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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 1. The Father of SMS who died recently was a Jamie Lannister b Ross Bolton c Stannis Baratheon d Matti Makkonen Answer d Matti Makkonen. 2. Nadia district awarded with the United Nations Public Service Award 2015 is in a Kerala b West Bengal c Odisha d Jharkhand Answer b West Bengal. 3. Which of the following countries is not among the P5+1 Countries a UK b China c France d Australia Answer d Australia. 4. Who has been appointed as the Additional Director of CBI a YC Modi b KN Chaudary c S Krishna Tripathi d YV Reddy Answer a YC Modi. 5. India and _______ have created Rs 50 crore PACEsetter Fund for innovation in clean energy. a Germany b Brazil c United States d France Answer c United States. 6. Bangladesh has signed a pact with which country to build under-river tunnel a India b Myanmar c China d Germany Answer c China. 2 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 7. __________ has become the first country to eliminate mother-to-child HIV and syphilis. a Germany b Norway c Cuba d Sweden Answer c Cuba. 8. ______ has approved 650 million loan for Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor a IMF b United Nations c World Bank d ADB Answer c World Bank. 9. The Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana is associated with developing a Schools in villages b Irrigation Facilities in villages c Hospitals in villages d Road Facilities in villages Answer b Irrigation Facilities in villages. 10. Who has been selected for the eminent GD Birla Award for 2014 a Satish Gupta b Sanjeev Galande c Viswanath Kapoor d Kumar Mukherjee Answer b Sanjeev Galande. 11. Which Indian state has launched ePMS Portal recently a Odisha b Punjab c Haryana d Himachal Pradesh Answer b Punjab. 12. Indian Government has launched an online registration system for foreign employers who looks for Indian workers. What is the name of the system a eVisa b ePassport c eMigrate d eTravel Answer c eMigrate. 3 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 13. The Indian-American teacher who received US Presidential Award recently was a Darshan Jain b Pranav Sinha c Sonal Jain d Sunaina Gupta Answer a Darshan Jain. 14. The cut-off date for the compliance window and making disclosures under the new law on black money is a August 31 b September 30 c October 31 d November 30 Answer b September 30 15. The Literacy Rate in Rural Areas as per the survey by NSSO is a 51 b 61 c 71 d 81 Answer c 71 16. SBI has collaborated with which of the following travel companies recently a b c d Answer b 17. Which Indian Mobile Company has become the Third Largest Mobile Operator in World a BSNL b Airtel c Aircel d Vodafone Answer b Airtel 18. GOI has hiked national floor-level minimum wage to how much rupees per day a 150 b 160 c 170 d 180 Answer b 160 Rupees Per Day. 4 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 19. Which Developed Country became the first one to default on IMF debt a Sweden b Greece c Italy d Norway Answer b Greece 20. Who has been appointed as Secretary of Ministry of Micro Small Medium Enterprises a Aroon Mishra b Dhananjay Singh c Anup K Pujari d Kalyan Gupta Answer c Anup K Pujari 21. According to a World Bank Report India is now a a One Trillion Dollar Economy b Two Trillion Dollar Economy c Three Trillion Dollar Economy d Four Trillion Dollar Economy Answer c Two Trillion Dollar Economy. 22. Who has been conferred with the World Food Prize 2015 a Mohammad Hussain b Anwar Khan c Fazle Hasan Abed d Mohammad Yusuf Answer c Fazle Hasan Abed. 23. _________ became the first Indian telecom operator to offer nationwide mobile number portability. a Aircel b BSNL c Airtel d Vodafone Answer c Airtel. 24. Maharashtra has signed a MoU with Cisco for making which city a smart city a Nashik b Nagpur c Solapur d Amravati Answer b Nagpur 5 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 25. Who has been named as the 2015 World Agriculture Prize laureate a R Dhananjay Singh b K Mohan Singh c R Paul Singh d S Ranbeer Singh Answer c R Paul Singh. 26. GOI has launched a mobile App named _______ to know gram panchayats’ assets. a m-panchayat b m-account c m-gram d m-asset Answer d m-asset. 27. Which of the following is not a member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization a China b Russia c Afghanistan d Turkmenistan Answer c Afghanistan. 28. What is the theme of Seventh BRICS Summit a BRICS Partnership : A Global Power b BRICS Nations : The Future Super Powers for Inclusive Development c BRICS for Unity and Strength d BRICS partnership: A powerful factor for Global Development Answer d BRICS partnership: A powerful factor for Global Development. 29. The UNHRC has adopted a resolution on addressing the human rights situation of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in which of the following countries a Myanmar b Bangladesh c Laos d Vietnam Answer a Myanmar 30. Who has been appointed as the Chief of Aeronautical Development Establishment a KN Ramakrishnan b R Partiban c CD Balaji d N Krishna Rao Answer c CD Balaji. 6 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 31. ________ is going to set up 5 cancer detection centres in the mining belts of five states. a NPCL b ONGC c CIL d NTPC Answer c CIL. 32. Which bank has recently launched “Project Tatkal” to provide doorstep services and expedite home loans application process a Bank of Baroda b HDFC Bank c State Bank of India d Axis Bank Answer c State Bank of India. 33. _______ has launched mobile wallet service Speed Pay with cash withdrawal option a SBI b BSNL c LIC d Indian Postal Department Answer b BSNL. 34. Adi Bharucha who passed away recently was associated with a Indian Army b Swimming c Journalism d Economist Answer b Swimming. 35. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognised which state’s record in hand washing on ‘World Hand washing Day’ on October 15 2014 a Maharashtra b Tamil Nadu c Kerala d Madhya Pradesh Answer d Madhya Pradesh. 36. Which of the following banks has recently launched Watch Banking a SBI b HDFC c ICICI d Axis Bank Answer b HDFC. 7 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 37. India and ________ have renewed the existing MoU on hydrographic cooperation. a Maldives b Sri Lanka c Seychelles d Mauritius Answer d Mauritius 38. The only country which voted against the recent UNHRC’s resolution on Palestine is a Germany b Russia c United States d Japan Answer c United States. 39. Name the Indian-born biologist who has been elected to the Royal Society a Kumar Biswas b Abhishke Kapoor c Kamal Bawa d Kunal Mishra Answer c Kamal Bawa 40. The GOI has decided to recognize the rag pickers and also to give national award for their contribution to keep India clean. The cash prize for the winners is a Rs 1 Lakh b Rs 1.5 Lakh c Rs 2 Lakh d Rs 2.5 Lakh Answer b Rs 1.5 Lakh 41. RBI has prohibited FDI in the manufacturing of a Televeision b Mobile Phones c Tobacco Products d Cameras Answer c Tobacco Products. 