Trust of India a Hormusji N Cama b Riyad Mathew c Kamal Mukherjee d Shashi Kant Gupta Answer a Hormusji N Cama. Riyad Mathew – Vice Chairman. 124. Who has been announced as one of the winners of the United Nations Champions of the Earth award a Pranab Mukherjee b Namgyel Wangchuck c Sheikh Hasina d Tshering Tobgay Answer c Sheikh Hasina. 33 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 125. What does F stands for in FTA a Federal b Feasibility c Free d Finance Answer c Free. FTA – Free Trade Agreement. 126. Ocimum tenuiflorum is the scientific name for a Nimba b Karamadra c Tulsi d Jeevanti Answer c Tulsi. 127. ________has come out on top in the World Bank’s first ever ranking of States on the ease of doing business in India. a Madhya Pradesh b Rajasthan c Gujarat d Uttar Pradesh Answer c Gujarat. Andhra Pradesh came second with a score of 70.12 per cent. These states are followed by Jharkhand Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. 128. What is India’s rank in Ease of Doing Business Index a 140 b 142 c 144 d 146 Answer b 142. 34 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 129. Who assured the Tripura Cricket Association TCA that he will coach the Under-16 and Under-19 teams a Rahul Dravid b Sourav Ganguly c VVS Laxman d Sachin Tendulkar Answer b Sourav Ganguly. 130. Kalarippayattu is a famous sport in a Gujarat b Punjab c Kerala d Odisha Answer c Kerala. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has recognized the Indian Kalarippayattu Federation as Regional Sports Federation with immediate effect. 131. Malcolm Turnbull is associated with which country a New Zealand b England c Australia d Sweden Answer c Australia. 132. The Pentagon has established a first-ever country special cell to speed up its defence ties with a Israel b India c Pakistan d China Answer b India. 35 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 133. Who has been appointed as the shadow chief secretary in UK a Prakash Mishra b Seema Malhotra c Sonal Gupta d Anamika Singh Answer b Seema Malhotra. 134. The International Cricket Council has given its clearance to the three-match T20 series Tendulkar-Warne Series in a UK b Germany c USA d India Answer c USA. 135. Scientists have just found the world’s longest chain of volcanoes in a Africa b Europe c South America d Australia Answer d Australia. 136. Yongbyon nuclear facility is in a Russia b Japan c China d North Korea Answer d North Korea. 36 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 137. Name the 15-year-old Indian-American girl who has been selected for Champions of Change award in US a Pavithra Krishnan b Nisha Anand c Amrutha Subramaniyam d Swetha Prabhakaran Answer d Swetha Prabhakaran. She was chosen for empowering the community by imparting Internet coding through her non-profit organisation. 138. Sunjeev Sahota is a/an a Economist b Journalist c Novelist d Scientist Answer c Novelist. Indian-origin British author Sunjeev Sahota is among six writers shortlisted for the prestigious Man Booker Prize for Fiction for 2015. 139. What is Shauryanjali a Annual Conference b Music Meet c Film Festival d Exhibition Answer d Exhibition. “Shauryanjali” an exhibitions has been launched showcasing the major battle scenes and captured tanks of the Pakistani Army during the 1965 war started at central Delhi’s Rajpath. 37 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 140. The Indian Institute of Science Bangalore has been ranked at _____ place in the QS World University Rankings for 2015-16. a 143 b 145 c 147 d 149 Answer c 147. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi IIT-D have been placed at 179. 141. __________ has tied up with educational institutions to introduce cashless payments. a Snapdeal b Flipkart c Paytm d Amazon Answer c Paytm. 142. Which city has been confirmed as the host of the 2022 Asian Games a Moscow b Kathmandu c Delhi d Hangzhou Answer d Hangzhou. 143. In Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index GDI India has been ranked _________ among 60 leading economies in terms of ‘business growth environment’. a 30 th b 32 nd c 34 th d 36 th Answer c 34 th . 38 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 144. The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is observed on a September 12 b September 14 c September 16 d September 18 Answer c September 16. The slogan for this year “Ozone: All that is there between You and UV”. 145. Who received the ‘Certificate of Recognition’ from the California legislature for his dedication to helping Kashmiri Hindu community a Amitabh Bachchan b Parineeti Chopra c Anupham Kher d Lata Mangeshkar Answer c Anupham Kher. 146. Which country has recently framed a new constitution a Bhutan b Myanmar c Bangladesh d Nepal Answer d Nepal. 147. Which state is conducting the famous Annual Brahmotsavam a Karnataka b Tamil Nadu c Kerala d Andhra Pradesh Answer d Andhra Pradesh. 39 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 148. The International Democracy Day is observed on a September 14 b September 15 c September 16 d September 17 Answer b September 15. 2015 Theme: Space for Civil Society 149. The GOI has banned Naga rebel group National Socialist Council NSCN-K of Nagaland Khaplang for how many years a Two years b Three Years c Four Years d Five Years Answer d Five Years. 150. Who established Naam Foundation to fund drought relief for farmers a Narendra Modi b Narendra Tomar c Nana Patekar d Sachin Tendulkar Answer c Nana Patekar. 151. The new constitution of Nepal divides the country into how many provinces a Five b Six c Seven d Eight Answer c Seven Provinces. 40 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 152. Who has won the 2015 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award a Malala b Aseem Ali c Aqeela Asifi d Kalam Azad Answer c Aqeela Asifi. Afghan refugee teacher Aqeela Asifi who has dedicated her life to bringing education to refugee girls in Pakistan has won the 2015 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award. 153. According to UN the deaths due to ________ has cut by 60 since 2000. a AIDS b Dengue c Malaria d STD Answer c Malaria. 154. Manpreet Kaur is associated with a Archery b Badminton c Shot put d Swimming Answer c Shot Put. 155. What is India’s rank in Global Innovation Index GII 2015 a 71 b 79 c 81 d 89 Answer c 81. 41 | P a ge

