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Yorkshire Plan for Sport 2005-2008: 

Yorkshire Plan for Sport 2005-2008 31st March 2008: Sports participation up 3% England ranked 5th in world sport


ACTIVE 70% of population active 5 x 30 minutes a week by 2020 SUCCESS British and English teams and individuals sustaining top 5 rankings, particularly in most popular sports GAMEPLAN 2020 GAMEPLAN ACTIVE DCMS PSA TARGETS (2008) Achieve at least 2.5% efficiency savings on DCMS Expenditure Limit in each year of SR04 (2005-08) IV Improve the productivity of the tourism, creative and leisure industries III Increase the take-up of cultural and sporting opportunities by people aged 16 and above from priority groups II Halt year-on-year rise in obesity among children under 11 by 2010, in context of broader strategy to tackle obesity in the population as a whole (DfES & DOH) I(b) Increase % of 5-16 yr olds spending at least 2 hrs per week on high quality PE & Schools Sport within and beyond curriculum to 75% by 2006 and 85% by 2008, and 75% in each SSP by 2008 (with DfES) I(a) The Performance Profile 2005-08 This page and the next establish the performance profile for sport in England, linking Game Plan targets to Government PSA targets (this page), and to Sport England targets (next page) Progress against targets will be reported on a regular basis. Sport England will be accountable to Government for achieving targets under the 2005/08 Funding Agreement. The Agreement will be finalised once the Delivery Plan is agreed. The Board will review targets at the March Board meeting. The performance profile drives the key performance indicators for Local Government (through the comprehensive performance assessment), NGB’s and County Sports Partnerships.


Yorkshire plan for sport


Ensuring Delivery Hits the Target


Strategies and Plans Framework Regional Plans Whole Sport Plans The Sport England Offer: Strategic Analysis

Yorkshire plan for sport: 

Yorkshire plan for sport Shared priorities 16 policy proposals Linked to regional vision 7 outcomes

Increase participation in sport and active recreation: 

40,000 new participants Yorkshire’s international award winning, Lottery funded, Galpharm Stadium Increase participation in sport and active recreation

Segmentation of participation, Yorkshire: 

Segmentation of participation, Yorkshire Health Survey for England, 1998 Increase participation in sport and active recreation


Increasing participation in sport and active recreation

Increase participation in sport and active recreation: 

Increase participation in sport and active recreation

Widening access : 

Widening access Reduce the participation gap between different groups within the population by 25%

Improving levels of performance : 

Improving levels of performance Yorkshire athletes make up 10% in England and Great Britain teams

Improving health and wellbeing : 

Improving health and wellbeing (£m) Source: Chris Gratton, Sport, Health and Economic Benefit 2003 The total cost of physical inactivity to Yorkshire per annum

Creating stronger and safer communities: 

Creating stronger and safer communities

Year of the Volunteer 2005: 

Year of the Volunteer 2005

Active Places: 

Active Places Online database to locate sport and fitness facilities on your doorstep More than 19,000 sports and recreation site www.activeplaces.com

Improving education : 

Improving education

Benefiting the economy : 

Benefiting the economy £1 government spending on sport = £4 back in taxation £1.2bn household spending on sport 3% household spending 41,700 employed in sport 2% employment


The First Steps: From Strategy to Delivery

A replicable, scaleable, measurable delivery system: 

A replicable, scaleable, measurable delivery system Our challenge: to increase sports participation and deliver on the success agenda….influencing 1% of 5 million people


The Model What is it? 2000 ‘Clubs’


Facilities Secondary schools Clubs Network of deliverers assessing need and delivering appropriate interventions accountable to CSP Any community.. active and sporty Primary schools Coaches Volunteers Couch Pots Subs Sporty Mild enthusiasts


What is a Community Sports Network? ‘Community Sports Networks’ deliver sport locally, the glue between the player, club, coach and volunteer and the rest of the system

A single system for Sport: 

A single system for Sport

The single system for sport: 

The single system for sport


Ensuring Delivery Hits the Target

Implications for investment : 

Implications for investment Regional resources Collective purchasing Additional Funding Available resources for regional delivery through delivery system Parameters for RSB spend


The First Steps: From Strategy to Delivery

By 2008 : 

By 2008 Physical activity integrated into life Participation gaps begin to narrow

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