42. Urdu Novelist Abdullah Hussain who died recently belongs to a Bangladesh b Saudi Arabia c Pakistan d Iran Answer c Pakistan. 8 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 43. Chile defeated which country to win the Copa America Cup a Germany b Italy c Argentina d Peru Answer c Argentina. 44. The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup has won by a Japan b China c United States d Germany Answer c United States. 45. The British Grand Prix has been won by a Nico Rosberg b Sebastian Vettel c Lewis Hamilton d Fernando Alonso Answer c Lewis Hamilton 46. Diana Douglas who died recently was associated with a Journalism b Photography c Hollywood d Politics Answer c Hollywood 47. Which country has retained the South Asian Basketball Championship a Sri Lanka b Bhutan c India d Myanmar Answer c India. 48. Which of the following desert was once the home to World’s Largest Lake a Thar b Sahara c Gobi d Gibson Answer b Sahara. 9 | P ag e

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 49. As per the UNICEF’s report _________ is the only developed state which performs worse than the national average in reducing the numbers of child stunting cases. a Madhya Pradesh b Tamil Nadu c Kerala d Gujarat Answer d Gujarat 50. How many Supermassive Blackholes have been discovered by British Astronomers a Three b Four c Five d Six Answer c Five. 51. ________ has launched a show to discover talent in tribal people. a Doordarshan b Star TV c Zee TV d All India Radio Answer d All India Radio 52. Bengaluru has ranked at _____ position among World’s Top 20 Tech rich cities a 10 th b 11 th c 12 th d 13 th Answer c 12 th 53. Who has been appointed as CFO of Tata Teleservices a Kalyan Mishra b Priyanka Gupta c Anurag Srivastava d K Ramamoorthy Answer c Anurag Srivastava 54. Among the Gulf Cooperation Council which country is the largest economy a Bahrain b Kuwait c Saudi Arabia d Qatar Answer d Qatar. 10 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 55. Which group has signed an MoU with TN Govt to set up a 650 MW solar power plant a Sun Edison b Tata Group c Reliance Group d Adani Group Answer d Adani Group. 56. Babu Jagjivan Ram who died recently was a a Professor b Freedom Fighter c Journalist d Historian Answer b Freedom Fighter 57. Who has been conferred with Mongolia’s Nairamdal Medal a Saravana Kumar b Sharad K Soni c Prakash G Mehta d Nitin L Kulkarni Answer b Sharad K Soni 58. The Seventh Mekong-Japan Summit was held in a Bangkok b Tokyo c Taipei d Vientiane Answer b Tokyo 59. Champagne vineyards has been granted with World Heritage status by UNESCO. It is in a Italy b Germany c France d Norway Answer c France 60. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has began his Central Asian Tour with Uzbekistan. What is it’s capital a Astana b Ashgabat c Tashkent d Bishkek Answer c Tashkent 11 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 61. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has began his first Central Asian Tour by visiting a Tajikistan b Uzbekistan c Kazakhstan d Kyrgyzstan Answer b Uzbekistan. 62. The Centre for Development of Telematics C-DOT has launched four new products. Which of the following is not one of them a Solar powered Wi-Fi hotspots b Next Generation Network solution c 100 Gbps optical fibre cable d High Powered Human Robot Answer d High Powered Human Robot. Correct one is Next Generation Network solution. 63. The Integrated Coach Factory which recently manufactured the 50000th coach is in a Mumbai b Hyderabad c Chennai d Bengaluru Answer c Chennai. 64. Which bank has recently launched initiatives such as IMPS at branches and M- passbooks a State Bank of India b Union Bank of India c ICICI d HDFC Answer b Union Bank of India. 65. United States and _______ vow to rev up cooperation against Islamic State. a Germany b France c Italy d United Kingdom Answer b France. 66. Who is the author of the book “Transcendence” a Amartya Sen b Philip Carter c APJ Abdul Kalam d LK Advani Answer c APJ Abdul Kalam. 12 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 67. The 2015 Oslo Summit is associated with a Climate Change b Ukraine Issue c Greece Debt Crisis d Education Answer d Education. 68. Indian Coast Guard has commissioned it’s third Inshore Patrol Vessel recently. Name a ICGS Rani Laxmibhai b ICGS Rani Sakthidevi c ICGS Rani Durgavati d ICGS Rani Ankita Devi Answer c ICGS Rani Durgavati. 69. Who has been named by China as its choice to head the 100 billion AIIB a Jin Liqun b Lin Yu c Hu Yin Kyu d Chai Jin Mu Answer b Jin Liqun. 70. Who donated about 2.84 billion of Berkshire Hathaway Inc stock to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and four family charities a Laxmi Mittal b Carlos Slim c Warren Buffett d Bill Gates Answer c Warren Buffett. 71. India won how many medals at World Police and Fire Games 2015 a 140 b 154 c 156 d 175 Answer c 156 Medals. 72. What is Gaoxin-6 a A new drug against MERS Virus b A New Operation by US Army c Anti-submarine patrol aircraft of China d FDA’s approved drug against Ebola Answer c Anti-submarine patrol aircraft of China. 13 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 73. Who is Vikram Batra a Former Cricketer b Football Player c Late Army Man d Former Captain of Indian Basketball Team Answer c Late Army Man. 74. State bank of India is to spend how much Rupees on Digital Services Upgrade a Rs 1500 Crore b Rs 2000 Crore c Rs 4000 Crore d Rs 5000 Crore Answer c Rs 4000 Crore. 75. Meiji-era 1868-1912 industrial revolution sites have received World Cultural Heritage status from UNESCO. Where is it a Canada b Japan c Mexico d Peru Answer b Japan. 76. Name the Woman Cricketer who has completed 5000 runs in ODIs a Sindhuja b Ankita Gupta c Mithali Raj d Subhalakshmi Sharma Answer c Mithali Raj. 77. IDBI has signed a refinance agreement with _____ Bank a IDFC Bank b Bandhan Bank c Mudra Bank d HDFC Answer c Mudra Bank. 78. Who is the President of Kazakhstan a Karim Massimov b Nursultan Nazarbayev c Salim Nurbeztev d Saadin Chikomiv Answer b Nursultan Nazarbayev. 14 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 79. India is in talks with which country to lease World-class Nuclear Attack Submarine a France b Germany c Russia d United States Answer c Russia 80. What is the name of the App launched by National Dairy Development Board a Cow App b i-Gaay c i-Dhoodh d Pashu Poshan Answer d Pashu Poshan. 81. Which bank has recently created a dedicated payments gateway for the mobile banking transaction a Axis b HDFC c ICICI d SBI Answer c ICICI Bank. 82. The launch vehicle which launched 5 satellites of UK from Satish Dhawan Space Centre a PSLV C25 b PSLV C26 c PSLV C27 d PSLV C28 Answer d PSLV C28. 83. Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of National Housing Bank a Balakrishanan b Muthu Raman c Sriram Kalyanaraman d Muthu Sethupathy Answer c Sriram Kalyanaraman. 84. What is India’s contribution in the BRICS Nations’ 100 billion forex pool a 15 billion b 18 billion c 20 billion d 22 billion Answer b 18 billion. 15 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 85. The first British Asian Appointee to join the England and Wales Cricket Board is a Lord Swaraj Paul b Lord Rakesh Verma c Lord Kamlesh Patel d Lord Dhruva Mishra Answer c Lord Kamlesh Patel 86. Fergusson College has been accorded the special heritage status by the UGC. Where is it a Nagpur b Pune c Mumbai d Kolkata Answer b Pune. 87. Which state government has inked a pact with International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics to promote IT-based information for farmers a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Telangana d Madhya Pradesh Answer c Telangana. 88. Who has been appointed as the Home Secretary of Delhi a Murali Krishnan b Pragna Reddy c Sanjeev Nandan d Abhishek Gautham Answer c Sanjeev Nandan. 89. Which country has launched a campaign for safe selfies a Germany b Russia c Italy d France Answer b Russia. 90. India has signed an MoU with which country for funding of Hydro Generation Projects a Italy b Sweden c Norway d Russia Answer d Russia 16 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 91. Who has been appointed as MD and CFO of Bharti Enterprises a Rahul Bhatnagar b Sonam Sinha c Ankita Singh d Suhane Shome Answer a Rahul Bhatnagar 92. Gennady Padalka has entered Guinness World Records for spending 804 days on International Space Station. He is from a France b Denmark c Austria d Russia Answer d Russia 93. The Film Society of _________ has been conferred with the Pritiman Sarkar Award 2014- 15 for the fourth time for being the best film society in Northern Region. a Bhuvaneshwar b Jodhpur c Maratha d Surat Answer b Jodhpur 94. Who is the author of the book Central Asia Relations: The Economic Dimension a Amartya Sen b Amiya Chandra c Alok Kejriwal d Lal Jose Answer b Amiya Chandra. 95. Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of CIBIL a Rakesh Pillai b Mahesh Pillai c Suresh Pillai d Satish Pillai Answer d Satish Pillai. 96. Who is the General Secretary of All India Football Federation a Kushal Das b Kunal Verma c Kishore Gupta d Manohar Krishna Answer a Kushal Das. 17 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 97. Who became first Indian to win a Gold Medal at World University Games in Gwangju a Dhananjay Singh b Sukhwinder Singh c Inderjeet Singh d Vijayendar Singh Answer c Inderjeet Singh. 98. ______ district of of Gujarat and China’s Xinjinag province has inked an MoU for the development of twin cities. a Ahmadabad b Surat c Vadodara d Kheda Answer c Vadodara. 99. The 39th World Heritage Committee session was held in a Italy b Germany c France d Sweden Answer b Germany. 100. Who inaugurated Maha Sampark Abhiyan meet for 5 states a LK Advani b Murali Manohar Joshi c Amit Shah d Nitin Gadkari Answer c Amit Shah 101. Bashar Nawaz who passed away recently was a a Journalist b Poet c Politician d Economist Answer b Poet Urdu 102. Sriballav Panigrahi who passed away recently was a a Journalist b Movie Director c Politician d Novelist Answer c Politician. 18 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 103. The 55th National Athletics Championship will begin on July 10th at a Hyderabad b Chennai c New Delhi d Kolkata Answer b Chennai. 104. Who has been appointed as the Assistant Coach of NorthEast United FC a Mahesh Kashyap b Anuragh Kashyap c Santhosh Kashyap d Pranav Kashyap Answer c Santhosh Kashyap. 105. India has pipped _______ to drive the smartphone volume growth in the world. a China b United States c Brazil d Russia Answer a China. 106. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Bandhan Bank a Prannoy Roy b Abhinav Gupta c Arun Mishra d Ashok Lahiri Answer d Ashok Lahiri. 107. The Reserve Bank of India has changed the Numbering Pattern in a Rs 100 Notes b Rs 500 Notes c Rs 1000 Notes d Rs 50 Notes Answer a Rs 100 Notes. 108. Which country’s stock market has crashed recently a Russia b China c Germany d France Answer b China 19 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 109. Name the company which recently unveiled person-to-person P2P money transfer bandwagon a EBay b PayTm c Freecharge d RechargeitNow Answer b PayTM 110. Which company has decided to replace “.com” to “.JIO as a generic top-level domain a Tata b Reliance c Airtel d Adani Enterprises Answer b Reliance. 111. What is the inflow of India focused equity funds from worldwide investors in the first six months of the year a 7.5 billion USD b 8.5 billion USD c 9.5 billion USD d 10.5 billion USD Answer c 9.5 billion USD 112. WhatsApp could face ban in _______ within weeks owing to the strict laws. a USA b Sweden c Norway d United Kingdom Answer d United Kingdom 113. The National Skill Development Mission aims to impart skills to 30 crore people by a 2018 b 2020 c 2022 d 2024 Answer b 2020. 114. Which state gets India’s first earthquake early warning system a Tamil Nadu b Bihar c Kerala d Uttarakhand Answer d Uttarakhand. 20 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 115. Omar Sharif who passed away recently was a/an a Economist b Historian c Novelist d Actor Answer d Actor. 116. Which High Court directs Indian government to implement bigger smoking warnings a Gujarat b Kerala c Rajasthan d Punjab Answer c Rajasthan. 117. Bharat Electronics-made Akash inducted into Indian Air Force. Akash is a Air to Air Missile b Air to surface Missile c Surface to surface missile d Surface to Air Missile Answer d Surface to Air Missile. 118. Which bank from India has signed a multilateral agreement to cooperate with New Development Bank NDB along with other member development banks of BRICS nations a Reserve Bank b State Bank of India c EXIM Bank d Union Bank of India Answer c EXIM Bank 119. General Pak Yong Sik has been appointed as the Defence Minister of a China b Japan c North Korea d South Korea Answer c North Korea. 120. Who has been appointed as the President of UK Council for International Student Affairs a Lord Swaraj Paul b Lord Praneesh Mishra c Lord Karan Bilimoria d Lord Dev Kanitkar Answer c Lord Karan Bilimoria 21 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 121. The Srenrenica Massacre is associated with a Senegal b Serbia c Slovakia d Slovenia Answer b Serbia. 