A close look at MARQ our premier marquee

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When you participate in an outdoor event, you need protection from the sun. MARQ is a marquee with premium construction and value. The following ppt highlights the benefits that a MARQ offers a standard reusable tent.


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A close look at MARQ our premier marquee


Australia is an outdoorsy nation, and we have the right weather for it. Except for odd rainy weeks, we can go out and enjoy the sunshine all through the year. That’s probably why we hold so many festivals, whether it’s for music, food, or networking.


There’s one thing these events have in common. Spending a few hours on the beach or footie field is fun, but standing in the sun all day trying to sell stuff is a bit more challenging.


What you need at an event like that is a tent. But why settle for ordinary canvas when you can have a MARQ? The MARQ is our best-selling marquee, and we guarantee premium construction and value. It has several advantages over the standard re-usable tent.


Our MARQ canvas is printable. Customise it with high definition full-colour visuals so that the entire marquee is a billboard for your products and services. All its surfaces can be printed, including the awning, canopy, rear curtains, and side curtains.


The half-window marquee sides allow air to circulate freely, which is helpful in a hot, crowded exhibition stand. The side windows will enable you to interact more efficiently with customers. The open front and sides mean you get maximum protection from the sun, but you can still enjoy a fresh breeze. Three, the marquee is constructed using lightweight materials.


The space available in the MARQ is adequate. The internal area is 3 square metres, so that it can hold a good number of staff and customers. It’s extremely easy to set up and dismantle. Both can be done in minutes. Another option is to use flooring material to form a base for your marquee. It’s not strictly necessary, but it can add a nice touch, especially for evening events. Promodek flooring can be backlit to get your stand some extra attention after the sun goes down.


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