slide 42:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 156. Name the Cricketer who was recently honoured with the Icon Award by the Indo- Caribbean Alliance a Chris Gayle b Dwayne Bravo c Shivnarine Chanderpaul d Paul Ramsay Answer c Shivnarine Chanderpaul. 157. In ten years which city will record world’s largest number of premature deaths due to air pollution a Beijing b Delhi c California d Tokyo Answer b Delhi. 158. Who signed MoUs with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in Phnom Penh a Arun Jaitely b Rajnath Singh c Hamid Ansari d Pranab Mukherjee Answer c Hamid Ansari. 159. Hand in Hand is the Military exercise between India and a Russia b Australia c China d USA Answer c China. 42 | P a ge

slide 43:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 160. The Pradhan Mantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana is associated with a Irrigation b Dairy Development c Mining d Women Empowerment Answer c Mining. The scheme is meant to provide for the welfare of people and areas affected by mining related operations by using the funds collected by District Mineral Foundations DMFs. 161. ______ in Kerala has become the first Panchayat in the State to declare its own water policy. a Malappuram b Manappuram c Perumanna d Palakkad Answer c Perumanna Grama Panchayat in Kozhikode District. 162. Who has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of GoAir a Narasimhan b Krishnan Balakrishnan c Sunaina Gupta d Dharmasena Reddy Answer b Krishnan Balakrishnan 163. M-Shiksha-Mitra mobile app was recently launched by which Indian State a Maharashtra b Madhya Pradesh c Rajasthan d Andhra Pradesh Answer b Madhya Pradesh. 43 | P a ge

slide 44:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 164. The Employees Provident Fund Organisation EPFO has increased the life insurance cover of its subscribers from 3.6 lakh to ______. a 4.5 Lakh Rupees. b 5.6 Lakh Rupees c 6 Lakh Rupees d 6.6 Lakh Rupees Answer c 6 Lakh Rupees. 165. Mairaj Ahmad Khan is associated with a Chess b Archery c Shooting d Badminton Answer c Shooting. 166. India and ______ jointly created a Joint Challenge Coin to symbolise their unique partnership in creating a next-generation aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy. a Germany b United Kingdom c Russia d USA Answer d USA. 167. _______ announced the acquisition of Firefox Bikes Pvt. Ltd. a Suzuki Motors b Yamaha c Hero Cycles d Royal Enfield Motors Answer c Hero Cycles. 44 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 168. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched National IPDS in Varanasi. What does D in IPDS Stands for a Distribution b Directive c Development d District Answer c Development. IPDS - Integrated Power Development Scheme. 169. The fourth meeting of India-Kuwait Joint Working Group on Hydrocarbons held in _________. a Mumbai b New Delhi c Kuwait City d Dubai Answer b New Delhi. 170. Dutee Chand is associated with a Chess b Archery c Shot Put d Athletics Answer d Athletics. 171. The Cricket Club of India CCI has conferred honorary life membership on a Bhuvneshwar Kumar b Shikhar Dhawan c Stuart Binny d Ajinkya Rahane Answer d Ajinkya Rahane. 45 | P a ge

