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Difference Between Flags and Banner Stands

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Variety vs Specialisation ⚫ Flags offer lots more options. There could be made up of paper polyester or PVC printed on one side or both. They also come in a variety of shapes from triangular buntings to feathers teardrops and standard landscape national flags. ⚫ There are two main types of banners - vertical and horizontal. These could be divided into sub-categories like retractable backlit desktop or pull-up etc.

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Attention vs communication ⚫ Flags are eye-catching it can make it hard to read the messages printed on them. At the same time flags are smaller so they hold fewer words. ⚫ Banner stands have lots of room and a more captive audience so you can include detailed messaging and communicate more effectively.

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Portability vs Impact ⚫ Flag offers more mobility than a banner stand because they can easily grab the attention of visitors. Flags are generally mounted high so customers can see them from all over the field or hall. ⚫ Banner stands are large than flags and create the great impact on customers. Banner stands are quicker to set up than flags so you can move them around your exhibition booth to get the optimum position.

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Flags and banner stands both used in outdoor events. You can use them both by mixing and matching. Flags and banners are the best way to show your customers what you have to offer. You can choose them according to your budget and requirements.

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