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VO2 Submaximal testing Queens College Step Test:

VO 2 Submaximal testing Queens College Step Test KNES 304 Lab 1

Par Q:

Par Q Prior to starting lab today you will need to fill out and hand in the Par Q This instrument is used to determine if you are ready for physical activity

Importance of Cardiovascular Testing:

Importance of Cardiovascular Testing In this day and age the importance of fitness testing cannot be understated. However, intense tests may not always be necessary when quick tests can estimate the fitness levels with a decent amount of accuracy.


Fitness Cardiovascular fitness can be assessed in the form of VO 2 max. VO 2 Max = HR x SV x AVO 2 diff HR = Heart Rate SV = Stroke Volume AVO 2 diff= Arterial Venous Oxygen Concentration Difference

Heart Rate:

Heart Rate Used for Submaximal VO 2 maximum estimation The number of beats per minute Found with Palpation of the Radial Artery (not the Carotid)

Stroke Volume:

Stroke Volume The number of milliliters of blood ejected from the left ventricle per contraction of the left ventricle. Cardiac Output = Heart Rate x Stroke Volume

Arterial Venous Difference:

Arterial Venous Difference The concentration of oxygen in arterial blood is around 97mmHg (partial pressure) when it enters into the aorta. The difference when it returns to the heart via the superior/inferior vena cava is the amount of oxygen that was used by the body. (the amount used for AEROBIC metabolism).

Submaximal Tests:

Submaximal Tests Estimate VO 2 max using heart rate responses to exercise. These are not as strenuous as true VO 2 max tests. Useful for group settings and for settings where expensive equipment is not available.


Lab We will perform a test to estimate VO 2 max today This test is called the Queen’s College Step test and was first published by McArdle in 1972 ( McARDLE , W.D. et al. (1972) Reliability and iterrelationships between maximal oxygen uptake, physical work capacity and step test scores in college women. Medicine and Science in Sports , 4, p. 182- 186)

Queens College Step Test :

Queens College Step Test Participants will step in an UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN fashion onto a 16.25 inch platform for 3 minutes Men 96 beats per minute Women 88 beats per minute At the end of exercise a partner will take a 15 second pulse.

Test 1:

Test 1 McArdle Step Test Male: VO 2 max = 111.33-(0.42 x HR rec ) Female: VO 2 max = 65.81-(0.1847 x HR rec ) Note: HR rec is short for Recovery Heart Rate

After Lab:

After Lab Once you have shown me your calculations for your partner. Use you textbook to find out the fitness of your partner.

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