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I would like this post to stay here so that whenever someone searches for David Mau or RETC, they'll know the scam activities of David Mau.


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David Mau RETC - Scottsdale AZ David Mau https://medium.com/davidmau/david-mau-retc-complete-fraud-scammer-company-70063e972374

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David Mau RETC - Scottsdale AZ David Mau David Mau a lying swindler He is the so-called director ofRETC which is engaging in scamming other companies. He makes a business deal then like a parasite feeds off on the other company and falls off as soon as he’s got what he wanted. This is exactly what he did with our company Steinberg Valentino. RETC made a deal with us and took everything that they wanted. When our job was complete we sent an invoice of five thousand dollars to them and they did not pay They sent us to different people every single time when we asked them for the payment. They made us run in circles for weeks and weeks. We gave them time to pay until we realized that they just weren’t interested in paying at all. https://medium.com/davidmau/david-mau-retc-complete-fraud-scammer-company-70063e972374

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David Mau David Mau RETC - Scottsdale AZ The director David Mau himself was aware and involved in this fraud. He is a bloodsucking parasite that clings to and feeds off the hard working people. This disgusting leach has leached off of Steinberg Valentino and cost us a loss of five thousand dollars. No doubt as is apparent from his business “wor kin g style ” we probably weren’t the only victims who were leached off. Parasites like him go from one “ ho st ” to another. https://medium.com/davidmau/david-mau-retc-complete-fraud-scammer-company-70063e972374

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David Mau David Mau RETC - Scottsdale AZ Anyone else that enters into an agreement with this David Mau character in the future bear in mind that your company will most definitely be dealt a loss and be cheated out of your money. With business dealings like his its extremely suspicious why this reputation is not widely known. Probably used intimidation to ensure their business dealings don ’ t leak out. It is unfortunate that we di dn’ t get wind of his business “st r ategi es ” beforehand otherwise we would have escorted them out the door when they first approached us. David Maus business ethics and morals are wholly non-existent. If RETC’ s top- level management itself consists of professional crooks then its pointless to expect that their underlings would be any different. https://medium.com/davidmau/david-mau-retc-complete-fraud-scammer-company-70063e972374

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David Mau David Mau RETC - Scottsdale AZ https://www.facebook.com/David-Mau-421063705121131/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/david-mau/ https://twitter.com/DavidMauRetc https://medium.com/davidmau/david-mau-retc-complete-fraud-scammer-company-70063e972374 Scottsdale AZ United States

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