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Personality : 

Personality & Emotions

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Chapter Overview

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Part 1 - Introduction & Determinants Part 2 - Personality Traits Models Model1- MBTI Model2- Big Five Part 3 - Major Personality Attributes Influencing OB Part 4 - Personality & National Culture Part 5 – Linking An Individuals Personality to the workplace Personality Concepts

Slide 4: 

Emotional Concepts Part1 - Diffrance Between Affect-Emotions-Moods Ignorance Of Emotions in Early Era Part 2 - Emotional Labour Part 3 - Emotion Dimmensions Part 4 - Gender & Emotions Part 5 - External Constraints Part 6 – Emotional Intelligence (EI) Part 7 – OB Applications

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Different personality clip

Different well-known personalities : 

Different well-known personalities

Slide 9: 

Part 1 Introduction & Determinants

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Personality “Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual REACTS and INTERACTS with others.”

situations : 

situations Situation 1 :- Suppose that you are new to the organisation, and not familiar to your colleague. You get a chance to interact with them in this party. What will you do in this situation? You will take the initiative to talk Feel strange and nervous so will not talk with others You will wait for someone else to talk to you you will stand and smile to others.

Situation 2 :- : 

Situation 2 :- If you go in a shopping mall, and you like one t-shirt, What would be your action? You will immediately buy it You will take a trial before purchasing. c) You will match the price with your budget and if it matches than only you will purchase it. d) You will look out for the discount shceme

Situation 3 :- : 

Situation 3 :- If you are going for an important meeting . On the way to the office, you see an accident. How will you react in this situation? a) you will take the victim to the hospital b) you will call the victim’s family member and inform about the accident and will go away from there. C) you will feel scared about it and will move away from there. d) Seen such critical situation, you start crying up. e) you wont even notice about the accident.

Situation 4 :- : 

Situation 4 :- Shamina ma’m announcement in the class that today she is going to take surprise presentation of the students for the topic already been explained by her in the previously lecture. a) you will readily accept and will present only if ma’m will call you c) you will take the initiative and start presenting d) you will hide your face so that you are not being noticed e) you will ask for some time to get information organized and then will present. f) you will get annoyed of not being informed earlier.

Situation 5 :- : 

Situation 5 :- If girl is crossing the road, a group of boys starts harassing her by whistling or by passing comments or by making faces. If you are that girl how will you react t that time? a) you will go and slap that boy b) you will complaint to the police authority c) you wouldn’t react and pass by d) you will call your brother or friend or boyfriend to threaten that group

Situation 6 :- : 

Situation 6 :- You have been given a group project. You have made a mistake in between and only you are aware of it. How will you react on it? a) you will confess that you have made the mistake. b) you will held someone else to be responsible for the mistake c) you will try to find out the solution for it d) you will keep mum all through out the project.

What Determines The Personality? : 

What Determines The Personality?

Heredity : 

Heredity Examples Abhishek bachchan Kapoors and Deols family Twins

Environment : 

Environment Examples Sita-gita Mogali, Govinda – “jis desh me ganga rehta he”

situation : 

situation Examples John abraham - New York movie Amir khan - lagan movie

Slide 21: 

Part 2 Personality Traits Models Model 1 - MBTI Model 2 - Big Five

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Style of Decision Making Judgmental (J) Perceptive (P) Preference for Decision Making Thinking (T) Feeling (F) Type of Social Interaction Introvert (I) Extrovert (E) Preference for Gathering Data Intuitive (N) Sensing (S) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Slide 23: 

Extraversion Introversion Interest Orientation E I Talkative, Sociable, Friendly, Outspoken Shy, Reserved, Quite,

Slide 24: 

Filmy Examples

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Sensing iNtuition Perception S N Organised, Practical, Focus Detail. Less Regular, Unconscious, Focus Big Picture

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Filmy Examples

Slide 27: 

Thinking Feeling Judgment T F Reliability of logical order – cause and effect, Apathy Priorities based on personal importance and values, Sympathy

Slide 28: 

Filmy Examples

Slide 29: 

Judgment Perception Environment Orientation J P Judging attitude – Control of events and systematic planning Spontaneity – Curious, awaiting events and adapting to them, Flexible

Slide 30: 

Filmy Examples Video

Slide 32: 

MBTI Animated Explanation

Slide 33: 

1 2 3 5 4 Extroversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional stability Openness to Experiance Big Five Model

Slide 34: 

The Big Five Personality Model Openness to Experience Extraversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional Stability

Slide 35: 

The Big Five Personality Dimensions Extraversion: Outgoing, talkative, sociable, assertive Agreeableness: Trusting, good natured, cooperative, soft hearted Conscientiousness: Dependable, responsible, achievement oriented, persistent Emotional stability: Relaxed, secure, unworried Openness to experience: Intellectual, imaginative, curious, broad minded Research finding: Conscientiousness is the best (but not a strong) predictor of job performance

