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I think you presentation is fantastic. Might I have a copy to use it for my students. I will keep it as is. A pdf would be great.

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Image and Professionalism: 

Image and Professionalism For aspiring attorneys Professor Gretchen Carroll J.D. Owens Community College

To gain the good opinion of those who surround them, is the first interest and second duty of men in every profession of life. For power and for pleasure, this preliminary is equally indispensable. : 

To gain the good opinion of those who surround them, is the first interest and second duty of men in every profession of life. For power and for pleasure, this preliminary is equally indispensable. -Manners, Culture, Dress, 1890

Within thirty seconds, someone meeting you for the first time forms a whole laundry list of impressions about your character and abilities. : 

Within thirty seconds, someone meeting you for the first time forms a whole laundry list of impressions about your character and abilities. The list of impressions encompasses: educational level career competence and success personality level of sophistication trustworthiness sense of humor social heritage

Appearances Count- Curb Appeal is Important to Credibility!: 

Appearances Count- Curb Appeal is Important to Credibility! In 30 seconds, people form all those different impressions based almost entirely on what they see and smell... your clothes your hair style how you carry yourself your smile your scent your nonverbal communication.

Quick impressions last…: 

Quick impressions last… The halo effect- when your visual image is positive, the person you’ve just met will tend to assume that other aspects about you are equally as positive. If your visual message is negative, that interviewer, colleague, or client may not spend the time and effort to discover the talented person inside.

Appearances also count in ongoing interactions. : 

Appearances also count in ongoing interactions. In a face to face encounter... 7 percent of a verbal message comes from the words used; 38 percent comes from the vocal tone, pacing, and inflection; 55 percent of the message is transmitted by the speakers appearance and body language. (sociolinguist Albert Mehrabian)

Appearances count especially in the working world. : 

Appearances count especially in the working world. In A survey of 150 employers, it was discovered that the number-one reason for rejecting an applicant after the first interview was his poor personal appearance. Poor appearance ranked even more significantly than being a “hostile, overbearing know-it-all or being late for the interview without good reason.

Appearances count- often in cold, hard cash. : 

Appearances count- often in cold, hard cash. Identical resumes were sent to more than 1,000 companies. Some resumes were accompanied by a “before” photo of the applicant, some an “after” photo. Each company was then asked to determine a starting salary. Amazingly, starting salaries ranged 8 to 20 percent higher as the result of upgrading a mediocre business appearance to one that is polished and effective.

First Impressions are..... Lasting Impressions: 

First Impressions are..... Lasting Impressions There is no erase button, your image transmits a message about you all day every day. Appearances count for career advancement because image, polish and presence are important. It may not be “fair”, and perhaps it should not matter, but it does.

Now, Let’s give the theory a try...: 

Now, Let’s give the theory a try... Look at the models before you and determine your first impressions based on the following five criteria: 1) education 2) job or career 3) level of competence 4) ability to interact with people 5) respect in his or her industry

Your 2 most visible credentials...: 

Your 2 most visible credentials... 1) Wardrobe 2) Nonverbal Communication You can control and change how these visual credentials are displayed. Manage them so they continue to contribute to your personal and professional success.

Develop a “Straight-A” Image: 

Develop a “Straight-A” Image Ability- you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t able. Appropriate- fits the industry and job category, the geographic area and the occasion. Attractive- enhances your features, coloring and body build. Affordable- within budget and time resources. Assured- conveys both visually and behaviorally, a sense of competence and confidence.

Appropriate for- : 

Appropriate for- the industry or job profile (Labor attorney, corporate counsel, member of the firm) the area of the country (Boston vs. LA vs. Cleveland, vs. Toledo), the specific business occasion (client meeting, court, dinner with colleagues) the message you want your image to transmit (power, competence, caring, organized, intelligent, scholarly).

Test the appropriateness of the look by asking....: 

Test the appropriateness of the look by asking.... “What message does this look convey? Look through the eyes of the interviewer, clients, colleagues, and members of the community and ask , what would I want to see to make me confident or comfortable with this person.

Attractive- an extreme makeover is NOT required: 

Attractive- an extreme makeover is NOT required Attractive wardrobe choices harmonize with your personal clothing, flatter your body shape, and enhance your features. Attractive sells ideas and attracts others to you. Attractiveness is not an unchangeable characteristic. All it takes is a fair and honest evaluation. 20/20 investigation of the impact of attractiveness- highly groomed got it all.

