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Free Spirit is a frequent flyer service for Spirit airlines which gives you the opportunity to earn miles each time you travel with Spirit Airlines or other partners. Travelers collect miles and then use them to obtain travel rewards. FREE SPIRIT is ranked number 9 among the bonus rewards schemes, according to


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FREE SPIRIT – SPIRIT AIRLINES REWARD PROGRAM Free spirit is a frequent flyer program of Spirit airlines which gives you a chance to earn miles every time you fly with Spirit airlines or other partners. Travelers can collect miles and can use them later for award travel.According to FREE SPIRIT program is ranked no. 9 in the best rewards programs. BENEFITS OF FREE SPIRIT FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAM If you have a free spirit account then you can quickly and easily make and manage new Spirit airline reservations. Spirit miles can also be collected from everyday purchases and you can also earn miles for dining at restaurants hotel stays car rentals etc. One of the great benefits of the Free Spirit program is that it provides numerous ways to earn mileage credit and also gives an opportunity to achieve elite status.

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HOW TO EARN MILES WITH SPIRIT AIRLINES Spirit airlines give you a chance to earn points in many ways. You can earn extra miles every time you make Spirit airlines flight reservations and fly with Spirit airlines. EARN MILES WITH SPIRIT PARTNERS Spirit airlines has its various partners like they have partnerships with many restaurants car rental companies and hotels. With Spirit airline reservations you can earn miles and maintain your mileage balance by making purchases through Spirit partners. It gives an opportunity to earn at least 5 miles for every dollar spent at restaurants bars and clubs. Spirit Airline customers can also earn miles through online shopping spirit cruises.

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EARN MILES THROUGH LOYALTY CARD Spirit airlines allows you to earn extra miles and bonus points on every dollar spent for purchases. The free spirit program is subdivided into 3 main categories: somebody elite and VIP . » Somebody : You can easily sign in for the Free Spirit program which is free. » Elite : Customers can earn at least 12000 miles and can spend 1200 on base fares in 6 months. » VIP : it allows you to spend at least 2400 on base fare and earn 24000 free spirit miles in 6 months. OTHER WAYS Free spirit miles can also be earned through: Air travel Hotel stays Credit cards

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HOW TO USE FREE SPIRIT MILES » The earned free spirit miles can be further used and redeemed for Spirit airlines flight bookings » The miles can only be applied to Spirit magazine and flight subscriptions. » In case of Spirit Airlines MasterCard customers can redeem reward travel after collecting at least 2500 free spirit miles. » If you want to use free spirit miles then it is compulsory to make Spirit airline reservations through its official site.

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IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT SPIRIT MILES » Miles that are earned with Spirit airlines world MasterCard require a time of at least 6 weeks to post. » Spirit free miles can expire after 3 months of inactivity » You can earn mileage credit up to 30 days after flying with Spirit airlines. » Customers can easily and quickly know the miles earned. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after your purchases. The email will show the full payment you have done and you will get the final ticket amount after 3-4 days. » Miles can take up to 5 days to appear in your free spirit dining account. CONTACT US In case of any query or issue regarding ticket bookings cancellation flight change check-ins etc. feel free to contact us any time. Our professional team is dedicated to assist you and resolve your queries. Customers can call us to know more about how to earn and use FREE SPIRIT miles. We are available 24 7 to answer your calls.

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