slide 46:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 172. Operation Smile is associated with a Women Empowerment b Eradicating Hunger c Housing and Education d Rescuing Children from being pushed into prostitution and bonded labor Answer d Rescuing Children from being pushed into prostitution and bonded labor. Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s Operation Smile has rescued 19000 missing children from being pushed into prostitution and bonded labor to ill-treatment by parents. 173. Who is Eric Fanning a Newly Appointed US Ambassador to India b Recently retired NBA Player c World Champion in Boxing d Recently nominated Army Secretary Answer d Recently nominated Army Secretary. 174. Bal Pandit who passed away recently was a/an a Journalist b Economist c Commentator d Novelist Answer c Commentator. 175. Indian Railways’ hybrid vacuum toilets use how many litres of water for flushing a 500 ml b 1 litre c 1.5 Litres d 2 Litres Answer a 500 ml. 46 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 176. Which of the following bank has recently inaugurated it’s official page on Pinterest and Instagram a Canara b IOB c BOB d SBI Answer d SBI 177. Which of the following bank bags first prize from Indian President under Rajabhasa Kirti Puraskar Scheme a State Bank of India b HDFC Bank c Bank of Baroda d Indian Overseas Bank Answer c Bank of Baroda. 178. Mangal Singh Champia is associated with a Shooting b Archery c Athletics d Swimming Answer b Archery. 179. Union Government formed _______ Committee on restructuring water agencies. a Visvesaraya b Mihir Shah c Prakash Gupta d Pranav Mishra Answer b Mihir Shah. 47 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 180. Two Years Eight Months Twenty Eight Nights is penned by a Nikhil Arora b Arundhadthi Roy c Hamid Ansari d Salman Rushdie Answer d Salman Rushdie. 181. The 4th Meeting of India-Kuwait Joint Working Group is associated with a Controlling Terrorism b Hydrocarbons c Human Traficcking d Bilateral Trade Answer b Hydrocarbons. 182. The parliament of ______ has allowed the military to fight overseas for the first time since the end of World War. a Germany b Italy c Japan d Norway Answer c Japan. 183. Which state won the top award in Comprehensive Development of Tourism category a Madhya Pradesh b Gujarat c Kerala d Rajasthan Answer b Gujarat. 48 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 184. Which city won the Best Heritage City Award a Jaipur b Hyderabad c Kolkata d Gwalior Answer d Gwalior. 185. Which state won the award for Most Innovative use of Information technology a Madhya Pradesh b Gujarat c Kerala d Tamil Nadu Answer c Kerala. 186. Who adopted the Barauliya village in Amethi a Arun Jaitely b Smriti Irani c Mahohar Parrikar d Rajnath Singh Answer c Mahohar Parrikar. 187. Recently who has been elevated as “Distinguished Scientist” by Defence Minstry a P Sivakumar b K Karthikeyan c N Narasimhan d L Balaraman Answer a P Sivakumar. He is the Director of Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment CVRDE Avadi. 49 | P a ge

slide 50:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 188. ________ has been granted the regulatory approval by the RBI to utilise Rs 2500 crore non-distributable statutory reserves. a HDFC b MUDRA c IDFC d BMB Answer c IDFC. 189. In which state Butterfly Park was inaugurated recently a Kerala b Tamil Nadu c Madhya Pradesh d West Bengal Answer b Tamil Nadu. 190. NJDG is associated with a Banking b Election Commission c Judiciary d Jharkhand State Assembly Answer c Judiciary. NJDG - National Judicial Data Grid. 191. _______ and Toronto have signed an MoU to engage in mutual co-operation in the fields of film television visual effects and gaming. a IDFC b FICCI c Indian Cinema Federation d South Indian Film Federation SIIF Answer b FICCI - The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 50 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 192. Banjara are nomadic people from a Gujarat b Rajasthan c Punjab d West Bengal Answer b Rajasthan. An independent organisation named All India Banjara Sangh AIBS has been formed to take up long pending issues of the ‘Banjara’ nomadic people community. 193. Who has been elected as the first national president of the AIBS a Haricharan Mishra b Prancha Gupta c Haribhau Rathod d Sivguru Kochhar Answer c Haribhau Rathod. 194. According to’s Hotel Price Index ________ is the first preferred country by Indian travelers among the overseas countries a USA b Dubai c UK d Singapore Answer d Singapore. 195. Who will address India-US Startup Konnect 2015 a Pranab Mukherjee b Narendra Modi c Arun Jaitely d Raghuram Rajan Answer b Narendra Modi. 51 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 196. Jagmohan Dalmiya who passed away recently was associated with a Football b Badminton c Chess d Cricket Answer d Cricket. Board of Control for Cricket in India BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya who has been known as the architect of BCCI passed away in a private hospital in Kolkata at the age of 75. 197. Jackie Collins who passed away recently was a/an a Stage Actor b Novelist c Economist d Journalist Answer b Novelist. Renowned novelist Jackie Collins has passed away due to breast cancer. She was 77. She died in Los Angeles after she was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. 198. The International Peace Day is observed on a September 20 b September 21 c September 22 d September 23 Answer b September 21. The International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September every year. The theme of this year’s commemoration is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All”. 52 | P a ge

