Common Roof Types

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Common Roof Types Menu : 

Common Roof Types Menu A Frame Gable Skillion Hip Composite Clerestory Early Australian Broken Hip Flat Gambrel Jerkin Head Belcote Common Roof Types Butterfly Made By. Greg Burt ( AKA; Storman Norman ) Email - PO Box 424 Young NSW 2594 C 2010

A Frame : 

A Frame A FrameAlthough this is Really a Gable-style roof edges extending to the ground, it requires separate consideration because of its pitch or steepness.*NoteThis type of roof can be subject to considerable damage, as the entire roof can be affected by wind gusts and debris impact.Temporary repairs may require the use of several ladders or Elevated work platforms (EWP’s) A Frame Roof

Gable : 

Gable Gable RoofThis is one of the most common roof styles used.Pitch can vary from Almost Flat to “A”- Frame.* Note The steeper the pitch, the harder it is to effect temporary repairs Gable Roof

Skillion : 

Skillion Skillion Roofis Simply one-half of a gable roof. Skillion Roof

Hip : 

Hip Hip RoofIs a very common roof style.*NoteIt can cause some problems if tarping is required at or near hip joints. Hip Roof

Flat : 

Flat Flat RoofA flat roof offers the least resistance to wind and usually experiences least damage.In extreme weather conditions, the complete roof may be lifted from the building.*NoteRepair methods will have to take into account an allowance for water run-off. Flat Roof

Gambrel : 

Gambrel Gambrel RoofThe Centre section of a gambrel roof can be quite steep and requires special safety considerations. Gambrel Roof

Jerkin Head : 

Jerkin Head Jerkin HeadThe Edge of a Jerkin head roof can have quite a steep pitch Jerkin Head Roof

Composite : 

Composite Valley Gutter Composite Roofcan be a Combination of different styles of roof Composite Roof

Clerestory : 

Clerestory Clerestory RoofThis is a combination of Skillion and Gable roof to achieve a window along the Roof Ridge Clerestory Roof

Early Australian : 

Early Australian Early Australian RoofThis is a roof where a gable roof is constructed over the main part of the house and the service area to the rear is covered with a lean-to (Skillion) roof and a veranda is attached across the front Early Australian Roof

Broken Hip : 

Broken Hip Broken Hip RoofHas the Same characteristics of the Hip and Valley roof but allows for variation in the width of the wings Broken Hip Roof Type

Belcote : 

Belcote Belcote Roof This is a Hip roof with a continuous Verandah/lean-to (Skillion) around its perimeter. Belcote Roof Type

Butterfly Roof Type : 

Can have a few downfalls to it such as difficulty in draining for areas with an Excess Rain Fall Butterfly Roof Type

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