Color is a powerful element of attractiveness. : 

Color is a powerful element of attractiveness. Color either immediately establishes presence and substance or mitigates against it. Color is free. It costs no more to buy a suit in an attractive color. Color me beautiful- what colors give you energy and make you smile. For career wear- go for deep colors and classic neutrals- navy and gray for men, red and black for women.

Body type also impacts attractiveness....: 

Body type also impacts attractiveness.... For those of us with real-life shapes, clothes and patterns can minimize figure challenges and emphasize assets to create an illusion of a more perfectly proportioned silhouette. The right style can eliminate 20 pounds, it is a simple optical illusion.

Illusions with impact....: 

Illusions with impact.... Horizontal stripes in a sweater would enlarge a heavy man, but make a thin man more filled out. Vertical design details of trousers slim and elongate the silhouette. Wearing one color value head to toe creates a slimming vertical effect. Adding a light jacket worn over dark pants and a dark shirt is slimming Shoulder pads widen shoulders and balance a woman’s wide hips or balances a mans large stomach.

Looks that are professionally unflattering on any body type:: 

Looks that are professionally unflattering on any body type: Anything too tight- looks cheap, skimpy, and perhaps sleazy. Stiff or bulky fabrics add to round bodies and emphasize too-thin ones. Clingy fabrics reveal even slight body imperfections. Visible tattoos and facial body piercing.


Affordable Your most portable asset is your image- people notice the quality of your garments and the care in which you put yourself together. The secret- buy only wearable, flattering, quality items. Develop an eye for better garments that are twice as good looking. Calculate the cost per wearing.


Assured Confirm your new powerful visual image by using appropriate behavioral tools such as confident posture, clear eye contact, a strong handshake, and a ready smile. The wardrobe alone won’t create the image, it will take time to get used to your new skin.

Traditional Business Dress: 

Traditional Business Dress The Do’s- Buy the best you can afford Pay attention to the color- navy, gray, earth tones are always appropriate. Clothes should be clean and pressed Use a necktie to add personality A high degree of color contrast creates the most authoritative image.

The Do’s : 

The Do’s Clothes should be an extension of your own personality. For women, Jewel tones, such as sapphire, emerald, and amethyst imply energy and confidence. Shoes should be closed toe, polished, and appropriate heel length. Impeccable grooming of skin, nails and hair is essential. Accessories are the icing on image.

The little things are infinitely the most important.: 

The little things are infinitely the most important. Accessories transform “everybody” clothes into a personal statement that communicates your unique message. Shoes- fit and comfort are critical- leather- appropriate style and heel, closed heel and toe, polished. Socks- dark or neutral coordinate with pant. Belts- essential- long enough to go around your waste and fasten in the second hole. Glasses- frames echo hair color, follow natural line of eyebrows.

More little things....: 

More little things.... Research indicates that eyeglasses imply that the wearer is richer and smarter than the non-wearer. Scarves can do wonders to coordinate a wardrobe. Jewelry- rings- one per hand, watches- no better business jewelry investment than an exquisite watch, earrings- one per ear for women- studs are better than dangles, pins- high on the shoulder to lift and lengthen the silhouette. Purses, wallets, briefcases- tailored leather is best.

Grooming is an irrefutable signal to the world indicating how you value yourself. : 

Grooming is an irrefutable signal to the world indicating how you value yourself. Hands- keep the scrupulously clean, moisturized and manicured. People notice hands. Teeth- Americans the most teeth-conscious people on earth- brush twice daily- flossing gets rid of 90% of mouth odor. Whitening. Smell- daily shower or bath Clean shaven face- everyone reacts positively to this look, whereas many people have negative reactions toward men with mustaches and beards. Hair- even men need to keep an up-to-date hairstyle.

More about Hair: 

More about Hair Hairstyles convey messages. excessively long hair on women says “sex goddess” or “little girl”. Severely short hair may say “masculine” unless a woman has an extremely feminine face. Full, tousled, big hair says “pageant contestant”. There is a wide range of clean-cut short to shoulder-length styles that say, “professional”

A USA Today poll listed the number one image mistake for women as....: 

A USA Today poll listed the number one image mistake for women as.... “too much makeup” The number two mistake is- “too little makeup” Experts say, there is no such thing as a woman who doesn’t look better with makeup. It should help you project a healthy, positive image such that your whole presence speaks “success”. It is not a matter of vanity- it is a matter of self-care and self-esteem. Safest advice is not to wear any fragrance to work, but that is not a lot of fun so choose a light, fresh scent and apply it sparingly. Smokers watch your scent!

