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TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd: 

TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd

Safe Harbor Statement: 

Safe Harbor Statement This Presentation contains certain forward-looking statements that are based on current expectations and are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Except as required by law, we undertake no obligation to update any forward – looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


Company Profile Business Highlight Appendix Agenda

TECO at A Glance: 

TECO at A Glance Established 1956 Headquarter Taipei, Taiwan Employee 3,200 Sales and Service Branches Over 15 international branches covers markets of Taiwan, China, Japan, South-East Asia, North America, Mexico, West Europe, Mid-East and South America Manufacturing Facilities Taiwan, China, USA, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam 2006 Consolidated Revenue NT$ 41.0 BN (US$ 1.2 Bn apprx.) Capital NT$ 19.2 BN (US$ 573 mm apprx.) TECO Headquarter Nankang Software Park, Taipei, Taiwan

Global Manufacturing and Sales Network: 

Global Manufacturing and Sales Network Taiwan China USA Texas Australia Thailand Singapore Malaysia Indonesia India England Spain Italy Germany Philippine Korea Japan South Africa Canada Netherlands Vietnam Saudi Arabia Mexico New Zealand

Business Scope: 

Business Scope Global Leading Provider of Industrial Products and Services Most comprehensive product and service offerings Industrial Motors System Automation Construction and Engineering Service Commercial Air-conditioning Service Brand Name Owner of Quality Home Appliances Household Air-conditioner Home Convenience e.g. Fridge, Washer, Dryer, …etc. Home Entertainment - e.g. TV, DVD player,…etc Others - e.g. Smart Card System

Historical Growth Momentum: 

Historical Growth Momentum * * Gross Profit/Operating Revenue ** Gross profit includes unrealized / realized inter-company profit

Historical Revenue Breakdown: 

Historical Revenue Breakdown As of 2006, Industrial Products Business represented around 60% of total consolidated revenue. NT$ Million

Trend of Gross Margin in Business Units: 

Trend of Gross Margin in Business Units

Motors – Where We Build Our Business: 

Motors – Where We Build Our Business High efficiency motor High voltage three-phase motor Vertical Motors Rolled Steel Frame Motors Aluminum Motors Gear motors Eddy Current Motors Crane Motors Wound Roter Induction Motors Motors (1/4Hp ~ 60,000Hp) Inverter Duty Motors

Remarkable Projects: 

Zimbabwe Refinery Expansion Synchronous Horizontal Ball Mill Motor for mining (Platinum)(8,177 HP, 34 Poles) Oil and Gas in Equatorial Guinea Motors for drive propane compressors (6,000 HP) Higher Efficiency Motor for Cement Mill (4,500 HP) Remarkable Projects


Company Profile Business Review Appendix Agenda

Financial Highlight - consolidated: 

Financial Highlight - consolidated * Annualized Number

Operating Revenue with Gross Margin: 

Operating Revenue with Gross Margin * * Gross Profit/Operating Revenue ** Gross profit includes unrealized / realized inter-company profit

Operating Income with Operating Margin: 

Operating Income with Operating Margin * * Operating Income/Operating Revenue

Operating Expense: 

Operating Expense

Revenue Breakdown by Business Units: 

Revenue Breakdown by Business Units As of 1H 2007, Industrial Products Business dominated almost 70% of total consolidated revenue. NT$ Million

Gross Margin of Main Business Units: 

Gross Margin of Main Business Units

Industrial Products Revenue Breakdown: 

Industrial Products Revenue Breakdown As of 1H 2007, Motor Business represented 67% of total revenue in Industrial Products Business. NT$ Million

Motor Business Revenue Breakdown - by Geography: 

Motor Business Revenue Breakdown - by Geography * Based on 2006 consolidated number

Home Appliance Revenue Breakdown: 

As of 1H 2007, A/C, Commercial A/C and LCD TV business were main sources of Home Appliance revenue. Home Appliance Revenue Breakdown NT$ Million

Improving Core Business: 

Improving Core Business NT$ Million

Highlights of Company Strategy: 

Highlights of Company Strategy Aggressively Expanding Industrial Products Business Speeding up capacity expansion Cost down through product redesign Exploring emerging market, eg. Vietnam, Mid-east, Mexico…. Looking for new applications Restructuring Home Appliance Business Improved profitability rather than top-line growth Cost down through finished good outsourcing and SKD manufacturing Adjusting portfolio of product offering Continually disposing non-core investment


Company Profile Business Review Appendix Agenda

Income Statements: 

Income Statements * Gross profit includes unrealized / realized inter-company profit ** Cumulated effect of changes in accounting principles

Balance Sheets: 

Balance Sheets

Cash Flows: 

Cash Flows



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