slide 53:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 199. Which country has launched a new smaller type of rocket from its “Long March” family a Russia b Japan c China d South Korea Answer c China. The Long March-6 is a carrier rocket which uses liquid propellant. 200. Shamim Hanfi is a/an a Urdu litterateur b Muslim league head c Economist d Former Governor Answer a Urdu litterateur. 201. The Singapore grand Prix is won by a Kimi Raikkonen b Daniel Ricardio c Sebastian Vettel d Lewis Hamilton Answer c Sebastian Vettel. 202. Who won the Prime Minister Election in Greece a Noval Kashiyanka b Stephalo Cristiano c Alexis Tsipras d Norveni Ptriasis Answer c Alexis Tsipras. 53 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 203. Which cab company will invest 20 million more than Rs 130 crore by March 2016 on various initiatives to ensure passenger safety a Taxi Taxi b Taxi for Sure c Ola d Uber Answer c Ola. 204. BPCL all set to start work on Rs.5000-crore project at a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Andhra Pradesh d Telangana Answer b Kerala Kochi. 205. The 528th marriage anniversary of _________was celebrated in this industrial town of Punjab. a Guru Gobind Singh b Guru Nanak Dev c Guru Sukhwinder Singh d Guru Dehnak Singh Answer b Guru Nanak Dev. 206. Name the West Indies player who has been inducted in ICC referees panel a Courtney Walsh b Vivian Richards c Curtly Ambrose d Richie Richardson Answer d Richie Richardson. 54 | P a ge

slide 55:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 207. Radhika Thilak who passed away recently was a a Stage Actor b Politician c Playback Singer d Actress Answer c Playback Singer. 208. The United Nations has set the target of _______ for its new 17 developmental goals. a 2020 b 2025 c 2030 d 2035 Answer c 2030. The 193 member states of the United Nations in the coming days will adopt 17 new UN development goals to be achieved by 2030. 209. What does F stands for in NFHM a Federation b Film c Finance d Fiscal Answer b Film. NFHM - National Film Heritage Mission. 210. The Brigade Commander level flag meeting between India and Pakistan was held at _______ district of Jammu and Kashmir. a Kathua b Leh c Poonch d Kulgam Answer c Poonch. 55 | P a ge

slide 56:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 211. Which city will host the 19th International Children’s Film Festival a Chennai b Hyderabad c Bengaluru d Trivandrum Answer b Hyderabad. 212. Ajay Jayaram is associated with a Chess b Badminton c Archery d Football Answer b Badminton 213. The Book “The Monsoon War: Young Officers Reminisce 1965 India-Pakistan” is penned by a Hamid Ansari b Salman Akthar c Amarinder Singh d Kalyan Singh Answer c Amarinder Singh. 214. Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme is associated with a People belong to Minority Group b Elderly Persons c Family of Para Military Forces d Persons with Disabilities Answer d Persons with Disabilities. 56 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 215. Shobana Bhartia is associated with a Reuters b BBC c Hindustan Times d Hindu Answer c Hindustan Times. PepsiCo Chairman Indra Nooyi and Hindustan Times Group chairperson Shobhana Bhartia have been presented with the 2015 Global Leadership Award of the USIBC.. 216. GOI has signed an MoU with which company for Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme a LIC b United India Insurance Company c Oriental Insurance Company d New India Assurance Company Answer d New India Assurance Company. 217. Who is the current Chairman cum Managing Director of New India Assurance Company Ltd a L Krishna Kumar b N Bhattacharya c G Srinivasan d S Saravana Pandiyan Answer c G Srinivasan. 218. Who has been elected as the new chairman of the US India Business Council USIBC a Sanjay Mukherjee b Sukhwinder Singh c Vengadesh Govindaswamy d John T Chambers Answer d John T Chambers. 57 | P a ge