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Filmy Example

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Slide 38: 


Slide 39: 


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Emotional stability

Slide 41: 

Openness to experience

Slide 42: 

Class Quiz Rang De Basanti

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Define The Personality Based on Big 5 Personality Model

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Slide 45: 

Openness to experience

Slide 46: 


Slide 47: 

Emotional stability

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Slide 49: 

Part 3 Major Personality Attributes Influencing OB As per 11th Edition

Slide 50: 

Other Key Personality Attributes Proactive Personality As per 11th Edition

Slide 51: 

LOCUS OF CONTROL As per 11th Edition

Slide 52: 

JULIAN ROTTER As per 11th Edition

Slide 53: 

Locus of Control Internal locus of control: belief that one controls key events and consequences in one’s life. External locus of control: One’s life outcomes attributed to environmental factors such as luck or fate. As per 11th Edition

Slide 54: 


Relationship Between LOC & some other factors : 

Relationship Between LOC & some other factors LOC Job Satisfaction Absenteeism Turnover As per 11th Edition

Slide 56: 

As per 11th Edition


COMPARISION BETWEEN INTERNALS & EXTERNALS INTERNALS Better job performance Attempt to control their environment Good decision maker EXTERNALS More compliant Follow direction As per 11th Edition


JOB SUITABILITY INTERNALS Sophisticated task Professional jobs Managerial jobs EXTERNALS Structured jobs Routine jobs As per 11th Edition


JOB SUITABILITY Judge of court -Internals Teacher of driving school -Externals Watchman -Externals Financial adviser -Internals CEO of any co -Internals Salesman -internals Call center -Externals

Slide 60: 

Machiavellianism Named after Niccolo Machiavelli  Characteristics:- Pragmatic Maintains emotional distance Believes that ends can justify the means As 11th per Edition

High Machs : 

High Machs Manipulate more Win more Persuaded less Persuade others more

High Machs persuaded by :- : 

High Machs persuaded by :- Persuaded by 3 factors Face-to-face interaction Situation having minimum number of rules & regulations ,allowing latitude for improvisation Emotional involvement with details irrelevant

Job suitability : 

Job suitability For High Machs Job requiring bargaining skills ( such as labor negotiation ) Or that offer substantial rewards for winning ( as commissioned sales )

Slide 64: 

Self Esteem

Self Esteem : 

Self Esteem The degree to which a person likes or dislikes himself It is directly related to expectations for success Two types:- High Self Esteem Low self Esteem

High Self Esteem : 

High Self Esteem They believe that they possess the ability they need to succeed at work Will take more risks in job selection And more likely to choose unconventional jobs than people with low self esteem They will not be susceptible to the external influences They are more satisfied with their job

Slide 67: 


Self-Monitoring : 

Self-Monitoring Ability to adjust one’s behaviour to external ,situational factors

High self monitoring : 

High self monitoring Capable of presenting striking contradictions between their public persona & private self Tend to pay closer behaviour of others & more capable of conforming than low self monitoring Capable of putting different “faces” for different audiences

Low Self Esteem : 

Low Self Esteem They seek appreciation from others Seek approval from others and try to conform to the beliefs and behaviours of those they respect They try to please others and therefore they would not take unpopular stands than are high SEs

Slide 71: 

Risk Taking Personality Attributes influencing OB Quick Decision making Specific to jobs (stocks) (accounts) Willingness To Take Risk

Slide 72: 

Personality Attributes influencing OB Proactive Personality

Slide 73: 

A & B Types of Personality Type ‘A’ Suffer high level of stress Quantity over quality Time pressure/deadlines Rarely creative Poor decision makers Behavior is easier to predict Type ‘B’ Difficult to predict behavior Good decision makers Quality of work No compromise on health Wiser than hasty Creative / innovative solutions to same problem

Slide 74: 

Part 4 Personality & National Culture

Slide 76: 

Part 5 Linking An Individual's Personality To The Workplace

Slide 77: 

Investigative A I S C E R Realistic Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional Occupational Personality Types

Slide 78: 

Person-Job Fit Holland’s Personality-Job Fit Theory Type Personality Occupations Realistic Investigative Social Conventional Enterprising Artistic Shy, Stable, Practical Analytical, Independent Sociable, Cooperative Practical, Efficient Ambitious, Energetic Imaginative, Idealistic Mechanic, Farmer, Assembly-Line Worker Biologist, Economist, Mathematician Social Worker, Teacher, Counselor Accountant, Manager Bank Teller Lawyer, Salesperson Painter, Writer, Musician

Slide 79: 

Person-Organisation Fit Extoversion - aggressive, team-oriented culture Agreeableness - supportive organizational climate Openess to experience - inovation oriented organization

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