122. In the final match of Wimbledon 2015 Roger Federer is going to face a Andy Murray b Novak Djokovic c Stan Wawrinka d Rafael Nadal Answer b Novak Djokovic 123. Who has been appointed as the point person of Varanasi by PM Narendra Modi a Ramesh Sharma b Suresh Sharma c Mahesh Sharma d Pranesh Sharma Answer c Mahesh Sharma 124. Prince Saud al-Faisal who died recently was the World’s longest serving Foreign Minister a Qatar b Bahrain c Saudi Arabia d Iran Answer c Saudi Arabia 125. Name the Super Typhoon which is waving towards eastern China in Shanghai a Nija b Chan-hom c Han-Chom d Min-Tin Answer c Chan-hom. 126. Roger Rees who died recently was a famous a Tennis Player b Economist c Stage Actor d Musician Answer c Stage Actor. 22 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 127. The World Population Day is Observed on a July 10 b July 11 c July 12 d July 13 Answer b July 11. 128. _________ launched two mobile based applications to help farmers get prices on shrimp and capture data on aquaculture through mobile. a DOT b Agricultural Ministry c MPEDA d ICRISAT Answer c MPEDA. 129. Serena Williams has won _______ Wimbledon 2015 Women’s Championship title. a Fourth b Fifth c Sixth d Seventh Answer c Sixth. 130. Sania Mirza – Hingis win Wimbledon women’s Doubles title against Makarova-Vesnina of a Spain b Switzerland c Russia d USA Answer c Russia. 131. Name the new species of Butterfly has been recently discovered in Arunachal Pradesh a Twisted Wit b Banded Tit c Brushed Wit d Crumped Tit Answer b Banded Tit. 132. Indirect tax revenues grew by _____ in the first quarter of current fiscal. a 30 b 37.5 c 43.5 d 47.5 Answer b 37.5. 23 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 133. NASA has selected how many Astronauts for first US Commercial spaceflight a Three b Four c Five d Six Answer b Four. They are Robert Behnken Eric Boe Douglas Hurley and Sunita Williams. 134. What is Codex a US based MNC b New Department launched by C-Dot of India c Safety standards for food established by the UN’s FAO and WHO d None of the above Answer c Safety standards for food established by the UN’s FAO and WHO. 135. NABARD has set a target of providing _____ crore as credit to farmers for irrigation over the next three years. a Rs 20000 b Rs 25000 c Rs 30000 d Rs 35000 Answer c Rs 30000 Crore. 136. With which country an MoU was signed for cooperation between the Election Commissions a Uzbekistan b Kyrgyzstan c Tajikistan d Kazakhstan Answer b Kyrgyzstan 137. Djokovic won his ______ Wimbledon 2015 Men’s Singles title by defeating Federer. a Second b Third c Fourth d Fifth Answer b Third. 138. According to IMD how many east coast districts “very highly prone” to cyclones a 10 b 12 c 14 d 16 Answer b 12. 24 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 139. Reilly Opelka won Wimbledon 2015 Boys’ title. He represents a Russia b Serbia c Switzerland d United States Answer d United States. 140. Sofya Zhuk won the girls title at Wimbledon 2015. She represents which country a United States b Russia c England d Switzerland Answer b Russia 141. Sumit Nagal from India and Nam Hoang Ly won the Boys’ Doubles Wimbledon championship Title. Ly represents a China b Japan c Vietnam d Zimbabwe Answer c Vietnam. 142. NGT asks 5 mineral-rich states to survey all asbestos mines. Which of the following is not among that 5 state a Odisha b Rajsthan c Jharkhand d Chhattisgarh Answer d Chhattisgarh. 143. India imposes anti-dumping duty on phenol imports from ______. a China b South Africa c Brazil d Sweden Answer b South Africa. 144. US approves major Non-NATO Ally status to which country recently a Iran b Tunisia c South Sudan d Egypt Answer b Tunisia. 25 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 145. Buddha In A Traffic Jam wins best original screenplay award at the Madrid Film Festival. Who is the Director of this movie a Nana Padekar b Anurag Kashyap c Mani Ratnam d Vivek Agnihotri Answer d Vivek Agnihotri. 146. Who has been crowned as Miss USA 2015 a Ylianna Guerra b Olivia Jordan c Anea Gracia d Britanny McGown Answer b Olivia Jordan 147. With which country India signed a pact for setting up of Computer Labs in 37 Schools a Uzbekistan b Kyrgyzstan c Tajikistan d Kazakhstan Answer c Tajikistan. 148. Paes and Martina Hingis won mixed doubles title in Wimbledon 2015. Hingis represents a Serbia b Russia c Australia d Switzerland Answer d Switzerland. 149. Who has been named in the world’s top 100 “effective and talented” people by US- based ‘Scientific American’ magazine a Ratan Tata b Azim Premji c Kiran Mazumdhar Shaw d Anitha Rani Answer c Kiran Mazumdhar Shaw 150. BCCI suspends Ranji player Hiken Shah for corruption. He represents a Chennai b Kolkata c Mumbai d Karnataka Answer c Mumbai. 26 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 151. Who has been appointed as the next Vice-Chief of the Indian Army a Lt Gen Madan Mohan Singh b Lt Gen Man Mohan Singh c Lt Gen Dhananjay Singh d Lt Gen Sukwinder Singh Answer b Lt Gen Man Mohan Singh. 152. Kagiso Rabada became second bowler to claim hat-trick on ODI debut. He represents a West Indies b Sri Lanka c South Africa d New Zealand Answer c South Africa 153. MS Viswanathan who died recently was a a Journalist b Musician c Politician d Economist Answer b Musician 154. India has become ________ biggest loser of rich citizens. a First b Second c Third d Fourth Answer b Second. 155. The two IPL teams suspended by Justice RM Lodha Committee are a CSK and DD b RR and SRH c KKR and CSK d CSK and RR Answer d CSK and RR. 156. Satoru Iwata who died recently was a a Professor b Doctor c Programmer d Journalist Answer c Programmer. 27 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 157. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of NVDA a Mukesh Khanna b Rajesh Chaudhary c Abhishek Jain d Rakesh Sahni Answer d Rakesh Sahni. 158. India has signed an MoU on Electoral Cooperation with a Greece b Georgia c Germany d Brazil Answer b Georgia. 159. Who is Sayed Haider Raza a Journalist b Economist c Artist d Politician Answer c Artist. 160. Which country has decided to end ban on transgender soldiers in armed forces a Germany b Sweden c United States d Australia Answer c United States. 161. _______ has signed an MoU with SIDBI to provide financial help to India’s MSMEs. a Flipkart b Ebay c Amazon d Snapdeal Answer d Snapdeal. 162. ________ has received 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Development Innovation: Policy and Program Implementation Excellence Award a Digital India b Make in India c Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana d Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Answer b Make in India. 28 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 163. What is Operation Talaash a Operation for Amarnath Yatra b Rescue Operation in Nepal Earthquake c Military Operation in Jammu and Kashmir d Operation to find the missed Dornier aircraft CG-791 Answer d Operation to find the missed Dornier aircraft CG-791. 