slide 58:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 219. Apoorva and C-421 are a Tanks b Ships c Aircrafts d Vaccines Answer b Ships. Two Indian Coast Guard Ships named Apoorva and C-421 were commissioned at Naval Dock Mumbai 220. With which country India signed a Joint Declaration of Intent in Education recently a China b Sri Lanka c Germany d Russia Answer c Germany 221. The Mission 2022 has been launched by Indian Diaspora in a Canada b UAE c USA d UK Answer c USA. 222. According to Asian Development Bank the India’s growth projection for the current fiscal will be a 7 b 7.4 c 7.8 d 8.2 Answer c 7.4. 58 | P a ge

slide 59:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 223. The Cabinet has approved the setting up of Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre ISLRTC in a Mumbai b New Delhi c Kanpur d Varanasi Answer b New Delhi. 224. The 9th Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas RPBD at Los Angeles on the 14th and 15th November 2015 in a Los Angeles b Boulder c Ohio d Texas Answer a Los Angeles. Theme – “The Indian Diaspora: Defining a New Paradigm in India-US Relationship”. 225. Which country has declared Cow as the national animal a Bhutan b Myanmar c Nepal d Laos Answer c Nepal. 226. Bharat Dynamics Ltd has signed an MoU with _______ to tap business opportunities in the area of missiles and underwater weapon systems. a Hindustan Aeronautics Lts b Rafael c Hinnaceus USA d ECIL Answer d ECIL - Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. 59 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 227. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit ______ and the US from September 23-29. a Scotland b Ireland c Wales d Iceland Answer b Ireland. 228. Capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India penalized ______ of Rs 7269 crore. a L T b PACL c UBC d NALCO Answer b PACL. The PACL Group is popularly known with its brand name “Pearls”. 229. Who has been unanimously elected as the new president of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India a R Bharath Raj b K Srinivaasan c Zayn Khan d Radha Krishnan Answer c Zayn Khan. 230. India and ______ have signed MoUs in energy security climate change and clean energy a UK b USA c Cambodia d Nepal Answer b USA. 60 | P a ge

slide 61:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 231. Who is Yogi Berra a Famous Photographer b Former Governor of Mizoram c New York Yankees catcher d NBA Star Player Answer c New York Yankees catcher. New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra an athlete has died at the age of 90. 232. _________ will provide support for Arunachal Vision 2020 a UNICEF b World Bank c UNDP d IMF Answer c UNDP. 233. Who has been appointed as the Head of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights a Shruthi Kumar b Suganya Thomas c Stuti Narain Kacker d Vaishnavi Kannan Answer c Stuti Narain Kacker 234. Who has been shifted as Additional Secretary in Niti Aayog from FSSAI a Yudhvir Singh Malik b Ramesh Gupta c Rajesh Tripathi d Balvinder Singh Answer a Yudhvir Singh Malik 61 | P a ge

slide 62:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 235. Dairy exporters 0f __________ have asked the Indian government for a free trade agreement. a Canada b China c New Zealand d Australia Answer d Australia 236. The High Court of _____ has said that 2 helmets to be given at the time of vehicle purchase a Bombay b Delhi c Kolkata d Madras Answer d Madras 237. 24th Vyaas Samman conferred on eminent Hindi writer Dr Kamal Kishore Goenka. The award is given by a Government of Maharashtra b KK Birla Foundation c Reliance Group d Indian Literature Society Answer b KK Birla Foundation. 238. Korea-Andhra Pradesh Friendship Forum was organized in a Hyderabad b Srikakulam c Guntur d Vishakapatnam Answer d Vishakapatnam 62 | P a ge

