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Why : 


What is : 

authorSTREAM is a free online PowerPoint sharing platform. The goal of authorSTREAM is to create an online community dedicated to distributing and sharing PowerPoint presentations. What is

Why : 

Full Screen Embeds Easy Narrations Animations iPod conversion YouTube applications Why

Eye Exam!...Which do you prefer? : 

Eye Exam!...Which do you prefer? OR

Eye Exam #2…which has a better view? : 

Eye Exam #2…which has a better view? or

Answers… : 

Answers… & What does this mean? Bigger More Detail = Closer Better Experience

Full Screen Embeds : 

Means: No more boxes or squished slides Easy to read and detailed PPTs Greater detail in pictures Better overall effect Full Screen Embeds

Easy Narrations : 

Use built-in narration tools Record your audio without the use of additional tools Easy Narrations

Animations : 

authorSTREAM allows: Slide transition animations Text animations Sound Why use them? Engage your audience Convey information Animations

iPod/iPhone Conversion : 

PowerPoint portability: Anywhere, Anytime, when you want! Who can use this? Students Business Professionals Tourists iPod/iPhone Conversion

YouTube Application : 

PowerPoint on YouTube: Share and distribute to thousands more Also, use it on other video sharing sites Audio narrations and animations included! YouTube Application

Summary…why authorSTREAM? : 

Because it provides more… Embeds Presentations properly Utilizes PowerPoint features of narrations and animation Exclusively does iPod/iPhone conversion Exclusively has YouTube application authorSTREAM is natural extension of PowerPoint on the Web. Summary…why authorSTREAM?

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