Some things do not alter with time and technology.....: 

Some things do not alter with time and technology..... Dressing up to go to work always has- and always will- reflect professional discipline and a respect for the job and the people with whom you interact.

Don’t Ever Wear…Anywhere in public: 

Don’t Ever Wear…Anywhere in public tattered, frayed or wrinkled jeans sweats or jogging pants (unless exercising) stirrups shorts or ultra short skirts tank tops or camisoles cropped tops see through blouses

Image isn’t just about looks…: 

Image isn’t just about looks… It is about being perceived as trustworthy, competent, believable. Prevents giving the impression that you make snap decisions, do sloppy work, or scramble to keep things together. Image is not just about clothes, it is also about nonverbal communication.

In the first few moments of interaction.....: 

In the first few moments of interaction..... We telegraph dozens of messages through our posture, facial expressions, eye contact, handshake, and gestures. Orchestrate those elements to maximize your impact.

Sternum Up, Shoulder Blades Down....: 

Sternum Up, Shoulder Blades Down.... Good posture identifies you instantly as someone with something to contribute. Powerful posture is squared, direct, and erect, but not rigid or tense. People don’t trust you as much if they can’t see your hands... keeping both hands in pockets seen as untrustworthy. Walk should be purposeful, with same erect stance and an unhurried stride. Don’t slump in your chair either Head up, don’t tilt to one side, it makes you look either puzzled or flirtatious.

“The eye obeys exactly the action of the mind” - Ralph Waldo Emerson: 

“The eye obeys exactly the action of the mind” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Solid eye contact instantly conveys the twin messages, “I am important- and so are you.” Lack of eye contract communicates: - lack of confidence or dishonesty - lack of interest in the individual or the information Let’s try an eye contact exercise. Stand up- turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself maintaining constant eye contact, and then with a break in eye contact. Which feels better?

Strong eye contact is a learned skill...... so practice. : 

Strong eye contact is a learned skill...... so practice. One study found that job applicants who engage in more eye contract are seen as more alert, dependable, confident and responsible. In another study only applicants who used an above average amount of eye contact, accompanied by a high energy level, speech fluency, and voice modulation, were invited back for a second interview.

Handshake- an invaluable opportunity to set a cordial tone for any interaction. : 

Handshake- an invaluable opportunity to set a cordial tone for any interaction. Hands clean and void of perspiration Be the first to extend your right hand, thumb up and fingers together. Slide forward until the web between your thumb and forefingers meets the web or your companion. Squeeze firmly, match pressure, shake in a short rhythm, then release.

Let’s try.....remember to accompany with eye contact and a smile. : 

Let’s try.....remember to accompany with eye contact and a smile. How did you do? Any... Dead fish? limp & clammy Bone crushers? intimidation Finger-only shakes? go for the web Sandwich? appears condescending Pump? either a farmer or overly enthusiastic Can men be the first to extend their hand to a women?

Facial Expressions communicate more clearly than words: 

Facial Expressions communicate more clearly than words When the spoken and unspoken messages are congruent, communication is comfortable. When they contradict a savvy listener will believe the nonverbal every time.

A Smile is the most appealing and congenial facial expression. : 

A Smile is the most appealing and congenial facial expression. When you smile you feel more confident and upbeat. It Communicates to others, “I am important... and so are you.”

The four essential areas for a powerful, personal, image: : 

The four essential areas for a powerful, personal, image: Posture Effective use of personal space Eye contact Smile

Gestures also add to the impact of spoken words- for better or worse.: 

Gestures also add to the impact of spoken words- for better or worse. What is the connotation of….. drumming fingers? twisting a ring? bouncing a foot? excessive head nodding? repeatedly checking your watch? playing with your hair? talking with your hand near your mouth?

The Spoken Word….: 

The Spoken Word…. Eliminate profanity from your conversational language – even in law school or a restaurant. Profanity = low class, non-professional, and it can make others uncomfortable.


When body language and words disagree, the body language is the most believable.

Bubbles of Personal Space: 

Bubbles of Personal Space Typical business definition of personal space is somewhere between three and five feet (arm’s length, if you can smell breath, you are to close) Others feel uneasy when their personal space is invaded, so keep your distance. Stay attuned to the reactions of others.

People like people like themselves.: 

People like people like themselves. Mirror when possible. Get in Sync. As we become more and more like the the people we are mirroring, we build more rapport, and relationships are a function of rapport. Adopt a similar posture, vocal volume and rate of speech as the other person’s. Exception- don’t get sucked in by anger and negativity.

