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In order to pump water, fresh water, fuel, oil and other liquids, need for a certain amount and different types of pumps. Generally in the engine room must be set bilge pump, fuel pump and oil delivery pump, boiler feed pump, cooling pump, ballast pump, sanitary pumps and other major pumps


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Pump is a wide used machinery on ship it prime by motor drive the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy potential energy and kinetic energy. In ship pump to transport liquid is water and oil. In order to pump water fresh water fuel oil and other liquids need for a certain amount and different types of pumps. Generally in the engine room must be set bilge pump fuel pump and oil delivery pump boiler feed pump cooling pump ballast pump sanitary pumps and other major pumps In the marine machinery and equipment marine pump with large number variety it is an important ship matching product. It is widely used in ship power system fire protection system cooling system pressure loading system stripping system life security services and other special system but also be equipped in certain auxiliary devices. Marine pumps also widely used in marine engineering equipment docks port terminals etc. Marine pump has a very wide range of applications in modern ships according to the different purposes can be divided into: 1.Marine power plant pump Fuel pump lubricating oil pump sea water pump fresh water pump steering gear or other hydraulic deck machinery hydraulic pump boiler device pump cooling water pump sea water desalination device water pump and condensate pump. 2.Marine general pump Bilge pump ballast pump fire pump daily fresh water pump daily sea water pump hot water circulation pump general pump with function of fire protection bilge ballast.

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3.Special ship pump Some special purpose ship also has special operation requirements pump such as oil tanker cargo oil pump dredger mud pump salvage ship salvage pump jet propulsion ship water boost pump no net fishing ship fishing pump. Marine gear pump Gear pump is a rotary pump which depend working volume formed by pump body and meshing gear its change and movement conveying fluid or pressure boost. KCB gear pump is a gear pump with safety valve YCB gear pump is representative of arc gear pump. In oil transport system can use as transmission pump booster pump in fuel system use as fuel oil conveying pump pressure pump jet pump Medium Gear pump has the advantage of transporting high viscosity medium lubricating medium. Normally used for conveying non corrosive non solid particles and has lubricating capacity oil medium temperature is generally not more than 70 ℃. General flow range of 0.045 30ms/h pressure range of 0.7 - 20MPa the working speed of 1200 - 4000r/min. Feature: Constant flow pressure is not affected by the flow compact structure good manufacturability strong suction is not sensitive to oil pollution wide speed range can resist impact load convenient maintenance reliable work Marine screw pump Screw pump is volume rotary pump it rely on the sealing chamber formed by the screw and bushing the volume change to suck and discharge liquid. Flow is stable has the self-priming ability when transport medium not form the eddy current the viscosity of medium is not sensitive can transport high viscosity medium Marine centrifugal pump Centrifugal pump rely on the centrifugal force of impeller rotation to transport liquid. The pump must be filled with water in the pump shell and water suction pipe before starting. The flow and head range is wide which suitable for mildly corrosive liquid uniform flow smooth operation small vibration. Horizontal centrifugal pump with large flow and low head it is required install base the inlet diameter greater than outlet efficiency is higher than vertical pump the pipeline impact is small. Large power pump is generally recommended horizontal type. Vertical centrifugal pump installed in the underground tank condition can’t intrusion. Its inlet and outlet with same diameter and is located in the same center line can be installed in pipeline as valve compact structure small area low construction investment. Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump for small flow high head condition

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Marine self-priming pump Self priming pump working principle: before starting the pump is filled with water. After the start that high-speed rotation of impeller lead the flow in impeller channel to vortex shell then the entrance form a vacuum so that water backstop door open suction tube air into the pump and through the impeller channel to reach outer edge. After the first time use not required to fill the water in pump again. The actual use self suction height best control within 8 meters. Suitable for conveying bilge ballast water seawater cooling firefighting sanitation and other aspects ship freshwater or seawater temperature no more than 80 degrees Celsius. Equipped with explosion-proof motor can also use to conveying gasoline kerosene diesel oil air coal sewage etc. The flow and head range is wide which suitable for mildly corrosive liquid uniform flow smooth operation small vibration. Strong self-priming capacity pipe does not need to install the bottom valve. Pipeline system is simplified and the working conditions are improved. Self absorbing function can be realized under the condition of no self suction device: 1.Afterward opening door type so that in the case of no moving pipeline can do pump inspection. 2.water conservancy has taken the non overload design so that the pump will not operate under any conditions of overload problem. 3.advanced water design so that the pump has excellent cavitation performance so that the pump can be effectively avoid cavitationin the case of deviation from design conditions and the relatively poor inlet conditions

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