slide 63:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 239. ________ has partnered with Google and Tata Trusts to Enter India with its Nano- Degrees Programs a Accenture b COursera c Udacity d Edueasy Answer c Udacity. 240. What is the Capital of Ireland a Dundrum b Dublin c Leinster d Munster Answer b Dublin 241. Telangana Government has entered into a power purchase agreement PPA with ____________ for purchasing 1000 mw of power. a Bihar b Jharkhand c Andhra Pradesh d Chhattisgarh Answer d Chhattisgarh. The PPA would be in force for the next 12 years. 242. Haryana government has declared that it will develop ________ as a smart city with its own resources. a Karnal b Gurgaon c Hisar d Fariadabad Answer b Gurgaon. 63 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 243. The film named “Court” has been selected as India’s official entry to Oscars. It is a a Telgu Film b Tamil Film c Hindi Film d Marathi Film Answer d Marathi Film. The movie was written and directed by Chaitanya Tamhane. 244. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati has passed away at his ashram in _________. a Rishikesh b Kasi c Varanasi d Mathura Answer a Rishikesh. 245. Who is the Spiritual Guru of Swami Dayananda Sarawati a Swami Chidbavananda b Swami Sadananda c Swami Chinmayananda d Swami Omkarananda Answer c Swami Chinmayananda 246. Enda Kenny is associated with a Canada b Denmark c Greece d Ireland Answer d Ireland. 64 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 247. What does S in SWFs stands for a Sale b Sustainable c Sovereign d Stock Answer c Sovereign. RBI has proposed to allow domestic companies to borrow money from pension funds sovereign wealth funds SWFs and insurance funds. 248. Who has been named India’s richest for ninth year in a row with a net worth of 18.9 billion a Ratan Tata b Anil Ambani c Mukesh Ambani d Pranav Mistry Answer c Mukesh Ambani. Ambani was followed by Sun Pharma’s Dilip Shanghvi as the second richest with a net worth of 18 billion while Wipro’s Azim Premji retained his third place with 15.9 billion. 249. Hidekichi Miyazaki a 105 year old man who recently created Guinness record by running 100 m in 42.2 seconds is from a China b North Korea c Vietnam d Japan Answer d Japan. He is referred as Japan’s Golden Bolt. 65 | P a ge