164. ________ has named as the worlds most richest country by Global Finance Magazine a Singapore b Luxembourg c Qatar d Saudi Arabia Answer c Qatar. 165. Who has been appointed as the head of the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City a Murali Mishra b Ajay Kumar Pandey c Aarudhra Kapoor d Surendranath Gupta Answer b Ajay Kumar Pandey. 166. Who has been conferred with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Award a Josephine b Stella Sebastine c Mini Shaji Thomas d Rita James Answer c Mini Shaji Thomas. 167. ____________ has won the 2015 Asia –Pacific Economic Development Innovation Award. a Swachh Bharath b Make in India c Jan Dhan Yojana d ATAL Yojana Answer b Make in India. 168. What is Pentaquark a New Aircraft b New Satellite c New Particle d New Submarine Answer c New Particle. 29 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 169. In Cricket __________ has been scrapped with immediate effect a IPL b India – Sri Lanka Series c Champions League T20 d None of the above Answer c Champions League T20. 170. According to the recently launched National Skill Development Mission the target of training 40.2 crore people is by a 2020 b 2022 c 2024 d 2025 Answer b 2022. 171. Who heads the RBI’s newly set up panel for action plan on financial inclusion a Prakash Mishra b R Gandhi c Deepak Mohanty d Surendranath Gupta Answer c Deepak Mohanty. 172. _______ has bagged the Leading Oil Gas Corporate of the Year award for 2015 a HP b BP c Shell d IOC Answer d IOC. 173. ___________ port receives Golden Peacock award for environment management a Paradip Port b Kamarajar Port c Tutikorin Port d Krishnapatnam Port Answer d Krishnapatnam Port 174. ___________ to have India’s first defence Industrial Park a Kochin b Palaghad c Malappuram d Ottapalam Answer d Ottapalam. 30 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 175. The CCEA has given their nod for the creation ISTS in how many states a Five b Six c Seven d Eight Answer c Seven. 176. Who heads The Department of Telecom DoT panel on Net Neutrality which recently laid down 24 recommendations a Sunil Gupta b AK Bharghava c Prasanna Venkatesh d Muthu Kumar Answer b AK Bharghawa. 177. Aubrey Morris who passed away recently was a/an a Musician b Dancer c Actor d Journalist Answer c Actor. 178. Which country has started assembling the world’s largest sea plane a Germany b USA c China d Italy Answer c China 179. Who has been appointed as the new Secretary of Delhi Assembly a Prasanna Kumar Suryadevara b Anoop Mishra c Nandan Kapur d Pragna Reddy Answer a Prasanna Kumar Suryadevara 180. Who has given the additional charge as new director of Film and Television Institute of India a Mukesh Kanitkar b Rajesh Yadav c Prashant Pathrabe d Sujith Khanna Answer c Prashant Pathrabe. 31 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 181. Government of India has raised the Daily Minimum Wage to ______ Per Day. a Rs 150 b Rs 155 c Rs 160 d Rs 175 Answer c Rs 160. 182. Who won the World Junior Golf Championship a Pankaj Advani b Shubham Jaglan c Nirban Lahiri d Naresh Khanna Answer b Shubham Jaglan. 183. RBI said the banks can treat a credit card as non preforming asset if the ‘minimum amount due’ has not been paid within ______ days from the due date. a 45 b 60 c 75 d 90 Answer d 90 days. 184. Amelie Mauresmo is associated with which of the following games a Hand Ball b Badminton c Squash d Tennis Answer d Tennis. 185. The United States and _______ have reopened embassies in each other’s countries for the first time in 54 years. a Venezuela b North Korea c Cuba d Brunei Answer c Cuba. 186. The 2nd Sohra Marathon-2015 was held in a Mizoram b Nagaland c Arunachal Pradesh d Meghalaya Answer d Meghalaya. 32 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 187. Dr Bisheshar Pradeep who passed away recently was a Historian b Scientist c Doctor d Writer Answer d Writer Urdu 188. Who has been appointed as the CMD of Hero Motors Group a Prakash Gupta b Pranav Mishra c Dhananjay Singh d Pankaj Munjal Answer d Pankaj Munjal. 189. Alex Rocco who passed away recently was a/an a Sportsperson b Actor c Economist d Journalist Answer b Actor. 190. According to NCRB report how many people had died in 2014 due to railway accidents a 5000 to 10000 People b 10000 to 15000 People c 15000 to 20000 People d More than 25000 People Answer d More than 25000 People. 191. Vizhinjam port is associated with which state in India a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Karnataka d Andhra Pradesh Answer b Kerala. 192. Which country has pledged to cut out green house gas emissions to 26 by 2030 a Germany b Japan c France d Denmark Answer b Japan. 33 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 193. Alcides Ghiggia who passed away recently was the soccer legend from a Germany b Argentina c Uruguay d Brazil Answer c Uruguay. 194. Vissamraju Ramakrishna who passed away recently was a/an a Economist b Sports Person c Playback Singer d Politician Answer c Playback Singer 195. New fish species named Puntius Dolichopterus discovered in a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Andhra Pradesh d Gujarat Answer b Kerala. 196. Which country will host the ICC World T20 Championship in 2016 a Sri Lanka b New Zealand c India d Australia Answer c India. 197. Which country is expected to become the world’s third largest nuclear generating country by 2017 a India b Brazil c Pakistan d China Answer d China. 198. Which country is to work with India on creating a cold food chain a Germany b United Kingdom c France d Italy Answer b United Kingdom 34 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 199. Deodhar Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy are associated with a Football b Tennis c Cricket d Badminton Answer c Cricket. 200. The Book “Early Hindu Temples of Gujarat” was penned by a Ashik Karare b Suhanee Shome c Veena Karayat d Varun Maira Answer d Varun Maira 201. Who has been appointed as Chairperson of FSSAI a Bhanu Pratap Sharma b Ratan Kumar Singh c Rajesh Khanna d Muthupandian Answer a Bhanu Pratap Sharma 202. Who has been appointed as the Chairperson of Delhi Commission of Women a Swati Maliwal b Sindhuja Nair c Soumya Anand d Nisha Raman Answer a Swati Maliwal 203. Who won the Best Documentary Producer award at Madrid International Film Festival a Pamarthy Shankar b Benoy Behl c Veena Shome d TS Priya Answer b Benoy Behl 204. Who won Grand Prix World Press Cartoon 2014 Award a Pamarthy Shankar b Anuragh Kashyap c Vivek Agnihotri d Naveen Patnaik Answer a Telugu cartoonist Pamarthy Shankar 35 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 205. The book “Locale Everyday Islam and Modernity” penned by a APJ Abdul Kalam b Raif Ali Khan c Raisur Rahman d Hamid Ansari Answer c Raisur Rahman 206. Who has been appointed as Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund IMF a Maurice Obstfeld b Paul Bishop c Simon Kerton d Tywin Lannister Answer a Maurice Obstfeld 207. Which country is going to surpass US in Financial Leasing Market by first half of 2016 a United Kingdom b Japan c Russia d China Answer d China. 208. Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan is a campaign to create awareness about a Organic Fertilizers b Effects of Smoking c Importance of Girl Education d Benefits of Safe and Hygienic Food Answer d Benefits of Safe and Hygienic Food. 209. ISRO is planning a mission to a Mercury b Venus c Saturn d Jupiter Answer b Venus. 210. Who won the 2015 American Book Award a Cersei Lannister b Arya Stark c Naomi Klein d Danaerys Targereyan Answer c Naomi Klein. 36 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 211. PayPal Holdings Inc. the digital payments company has separated from which of the following e-Commerce company a Amazon b eBay c Flipkart d Sanp Deal Answer b eBay. 212. What is NPS a National Phone Service b National Prepaid System c National Payment Service d National Pension System Answer d National Pension System. 213. What is NPR a National Payment Receipt b Net Product Repository c National Population Register d National Phone Register Answer c National Population Register. 214. FCRA is associated with a Food Corporation b Finance Commission c Foreign Contribution d Forest Conservation Answer c Foreign Contribution. FCRA stands for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. 215. Defence Minister will inaugurate the Mai Bhago Armed Forces Preparatory Institute at a Jaipur b Ahmadabad c Varanasi d Mohali Answer d Mohali. 216. Yakum Memon is associated with Bombai Blast a 1993 b 2006 c 2008 d 2013 Answer a 1993. 37 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 217. DD Kisan has roped which of the following actor for Rs 6.31 crore for its endorsement a Aamir Khan b Sharukh Khan c Amitabh Bachchan d Salman Khan Answer c Amitabh Bachchan. 218. The World’s oldest fragments of Koran has been found in a Surrey University b Birmingham University c Oxford University d Harvard University Answer b Birmingham University. 219. What is Agile Spirit 2015 a Famous marathon in USA b Military Drill c Germany’s New Developmental Policy d IMF’s plan to recover Greece from Debt crisis Answer b Military Drill 220. The CCEA has extended the deadline for implementation of Crime and Criminals Tracking network and Systems CCTNS project to a December 2015 b September 2016 c March 2017 d December 2017 Answer c March 2017 221. How many Indian states have achieved the literacy rate of 80 a 12 b 13 c 14 d 15 Answer c 14 States. 222. Who will be conferred with the ‘Bharat Gaurav’ Lifetime Achivement Award at the House of Commons inside the British Parliament a Sachin Tendulkar b Atal Bihari Vajpayee c APJ Abdul Kalam d Major Dhyan Chand Answer d Major Dhyan Chand. 38 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 223. Tom Moore who passed away recently was a a Journalist b Economist c Musician d Cartoonist Answer d Cartoonist. 224. Which Indian city is going to host the finals of Indian Super League a Kolkata b Chennai c Tiruvananthapuram d Goa Answer d Goa. 225. Indian Super League is associated with a Badminton b Kabbadi c Hockey d Football Answer d Football 226. Who won the 42nd National Junior Aquatic Championship a Pragna Reddy b Joshua Sam c Ansh Arora d Joy Mukherjee Answer c Ansh Arora. 227. Which movie poster breaks Guinness World Record recently a Bajrangi Baijaan b Baahubali c Raees d Fan Answer b Baahubali. 228. Soyuz spacecraft with ______ astronauts was launched towards the International Space Station a Four b Three c Two d Five Answer b Three. 39 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 229. UNESCO has named which city as the World Book Capital for year 2017 a Kolkata b Paris c Berlin d Conakry Answer d Conakry. 230. What is India’s rank in terms of Power Generation from Nuclear Source a 10th b 11th c 12th d 13 th Answer c 12th. 231. Edgar Lawrence Doctorow who passed away recently was a a Comedian b Novelist c Football Player d Politician Answer b Novelist. 232. Which city has emerged as the first nomination to be received by the Urban Development Ministry for a Smart City Mission a Varanasi b Jaipur c Puducherry d Ahmedabad Answer c Puducherry 233. National Broadcasting Day is observed on a July 22 b July 23 c July 24 d July 25 Answer b July 23. 234. Indian-American ___________ won Junior Title at US Powerlifting Championships 2015. a Pranav Mishra b Saravana Pandiyan c Ganesh Chakravarthy d Amitoj Chhabra Answer d Amitoj Chhabra. 40 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 235. The book “R.D. Burman: The Prince of Music Khagesh” is penned by a Dev Burman b Pankaj Gupta c Suresh Gadkari d Arun Jaitely Answer a Dev Burman. 236. Who is the author of the book “Ghosts of Calcutta” a John Abraham b Joseph Fernandez c Sebastian Ortiz d Samuel Benosam Answer c Sebastian Ortiz 237. Who has been appointed as the Director General of TERI a Rajeev Shukla b Kiran Desai c Muhammad Salim Khan d Ajay Mathur Answer d Ajay Mathur. 238. Name the recently nominated Anglo-Indian people to the Lok Sabha a John Sebastian and Sam Hay b Samuel Jackson and Benosam Joseph c Benito Wilson and Melvin Prosper d Richard Hay and George Baker Answer d Richard Hay and George Baker. 239. How many Indian Companies have found their place in 2015 Fortune 500 Global Companies list compiled by Fortune Magazine a Six b Seven c Eight d Nine Answer b Seven Indian Companies. 240. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Jan Van Vikas Scheme has been approved by the cabinet of a Gujarat b Maharashtra c West Bengal d Madhya Pradesh Answer b Maharashtra. 41 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 241. Who has been declared as Mr India 2015 a Vikrant Menon b Prajith Kumar c Rohit Khandewal d Avinnash Prashanth Answer c Rohit Khandewal. 242. Name the planet which has been described by NASA as Earth’s bigger older cousin a Kepler-452b b Kepler-452c c Kepler-452d d Kepler-452e Answer a Kepler-452b. 243. Shubham Jaglan is associated with which of the following game a Badminton b Archery c Shooting d Golf Answer d Golf. 244. Who has been conferred with the World’s oldest scientific prize the Royal Society’s Copley Medal a John Snow b Tywin Lannister c Ser Jorah d Peter Higgs Answer d Peter Higgs. 245. Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd a Ajay Mathur b Anand Krishnamurthy c Subramaniyam Chandrasekhar d Karunakaran Muthu Answer b Anand Krishnamurthy. 246. What is India’s rank in Leadership in Energy Environmental Design LEED certified buildings a Second b Third c Fourth d Fifth Answer b Third. 42 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 247. Which country begins assembling world’s largest radio telescope a Russia b United States c Germany d China Answer d China. 