Japanese Sacrifice

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Japanese Sacrifice

Fire above us:

Fire above us


Fire aglow

Slide 4:

Fire within us


Fire below

Slide 6:

Wander Witness Withdraw Recant

Slide 7:

Waters steamy mirage revamp

Slide 8:

Irradiant message in fission flows

Slide 9:

If Humans tread where the Sun only goes


V ast are our gifts Broad is our territory

Slide 11:

Boundaries protect to ensure we exist

Slide 12:

Scorched resurrection, baptism by fire

Slide 13:

Sum of our senses will quicken, inspire

Slide 14:

The world understands now

Slide 15:

The depth of your soul

Slide 16:

Heart of a people

Slide 17:

Hidden no more

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Japanese Sacrifice written & spoken by Holly A Parsons © Holly A Parsons 3/22/2011 www.Holly Parsons.com Japanese translated and spoken by Ken Koshio Taiko Drum and Japanese Flute - Ken Koshio www.KenKoshio.com Atmospheric Music & Sound Production - Aryana Ki’mah www.SoundsofCompassion.com Hopi Chant and Native Flute - Ryon Pqlequaptewa AirHopi@yahoo.com Artistic Director - Holly A Parsons Video Production – Twisted Manga www.TwistedManga.com Recorded at Kim’ah Studios and Fushicho Daiko Dojo Phoenix, Arizona, USA © 2011

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