Personal Skills for Professional Success : 

Personal Skills for Professional Success Always do right; you will please some people, and astonish the rest. - Mark Twain

Professional Do’s….: 

Professional Do’s…. Research the firm or company or interviewer prior to the interview. Send a handwritten thank-you note after an interview, within 24 hours. E-mail thank you notes are not appropriate.

Professional do’s……: 

Professional do’s…… Demonstrate respect and admiration for everyone in the profession, including secretaries, clerks, opposing counsel, law professors. Cultivate mentoring relationships. Be true to your word- don’t make promises/commitments you can’t keep. Network

Professional Don’ts: 

Professional Don’ts Face-book You’re being googled Criticize, condemn or complain Off-duty behavior is a reflection of you as an attorney. Toledo is a small community.

Do… Understand the Culture: 

Do… Understand the Culture Culture affects everything from how major decisions are made and communicated to how offices are decorated. Good intentions notwithstanding, business cultures develop over time, become ingrained, and are slow to change. Success on the job depends upon how quickly you master the culture. Take cues from your bosses and coworkers.

Personal Space…..: 

Personal Space….. One of the quickest ways to alienate others is to violate their physical space. Keep your distance- 18 inches is reasonable. Remember eye contact Be conscious of height differences- stand far enough away to that person doesn’t get uncomfortable looking up or down at you.

Respecting Rank: 

Respecting Rank Rank is power, so be conscious of the position of the person with whom you are talking. Don’t be overly familiar with peers and superiors. Maintain a respectful conversational distance; no back-slapping, nudging, hugging, elbowing, or other touching that implies nonexistent intimacy.

Topics of conversation….: 

Topics of conversation…. off limits subjects: coworker’s sex life, who’s kissing up to the boss, taking credit for someone else’s work, anything shared with you in confidence. protect yourself by keeping personal information to yourself. Don’t answer seemingly innocuous questions about your age, income, personal relationships, sexuality, and politics.

Keep in mind……: 

Keep in mind…… Tension between smokers and nonsmokers- Smokers, watch odors in clothing and breath- Non-smokers can show a little tolerance and politeness. Other odors- extremely sensitive issues- be cautious before you raise a stink about odors. Gum chewing thought to be socially graceless or simply disgusting- save

Be careful with jokes….. : 

Be careful with jokes….. A mature sense of humor enables people to tease and laugh with others in a kind and gentle way, and to laugh at themselves without any trace of self-consciousness. The ability to make others smile is a gift; the ability to elicit laughter is also a business tool. But, use humor and jokes with care. Make sure a joke is at no one’s expense. Ethnic, racial, religious or gender based humor is not worth the risk of hurting someone else’s feelings or soiling your reputation.

Workplace manners…: 

Workplace manners… When to Stand? Male or female, a well-mannered person rises when either a superior or someone elderly enters the workspace. Also rise for parents. It’s even nice to stand to greet a workmate who hasn’t dropped by your office or cubicle for a while. Rising is a way of showing respect.


Introductions….. Failing to introduce a newcomer or stranger, whether a business associate at a meeting, a visitor to the office, or a guest at a party, is a serious social error. Today it is rank, not gender, that plays a role in deciding who’s presented to whom. The more “important” person “receives” the other person, and his name is mentioned first. “Dr. Adams, this is Gretchen Carroll, our professor of marketing & management.

Introduction guidelines….: 

Introduction guidelines…. Introduce a younger person to an older one. Introduce a coworker to a client or to a worker from another company. Introduce a layperson to an official Introduce anyone at a party to the guest of honor.

Introducing yourself…..: 

Introducing yourself….. If you are attending a business meeting or social gathering and no one introduces you, jump right in. “I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Gretchen Carroll from Owens Community College. Refrain from putting a courtesy title or honorific before your name when introducing yourself, no Mrs., Dr., Prof. Leaving a title unstated suggest self-confidence and humility and one’s credentials are revealed in due courses.

Use and abuse of e-mail…: 

Use and abuse of e-mail… E-mail can’t be considered an “etiquette-free” zone and used recklessly and without concern for the damage it can do. Individuals have ruined personal and professional relationships by sending blunt, critical, and error-filled statements via e-mail. Don’t say things through electronic correspondence that you would not say to someone in person. Discernment in use becomes a mandate.

Closing thoughts…..: 

Closing thoughts….. Your behavior, similar to your appearance, is always under scrutiny. Try to be at ease in the workplace. Move about efficiently, quietly, and inconspicuously. It will take practice, but it also requires a certain amount of unselfishness. Now you know what to do, it is up to you to show that you are considerate of others.

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