248. Mosquirix a vaccine is associated with which of the following disease a Measles b Rubella c Malaria d Dengue Answer c Malaria. 249. Which of the following country has successfully tested its carrier rocket recently a France b Australia c India d China Answer d China 250. The Supreme Court of India has directed all the states in India to install CCTV cameras at a Roads b Bus Stands c Post Offices d Prisons Answer d Prisons. 251. Since 2012 India has received __________ FDI in Defence Sector. a 1.11 million USD b 1.21 million USD c 1.31 million USD d 1.41 million USD Answer c 1.31 million USD. 252. _________ is the main religion in Thailand. a Islam b Christianity c Buddhism d Hinduism Answer c Buddhism. 43 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 253. Under the GOI’s Solar Cities Programme how many cities in North East India will be developed as Solar Cities a Four b Five c Six d Seven Answer c Six Cities. 254. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of NALCO a K Sudharshan b TK Chand c C Krishnan d N Nirmal Chaudhary Answer b TK Chand. 255. Who has been named as the most marketable sports star in the World a MS Dhoni b Tiger Woods c Roger Federer d Lionel Messi Answer c Roger Federer. 256. RS Gavai who passed away recently was a a Former Governor b Film Maker c Musician d Scientist Answer a Former Governor. 257. Who has been appointed as coach of Hockey India a Jon Snow b Danerys Stormborn c Roelant Oltmans d Tywin Lannister Answer c Roelant Oltmans. 258. Six new species of spiders have been discovered around banks of river Periyar in a Tamil Nadu b Kerala c Andhra Pradesh d Karnataka Answer b Kerala. 44 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 259. Three heavily-armed terrorists have recently strike in Gurdaspur and killed the people. Gurdaspur is in which state a Gujarat b Rajasthan c Haryana d Punjab Answer d Punjab. 260. Chris Froome is associated with which sport a Boxing b Chess c Cycling d Swimming Answer c Cycling. 261. What is Operation Lal Quila a Naval Operation against invading terrorists b CBI Operation against corrupted leaders c Security for Independence Day Celebrations d None of the above Answer c Security for Independence Day Celebrations. 262. Name the NGO which has been conferred with the Future Leadership Award recently a GreenPark b CARE c SAVE CHILDREN d Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra Answer d Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra. 263. Name the winners of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Prize a Robb Stark and Jon Snow b Tywin Lannister and Ser Zorah c Helena Ndume and Jorge Sampaio d Danerys Targerean and Cersei Thomson Answer c Helena Ndume and Jorge Sampaio. 264. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana is related to a Women Empowerment b Poverty Eradication c Rural Roads Development d Electricity supply to farmers and rural households Answer d Electricity supply to farmers and rural households. 45 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 265. Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has inaugurated the first of the six new Indian Institutes of Management in a Mumbai b Pune c Thane d Nagpur Answer d Nagpur. 266. The Hungarian Grand Prize has been won by a Lewis Hamilton b Nico Rosberg c Daniel Riccairdo d Sebastian Vettel Answer d Sebastian Vettel. 267. The Murugappa Hockey Title has been defended by a Indian Oil Corporation b State Bank of India c Indian Railways d Army XI Answer a Indian Oil Corporation. 268. Name the Cricket player who become the fourth Sri Lankan Player to score 10000 ODI runs a Angelo Mathews b Upul Tharanga c Tilakaratne Dilshan d None of the above Answer c Tilakaratne Dilshan. 269. The EU has banned 700 generic medicines which of the following Indian Life Sciences Company a Biocon b Cell India Life Sciences c Reddy Labs d GVK Life Sciences Answer d GVK Life Sciences. 270. The Dun Bradstreet’s ‘India’s Top PSUs Awards 2015’ has been won by a Hindustan Aeronautics Limited b Bharat Electronics Limited c DRDO d BHEL Answer b Bharat Electronics Limited. 46 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 271. Which state has planned to develop six solar cities in order to add solar capacity of 7500 MW in the state a Gujarat b Tamil Nadu c Maharashtra d Rajasthan Answer c Maharashtra. 272. Name the two companies which have signed an agreement to form a new company to provide technology services and solutions to the banking industry a TCS and Infosys b Infosys and CTS c CTS and HCL d HCL and CSC Answer d Computer Science Corporation CSC and Hindustan Computer Limited HCL. 273. Former Union Minister and 6 time Lok Sabha member Bijoy Krishna Handique has passed away recently. He was from a Meghalaya b Arunachal Pradesh c Manipur d Assam Answer d Assam. 274. Indian women’s wrestling team has won ______ medal in the fifth Senior International Wrestling Tournament held in Kazakhstan. a Gold b Silver c Bronze d None of the above Answer b Silver. 275. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of FSSAI a Abhishek Gautham b Mrunalini Chatterjee c Ashish Bahuguna d Santhosh Twivedi Answer c Ashish Bahuguna. 47 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 276. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of TRAI a RS Sharma b RK Mishra c KV Reddy d MN Singh Answer a RS Sharma. 277. Which of the following book is not penned by former President APJ Abdul Kalam Sir a Mission India b The Luminous Sparks c Indomitable Spirit d Inspiring Minds Answer d Inspiring Minds. 278. Which country won the CONCACAF Gold cup for the seventh time by defeating Jamaica 3-1 a Spain b USA c Mexico d None of the above Answer c Mexico. 279. Parameswaran Hariharan who passed away recently was a/an a Economist b Journalist c Historian d Physicist Answer d Physicist. 280. Tianhe-2 is the Super Computer of a Russia b Japan c China d North Korea Answer c China 281. Who has been appointed as the Secretary of DSIR a K Krishnan b N Shanmugha Sundaram c K Vijayaraghavan d S Mukundhan Answer c K Vijayaraghavan. 48 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 282. The Bhartiya Krishi Bima Yojana is associated with a Poverty Eradication b Child Education c Insurance to Farmers d Rural Road Development Answer c Insurance to Farmers. 283. Santasilan Kadirgamar an eminent Historian who passed away recently belongs to a India b Myanmar c Bhutan d Sri Lanka Answer d Sri Lanka. 284. The TEVA Pharmaceuticals is an _________ based company. a USA b UK c Australia d Israel Answer d Israel. 285. Who took charge as Chairperson of Delhi Commisson for Women a Swetha Ramanarayanan b Pavithra Ravishankar c Swati Maliwal d Ranjani Singh Answer c Swati Maliwal. 