slide 66:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 250. What does I in IACCS stands for a Indian b Indigenous c International d Integrated Answer d Integrated. IACCS - Integrated Air Command Control System. 251. The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA has inked an MoU with Sports Ministry of _______ to crack down on supply of PEDS. a Russia b India c China d USA Answer c China. Performance-Enhancing Drugs PEDS 252. Which of the following has been presented the certificate by Limca Book of Records for the “Largest Yoga performance” a NSS b IAF c BSF d NCC Answer d NCC – National Cadet Corps. 253. The Tribal Carnival will be organized from February 12-17’ 2016 in a Guwahati b Kanur c New Delhi d Jaipur Answer c New Delhi. 66 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 254. ________ got the SKOCH Awards recently for Smart Governance for its initiatives. a RBI b SEBI c EPFO d SBI Answer c EPFO. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation EPFO for its UAN Programme and Transformation of Social Security Agenda in India. 255. Who has been appointed as the Sherpa for G-20 talks a Arun Jaitely b Arvind Mayaram c Raghuram Rajan d Arvind Panagariya Answer d Arvind Panagariya. 256. Who has been appointed as the joint secretary of Cricket Association of Bengal a Sourav Ganguly b Avinash Dalmiya c Avishek Dalmiya d Ashutosh Dalmiya Answer c Avishek Dalmiya. 257. What is the new name for Facebook’s a Free Net b Free Solution b Free Knowledge d Free Basics Answer d Free Basics. Facebook has decided to rebrand/rename it’s as ‘Free Basics by Facebook’. 67 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 258. __________ has imposed anti-dumping duty on Indian steel pipes. a USA b China c European Union d African Union Answer c European Union. 259. Who becomes the first woman to win the Top science book prize a Lina Tyrell b Shilona Genida c Gaia Vince d Wes Trinter Answer c Gaia Vince. Gaia Vince a journalist and broadcaster based in London was named the winner of the 2015 Royal Society Winton prize for Science Books at a ceremony in London. 260. What does A in MAT stands for a Association b Alignment c Asian d Alternate Answer d Alternate. MAT – Minimum Alternate Tax. Foreign companies that do not have a permanent establishment in India will be exempt from paying minimum alternate tax MAT on profits from April 2001. 261. Who will take over as India’s permanent representative in the UN in New York a Anil Wadhwa b Navtej Sarna c Gautam Bambawale d Syed Akbaruddin Answer d Syed Akbaruddin 68 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 262. Digital payment solution firm Oxigen Services has roped in _________ as its Brand Ambassador. a Virat Kohli b Yuvraj Singh c Sachin Tendulkar d MS Dhoni Answer c Sachin Tendulkar. 263. The Long March Rocket is associated with a China b Russia c North Korea d South Korea Answer a China. 264. Mohan Bhandari who passed away recently was a Novelist b Scientist c Actor d Politician Answer c Actor. 265. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Bhakra Beas Management Board a RK Mittal b SL Jain c SK Sharma d DS Gupta Answer c SK Sharma. 69 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 266. Which is the worlds oldest Aircraft Carrier a INS vikramaditya b INS Viraat c INS Vikrant d NOne of the above Answer b INS Viraat The ship started its Journey in 1958. 267. Which Country announced its first air strikes against the Isamic State group a The United States of America b Nepal c France d United Kingdom Answer c France. 268. The WHO took ________the list of polio-endemic countries hailing a “historic achievement”. a Nigeria b Nepal c Switzerland d India Answer a Nigeria. 269. Which Indian player won the IBSF World Billiards Championship held in Adelaide Australia a Pankaj Arora b Geet Sethi c Kamal Chawla d Pankaj Advani Answer d Pankaj Advani. It was his 14th Title. 270. Who won the Japanese Grand Prix a Nico Rosberg b Lewis Hamiltion c Sebastian Vettel d Kimi Räikkönen Answer b Lewis Hamiltion. 70 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 271. A noted environmentalist who played a crucial role in planting mangroves in various parts of Kerala has died. Name the person. a Mansukhlal Raghavjibhai Prajapat b Mike Pandey c Bhumi d Kallen Pokkudan Answer d Kallen Pokkudan. 272. Manipur Governor passed away. Name the person. a Syed Ahmed b Nirbhay Sharma c Sudesh Mahto d Tathagata Roy Answer a Syed Ahmed. 273. Name the India’s first satellite for astronomical study. a ASTROSTAT b PSLV C-30 c MOM d None of the above Answer a ASTROSTAT. 274. Which player clinched the gold in the men’s 10m Air Rifle event of the Asian Air Gun Championships a Sushil Kumar b Gagan Narang c Abhinav Bindra d Jitu Rai Answer c Abhinav Bindra. 275. Which Commodities regulatory body has merged with capital markets watchdog Securities and Exchange Board of India SEBI a Forward Markets Commission b Securities perfect market c Trustline Securities d SCRA Answer a Forward Markets Commission . 71 | P a ge

slide 72:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 276. Who is the new Meghalaya Governor a Syed Ahmed Khan b Geet Sethi c Kamal Chawla d V Shanmuganathan Answer d V Shanmuganathan. 277. Which Indian company has signed a strategic pact with UAE’s Emirates Defence Industries Company EDIC a Reliance b Tata c ITC d None of the above Answer a Reliance . 278. Who won The 2015 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize a Mathew Perry b Jacob Tsimerman c Bhumi d Kallen Pokkudan Answer b Jacob Tsimerman. 279. India bagged ______ medals at the 16th Asian Rowing Championships that concluded in Beijing. a 5 b 4 c 7 d 10 Answer c 7. five silver and two bronze 280. Suresh Prabhu has launched the Indian Railway Knowledge Portal. Name the portal. a O-Portal b T-Portal c K-Portal d Knowledge Portal Answer c K-Portal 72 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 281. Who won Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize a Andrei Sakharov b Mikhail Aleksandrovich Fedotov c Sergei Kovalev d Lyudmila Alekseyeva Answer d Lyudmila Alekseyeva 282. India signs deal with________to purchase Apache and Chinook helicopters. a Neyveli Lignite corporations b Boeing c Aerospace d AR airways Answer b Boeing 283. Which Corporation has set up first renewable energy a Neyveli Lignite corporations b Aerospace c Sergei Kovalev d BoeingComapny Answer a Neyveli Lignite corporations 284. Former England cricketer died recently. Name the Cricketer. a Ray Lindwall b Harold Larwood c Sergei Kovalev d Frank Tyson Answer d Frank Tyson 285. India has announced deal to launch ____foreign satellites. a 21 b 18 c 5 d 23 Answer d 23. Out of 23 foreign satellites two will go in two separate rockets. The remaining 21 satellites will piggy-back on bigger Indian satellite. 73 | P a ge

