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Methods of Temory Repair i have Taught


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Windows Repair Examples:

Made By. Greg Burt ( AKA; Storman Norman ) Email - PO Box 424 Young NSW 2594 C 2010 Windows Repair Examples

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Broken Sash Window Click To Continue Click To Continue Hazards: watch for are Glass shards still in the window Frame Click To Continue Tape: Packing Tape is very effective in reducing hazards from Sharpe surfaces Click To Continue Sharp Edges: This will help latter on when applying Plastic sheeting Click To Continue Press the Tape Firmly over the Glass , so as to cover its and this will also strengthen it Click To Continue Small pieces of Tape may be more practical than one large piece to do this step Click To Continue A large Piece of Plastic is then Placed against the window frame this will be the weather resistant cover for the broken window Click To Continue Carefully: Using the Staple Gun, staple the plastic sheeting to the window Frame Click To Continue Ensure that the Plastic Sheet is pulled firmly across the windows Frame , before it is stapled in to Position Click To Continue For best results , staple one side first, then the other Click To Continue Once Both left & Right sides are secure, draw the slack from the bottom and Staple it as well Click To Continue Once Plastic is in place, check and staple where required Click To Continue Once the Plastic sheeting has been affixed to the Window Frame. Long lengths of tape can be run from one window corner to the other across the frame. Click To Continue When the Tape is Secured in an “ X “ , across the Window , it will have added Rigidity Click To Continue Once Secured the window any excess plastic can be stapled , of cut away. Click To Continue Sash Window Repair Aluminium Window Repair Click To Continue Click To Continue Broken Aluminium Window Click To Continue By Running Tape around the damaged area you are strengthening it, and making it safe by covering the sharp edges Click To Continue Place the plastic Sheet Under the Window , bringing the sheet to the middle of the window from the bottom Click To Continue When Replacing , put in as normal, and then to tighten pull down on the top sheet of plastic, when tight, then tape to the window Click To Continue When completed the window frame will lock the plastic in place until it is able to be replaced Click To Continue Louver Window Repair Click To Continue Repairing a Damage Section of Window Click To Continue Measure a piece of Card Board to cover the Damaged Section of Glass Click To Continue Using Tape : remove the Hazard of sharp edges using , Tape Click To Continue Once Sharp Edges are covered you can then begin the temporary Repair Click To Continue Secure the Card Board to the Glass Click To Continue The Glass Panel is Now ready to Be Replaces Into the Window Sash Window Method Aluminium Window Method Louver Window Method Made By. Greg Burt ( AKA; Storman Norman ) Email - PO Box 424 Young NSW 2594 C 2010

Special Thanks to. Lyn & Jen & Greg In Making this Presentation:

Special Thanks to. Lyn & Jen & Greg In Making this Presentation Made By. Greg Burt ( AKA; Storman Norman ) Email - PO Box 424 Young NSW 2594 C 2010

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