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Hockey Helper provides ice hockey position overview to better understanding the game ice hockey. We are your ultimate guide to provide ice hockey tips and training.


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Overview of Ice Hockey Positions by Hockey Helper Ice Hockey Positions is a little confusing for someone who is new to ice hockey because players moving so quick on the ice. It may be tough to tell the difference between 2 players role on the rink. Here Hockey Helper explains the ice hockey positions. CENTERS Players whose position is in a center they are called Centers and are like the captains on the ice rink. They begin each face off and usually head their lines break-out or nasty zone plays. The center is seen as the head of the forward line and is likely to be a two-way player. Ice Hockey Positions Hockey Helper

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Wingers The wingers are usually seen as the offensive power on the ice. There are various types of wingers that focus on different Ice Hockey Positions phases of the game. There are shooters playmakers and grinders. The shooters are the large scorers on the squad that have the ability for putting the puck in the back of the net. The playmakers have a strong hockey sense that let them see plays the average team member doesn’t see. This allows them to locate passes that the defense is unaware of and transfer them into assists. The grinders are known for their beast force. Grinders are instrumental in wearing down the other team’s defense and raising spirits on the bench. Defensemen Defensemen are perhaps the most important ice hockey position on the ice rink throughout play time. Defensemen serve as the only line of defense between the goalie and the opposition. If your defensemen are better than it will reduce the chances of opposition to putting a goal against you. Ice Hockey Positions Hockey Helper

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Goalies Goalies are the last line of defense and play an important part than other and most of the times they play a leader role on the ice. The goalie has the ability to get their group bring together and also has the ability to completely devastate a team’s energy. Normally there are two ice hockey goalie’s positions like “stand up” style and “butterfly” style. For more information regarding ice hockey tips and training feel free to ask here Ice Hockey Positions OR Subscribe to our YouTube channel Ice Hockey Tips Ice Hockey Positions Hockey Helper

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