slide 74:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 286. NASA recently find water on which planet a Mercury b Jupiter c Mars d Venus Answer c Mars 287. Which three corporations won the prestigious Porter Prize 2015. a Reliance Foundation JSW and Apollo b Reliance Foundation JSW and Sintex c JSW Vasan Eye Care Abbott India d JSW Fortis and Aravind Eye Hospitals Answer a Reliance Foundation JSW and Apollo. 288. World Heart day is celebrated on _______. a September 12 b September 27 c September 29 d September 8 Answer c September 29. 289. Who has lent his voice to Swachh Bharat anthem a Ambitabh Bachchan b Sachin Tendulkar c Amir Khan d Mahendra Singh Dhoni Answer b Sachin Tendulkar. 290. _______will be honoured with lifetime achievement award at the 6th Jagran Film Festival. a Shatrughan Sinha b Amitabh Bachchan c Firoz Khan d Shashi Kapoor Answer d Shashi Kapoor 74 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 291. Manohar Parrikar has commissioned a Kolkata-class Guided Missile Destroyer to the Indian Navy. Name the ship. a INS Chennai b INS Kochi c INS Kolkata d None of the above Answer b INS Kochi. 292. The third edition of India-Sri Lanka joint military exercise has begun in Pune. Name the Military Exercise. a VARUNA NAVAL bMITRA SHAKTI c YUDH ABHYAS d INDRA Answer bMITRA SHAKTI 293. Which co. has been selected as a member of the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index DJSI – 2015. a TCS b Samsung c Infosys d Wipro Answer d Wipro 295. Nitin Gadkari launched a policy. Name the Policy. a Green Highways policy b Green party policy c Green road and transport policy d Go green Highways Answer a Green Highways policy 296. Which company has launched its local datacentres in India a Google b Facebook c Microsoft d Erickson Answer c Microsoft 75 | P a ge

slide 76:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 297. ________is setting up a Defence Systems Integration Complex. a Air India Engineering Services b The Bharat Earth Movers Limited c BEL Optoelectronic Devices d Bharat Electronics Limited Answer d Bharat Electronics Limited 298. Internet major Google and ______have joined hands for a largest wifi projects. a RailTel Corp b BSNL c NEXTRA d Airlive Broadband Answer a RailTel Corp 299. has announced the appointment of ______ as the vice President of its new real estate projects. a Kiran Chaturvedi b Keerthi Kiran c Suchi Mukherjee d Bhargav Dasgupta Answer b Keerthi Kiran 300. IRDAI has imposed a penalty of Rs 10 lakh on _______. a New India Assurance b Fairfax Financial c United India Insurance d ICICI Lombard Answer d ICICI Lombard. 301. Which Indo- British Pride of Britain Award in the outstanding bravery category a Dee Patel b Dev Patel c Sunny Mittal d None of the above Answer a Dee Patel 76 | P a ge

slide 77:

Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 302. Union HRD Minister launched a portal. Name the Portal. a National Institutional Ranking Framework NIRF b National Institutional Remedy Framework NIRF c National Institutional Re-habitation Framework NIRF d National Institutional Risk Framework NIRF Answer a National Institutional Ranking Framework NIRF 303. Which Wrestling player has been given Arjuna Award 2015 a Anuj Kumar b Sushil Kumar c Babita Kumari d Amit Kumar Answer c Babita Kumari. 304.Which Country has successfully launched 20th new generation satellite for its BeiDou Navigation system a China b Japan c India d The United States of America Answer a China. 305. According to the FT data service Which country has emerged on top of the foreign direct investment league table a The United States of America b China c Japan d India Answer d India. 306. India ranks________ on a global index of the world’s most competitive economies. a 52nd b 100 c 55th d 10th Answer c 55th 77 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz SEP 2015 307. Taliban captures Northern Afghan city. Name the city. a Kunduz b Kabul c Kandhar d Taloquan Answer a Kunduz 308. Who has won silver medal at 2015 Asian Air Gun Championship a Vijay Kumar b Gurpeet Singh c Abhinav Bindra d Dr. Karni Singh Answer b Gurpeet Singh. 309. Foreign ministers of India Japan and the United States held their first trilateral meeting in ______. a New York b Paris c Doha d New Delhi Answer a New York 78 | P a ge THANK YOU :- :- :- Dont Forget to Like us on Facebook

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