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Web Accessibility : 

Web Accessibility What do we mean by accessibility?


Outline Technologies Why accessibility? Web standards – how do we do this then? Accessibility Testing Accessibility Myths The Industry

What is accessibility?: 

What is accessibility?

It’s about access for all: 

It’s about access for all

The social model of disability: 

The social model of disability

What do we mean by disability: 

What do we mean by disability Deaf Hard of Hearing, hearing impaired Blind, visually impaired, low vision Mobility-impaired Learning-disabled

Technologies : 



What does accessibility mean?

“Let’s hit the hut...”: 

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“Text is not a feature of Websites; it is a primitive, a fundamental and unalterable component” - Joe Clark

Why accessibility?: 

Why accessibility? The business case The ethical case The legal case

The business case: 

The business case “The estimated spending power of people with disabilities in the UK being £40-50 billion” Employers Forum on Disability

The ethical case : 

The ethical case The social model of disability Cooperate social responsibility

The legal case : 

The legal case “...we are now using the force of argument.  If that fails, we will not hesitate to use the argument of force.” -- Bert Massie Chairman, Disability Rights Commission

Sydney Olympics 2000: 

Sydney Olympics 2000


Intranets “One major UK corporation which is notorious for having inaccessible public web pages, is suddenly spending considerable sums on making their intranet accessible - for no other reason (as far as my informant could tell) than because they'd realised they risked some rather high-profile court actions by employees.” -- Alan Flavell. (Alan Flavell is a well-known contributor to html-related newsgroups – he has a lot of respect within the industry. He is an acknowledged expert. His credentials are impeccable)


Intranets “A member of staff could (we hope not, but it happens) lose their sight (or 'gain' some other disability) at any time. Equally, you could employ someone. If this happens down the road, you could have a massive problem.” -- Anonymous Contributor (Intranet Forum)

How do we do this then?: 

How do we do this then?

Web standards: 

Web standards


<font face=verdana size=-2 color=white>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Welcome</b></font> back


<h1>Welcome</h1> <p>Hello there!</p> <p>Life is great when you design with standards.</p> h1 { color: red; background: white; font: Arial; } p { color: green; background: blue; font: ”Comic Sans”; } <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> function showPic (whichpic) {  if (document.getElementById)

Want to change something?: 

Want to change something? It’s easy... One Two Three Four Five



the JavaScript issue... : 

the JavaScript issue...

Accessibility Standards: 

Accessibility Standards

Do the W3C know what they are talking about?: 

Do the W3C know what they are talking about? “the majority of problems that disabled people mentioned regarding poor web access were not contained in any of the WAI's guidelines.” Bert Massie, DRC

Automated testing: 

Automated testing PageScreamerTM

Manual Testing: 

Manual Testing

User Testing: 

User Testing DRC recommendations

the usability bonus.: 

the usability bonus.

Accessibility Myths: 

Accessibility Myths

...my site will look boring: 

...my site will look boring

...it’s difficult to do.: 

...it’s difficult to do. <img src=“pizzahutlogo.gif” alt=“Pizza Hut”/> Contact Andrew Gray at <a href=”mailto:agray@sift.co.uk” title=”Email Andrew Gray” tabindex=“4”>agray@sift.co.uk</a>

Audio and Video content: 

Audio and Video content

...a text only version is fine.: 

...a text only version is fine. Disabled access at rear.

The industry.: 

The industry.


“81 % of sites investigated failed to meet the minimum guidelines for access.” DRC Report 14/4/04

The industry: 

The industry

The industry : 

The industry

Don’t shoot the messenger: 

Don’t shoot the messenger

The public sector: 

The public sector A requirement on all new public sector IT procurement projects A key aspect of electronic Government Interoperability Framework

e-Envoy recommendations: 

e-Envoy recommendations

Certifying developers : 

Certifying developers

It’s not all good news...: 

It’s not all good news...


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Third Party Content: 

Third Party Content RSS feeds Advertisements


"Why would you care about standards support? You can code things that work in IE, and that's fine - nobody really uses anything but IE, coding for all browsers is a waste of time. Now what would you rather have a development team doing, working on standards support or adding in cool proprietary things, like 3D powerpoint-style page transitions, that will make their web "experience" that much better" -- unnamed Microsoft employee

Questions and Comments: 

Questions and Comments www.accessibilityworks.co.uk/resources/web accessibility.ppt

Further Information: 

Further Information Books: Building Accessible Websites By Joe Clark Online Resources: www.daiveintoaccessiblity.com www.accessift.com www.webaim.org www.rnib.co.uk

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