How often should you update a Portable Banner

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A business benefit by keeping their banner fresh and new as it helps attract customers. Besides, in order to be competitive, you need to update your banner regularly. The following ppt explains simple methods to update your portable banner.


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How often should you update a portable banner?


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in business, or, if you have been in business for decades, it is always important to keep your advertising fresh and new. While your message may still be the same, there will always come a time when you might need to re-think or reassess your advertising pull-up banners . Are they due for a change?


Banners will always wear or gradually fade over time. Are they being pulled up and down every day, do different staff members use them? If your banner is showing ANY signs of wear and tear, it is time for a replacement. After all, you want to promote your business.


If your message is changing, if you have a new logo, product, or service, it is time to change that banner! You want to stay looking young and fresh, so now is the time to keep your business or company looking good and to attract more customers.


We recommend that you take the time to look at all your banners used at previous tradeshows, conferences, events, and even in your store or shop and take a good look. Those banners that worked well for you last week or last month might not be working well today.


Remember there is always going to be competition, depending on your business or industry you may find new competition regularly. Is your old competition looking new and fresh? If the answer is yes, then it is time you changed your banners. You need to look young, bright and vibrant too.


You need to update your slogans, products, and branding regularly to not only look up to date with your current clients and customers but to appeal to a whole new audience as well. A new font, some new colours, and your old message can look modern, up to date and new – in no time.


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