Why choose A Career In Aesthetic Medicine?

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The field of aesthetic medicines offer lots of opportunities to the practitioners who have proper aesthetic training.


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Why choose a career in aesthetic medicine?:

Why choose a career in aesthetic medicine?

What is aesthetic medicine?:

What is aesthetic medicine? The industry of aesthetics medicine is booming. Cosmetic medicine refers to a practice of performing surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures meant for transforming the facial and body appearance of an individual. Cosmetic treatments are used to ward off the signs and effects of ageing and to enhance the appearance. The popular cosmetic procedures include botox and dermal fillers for which proper aesthetic training is required.

Similarities with medicine:

Similarities with medicine The positive aspect of opting cosmetic medicine practice is that most of the skills required for performing cosmetic treatments have been learnt as a medical doctor. It is ideal for GPs, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists and even for nurses who have received proper aesthetic training in cosmetic treatments. Any healthcare provider who is proficient in non-invasive treatments or needling techniques can become a successful aesthetic practitioner.

Payout :

Payout This usually depends on how you deliver cosmetic treatments and location where you choose to open your clinic or work in the UK. You can choose to take treatment rooms on rent for keeping your overheads low. In this case earning vary from £50-200 per hour  or per treatment. You can also choose to work for a clinic on hourly or weekly basis. You can set up your own clinic and be your own boss with unlimited earning potential if you correctly develop your business plan and choose location.

Working hours:

Working hours The field of aesthetic medicine offers flexibility of working hours. You can decide when you wish to work and when not. In order to operate a successful aesthetic practice, you should see your clients at least once a month for follow-up. To give momentum to your practice, you should operate two clinic sessions a month.

Characteristics of a successful aesthetic practitioner:

Characteristics of a successful aesthetic practitioner Should have aesthetic training in the popular aesthetic courses from a reputable institute. Should have complete command over performing offered cosmetic procedures thus feel comfortable performing those treatments. Entrepreneurial skills and a knowledge of how to market the services Confident, clear and outstanding in communicating with clients Responsible to give follow-up to the clients and effectively deals with any sort of complications that may arise. Self-motivated to learn new and innovative skills to advance career in aesthetic medicine.

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