286. GOI’s Project Insight is associated with a Underground Operation wrt drug dealers b Eradicating Century old laws c Tax Evasion d Modernize the Air Force of India Answer c Tax Evasion. 287. Who has been announced as the Brand Ambassador of Renault India a Aamir Khan b Hirthik Roshan c Ranbir Kapoor d Shahid Kapoor Answer c Ranbir Kapoor. 49 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 288. Which carmaker has overtook Toyota as the worlds largest by sales in the first half of the year a Mitsubishi b Ford c Chevrolet d Volkswagen Answer d Volkswagen. 289. Suniti Solomon who passed away recently was a a Journalist b Musician c Researcher d Historian Answer c Researcher. 290. Which Indian state is all set to become Country’s First Digital State a Gujarat b Madhya Pradesh c Goa d Kerala Answer d Kerala. 291. Cyprus and _____ have agreed to strengthen ties on energy and security. a Turkey b Iran c Jordan d Israel Answer d Israel. 292. Clive Rice a cricketer who passed away recently was from a Australia b South Africa c New Zealand d Zimbabwe Answer b South Africa. 293. ________ becomes first Indian state to make voting compulsory in local body polls. a Madhya Pradesh b Tamil nadu c Gujarat d Rajasthan Answer c Gujarat. 50 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 294. Microsoft has launched a new Operating System. What is the name of it a Windows Soft b Windows 9 c Windows 10 d Windows Corona Answer c Windows 10. 295. The International Tiger Day is observed every year on a July 28 b July 29 c July 30 d July 31 Answer b July 29. 296. Which Indian state is the front runner in Swachh Bharat Campaign a Delhi b Tamil Nadu c Karnataka d Goa Answer c Karnataka. 297. Which country has become the 162nd member of WTO a Belarus b Armenia c Kyrgyzstan d Kazakhstan Answer d Kazakhstan. 298. The CCI has imposed a fine of Rs 420 crore on a Toyota Motors b Suzuki Motors c Hyundai Motors d Hondo Motors Answer c Hyundai Motor. 299. Gadhimai Festival is related to which Asian country a Bhutan b Myanmar c Nepal d Sri Lanka Answer c Nepal. 51 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 300. The E-Tourist Visa Facility will be rolled out to nationals of _______ from July 30’ 2015. a Japan b Armenia c China d Belarus Answer c China. 301. Name the Indians who got the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award 2015. a Anil Gupta and Suhanee Shome b Ankita Singh and Sonal Jain c Sanjiv Chaturvedi and Anshu Gupta d Aravind Yadav and Suresh Naidu Answer c Sanjiv Chaturvedi and Anshu Gupta. 302. World Potato Congress was held in a Shanghai b Shenzhen c Beijing d Chengdu Answer c Beijing. 303. Which country has become World’s Largest Potato producer a Peru b India c China d Brazil Answer c China. 304. According to UN Report India to become World’s most populous country by a 2020 b 2022 c 2025 d 2027 Answer b 2022. 305. Yakub Menon the 1993 Mumbai Blast convict has finally been put to death in a Pune Jail b Nagpur Jail c Mumbai Jail d Thane Jail Answer b Nagpur Jail. 52 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 306. SEBI has cancelled the certificate of registration of a Sun Network Mutual Fund b Sahara Mutual Fund c Aircel Mutual Fund d King Fisher Mutual Fund Answer b Sahara Mutual Fund. 307. Vasundhara Komkali who died recently was associated with a Journalism b Music c Research d Politics Answer b Music. 308. According to Brand Finance India 100 Study the most valuable brand in India is a Reliance Industries b SBI c LIC d Tata Group Answer d Tata Group. 309. The World’s wealthiest private Charitable Organization is a Ford Foundation b Green Peace c Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation d CARE Answer c Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 310. Airtel appoints Jinesh Hegde as CEO of Operations in a Myanmar b Nepal c India d Sri Lanka Answer d Sri Lanka. 311. Name the company which won the sponsorship rights for BCCI matches till 2019. a Sony Max b Star Sports c One97 Communications d Doordarshan Sports Answer c One97 Communications. 53 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 312. Name the Australian Bowler who became the fifth Australian to take 300 wickets. a Shane Watson b David Warner c Mitchell Johnson d Doug Bollinger Answer c Mitchell Johnson. 313. Who is the Author of the book "Sleeping on Jupiter" a Mukhil Sharma b Nirmal Pandey c Amish Tripathy d Anuradha Roy Answer d Anuradha Roy. 314. India’s Kalyani Group and Israel’s Rafael have partnered to produce _______ in India. a Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missiles b Nuclear Submarines c Advanced Choppers d High Tech Radars Answer a Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missiles. 315. Name the E-commerce company which launched "India Art House" for handicraft lovers. a Snap Deal b eBay c Flipkart d Amazon Answer c Flipkart. 316. Who has been appointed as the CEO of Procter Gamble PG a Tywin Lannister b John Snow c Ned Stark d David Taylor Answer d David Taylor. 317. Mullah Akhtar Mansour has been announced as the Leader of a Haiti Rebels b Bokohoram c ISIS d Taliban Answer d Taliban. 54 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 318. Name the famous cab service provider that has made entry into on-demand grocery delivery service a Fasttrack b SpeedTrack c Ola d Taxi Taxi Answer c Ola. 319. Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited BHEL has signed three strategic agreements with companies of a Tajikistan b Kyrgystan c Uzbekistan d Kazakhstan Answer d Kazakhstan. 320. Which Bank has been named as Asia Fab 50’s “brightest star” in Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 List a Standard Chattered b SBI c HDFC d ICICI Answer c HDFC Bank. 321. Nikkei Japanese media group is going to buy the _________ from Britain’s Pearson in a 1.3 billion. a Reuters b The Street c Financial Times d The WLJ Answer c Financial Times. 322. DIIP stands for Department of Industrial Policy and a Presentation b Provocation c Promotion d Promulgation Answer c Promotion. 55 | P a ge

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Current Affairs Quiz July 2015 323. Cyclone Komen has made a landfall in which of the following Asian Country a Bhutan b Nepal c Myanmar d Bangladesh Answer d Bangladesh. 324. Reserve Bank of India RBI will soon issue 10 rupee denomination coins to commemorate a National Technology Day b International Tourist Day c World Cancer Day d International Yoga Day Answer d International Yoga Day. 325. Which State/UT has recently notified Witness Protection Scheme 2015 a Uttar Pradesh b Gujarat c Delhi d Chandigarh Answer c Delhi. 326. The International Day of Friendship is observed on a July 30 b July 31 c August 1 d August 2 Answer a July 30. All the Success Thank You    56 | P a ge

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