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Shot List:

Shot List

Shots 1-3:

Shots 1-3 1 – Type: Establishing 1 – Subject: There is a black screen that fades into the image of an estate. 1 – Action: Natural sounds of surroundings in the background. No dialogue. Shot of the estate that Jerome lives on. Camera pans right across the estate. Fades black to colour. 2 – Type: Long shot 2 – Subject: Cut intro transaction of Jerome by his estate with his GCSE results in his hand. 2 – Action: No dialogue, sounds of character walking around estate. Sound of footsteps/kicking stones. No camera movement, character walks across still shot. 3 – Type: Point-of-view 3 – Subject: Shows Jerome’s poor GCSE results. 3 – Action: Jerome says “It’s time to sort myself out”. Sighing sound/disappointment. No camera movement.

Shots 4-6:

Shots 4-6 4 – Type: Long shot 4 – Subject: Pan right cut transaction of Jerome looking in mirror with suit on. 4 – Action: No dialogue. Faded sound or music playing in the background (in Jerome’s bedroom). Camera pans right. 5 – Type: Bird’s-eye-view 5 – Subject: Scene of Jerome at desk with Mum’s friend who will give him his opportunity he was looking for. 5 – Action: “because of your grades, we’re gonna need a cash deposit”. “12,000 over the next couple of months”. Sound of typing keyboard. 6 – Type: Over the shoulder shot 6 – Subject: Continued scene of Jerome at desk with Mum’s friend. 6 – Action: “Will you be able to deposit the money?” “I’ll have it ready to start next year’s course...” No other sound/camera movement.

Shots 7-9:

Shots 7-9 7 – Type: Point-of-view 7 – Subject: Shows Jerome’s phone calling, saying ‘dealer’. 7 – Action: No dialogue, beeping of flicking through phone. No camera movement. 8 – Type: Mid/close up 8 – Subject: Jerome on his phone. 8 – Action: “I’ve got a big order, can you sort me out... (Pause) blessed, see you soon.” Natural surrounding sounds of the estate. No camera movement. 9 – Type: Long/establishing shot 9 – Subject: Jerome sitting on the wall, dealers car pulls up to him. 9 – Action: No dialogue, sound of car pulling up and slam of car door as dealer gets out. No camera movement. Jerome gets off the wall and walks to the car.

Shots 10-12:

Shots 10-12 10 – Type: Mid shot 10 – Subject: Low down looking at the bottom of the car, and can only see Jerome and his dealer’s feet. 10 – Action: No dialogue/camera movement. Low drum as shot fades to black out. Edit – fade black out. 11 – Type: Close up 11 – Subject: Jerome and his dealer ‘spud’ each other. 11 – Action: No dialogue/camera movement. Low drum as shot fades to black out. Edit – fade black out. 12 – Type: Mid shot 12 – Subject: The boot of the dealer’s car opens with drugs in it. 12 – Action: Low drum as shot fades to black out. Quiet intro of soundtrack. No dialogue. Edit – fade black out.

Shots 13-15:

Shots 13-15 13 – Type: Long shot 13 – Subject: Jerome selling drugs to a random person. 13 – Action: Pan camera as he walks down the street. *as Jerome looks in bag* “It’s time to make some money”. Soundtrack begins after he says this. 14 – Type: Long shot 14 – Subject: Jerome selling drugs to a random person. 14 – Action: Soundtrack playing. Shot shows him selling drugs to someone, and getting money. No dialogue. Edit – potential wipe left transition? 15 – Type: Long shot 15 – Subject: Jerome selling drugs again to two different people. 15 – Action: Soundtrack playing. Shot shows him selling drugs to two different people, and getting money. Little dialogue; greetings. Edit – potential wipe down transition?

Shots 16-18:

Shots 16-18 16 – Type: Close up 16 – Subject: Table with Jerome’s money from selling drugs; little stack at the moment. 16 – Action: No dialogue/camera movement. Soundtrack continues. 17 – Type: Extreme close up 17 – Subject: Jerome selling more drugs to someone, but extreme close up of his hand. 17 – Action: Soundtrack continues. “Safe man” “Its calm” No camera movement. Shot shows hand take away bag and put money in hand. 18 – Type: Low angle 18 – Subject: Shot looking up at Jerome making another ‘sale’. 18 – Action: Soundtrack continues. Greeting dialogue. Similar to previous shot. No camera movement.

Shots 19-21:

Shots 19-21 19 – Type: Close up 19 – Subject: Table of Jerome’s money stack; a lot bigger now. 19 – Action: Soundtrack continues. No camera movement/dialogue. 20 – Type: Long shot 20 – Subject: Jerome playing his Xbox at home, and then his phone starts to ring. 20 – Action: Sound of video game. No camera movement. Shot shows Jerome at home playing a game, when his phone rings. Soundtrack has died out. 21 – Type: Mid shot 21 – Subject: Jerome picks up his phone with an uncertain look at the caller ID. 21 – Action: Sound only of phone ringing. *picks up phone* “Hello, who’s this?” No camera movement.

Shots 22-25:

Shots 22-25 22 – Type: Extreme close up 22 – Subject: Lips of black guy on the other end of the phone to Jerome from previous shot. 22 – Action: “I heard you’re making a name for yourself on the streets? Are you interested in making some big money?” 23 – Type: Mid shot/potential high angle? 23 – Subject: Jerome responding to the black guy’s question. 23 – Action: “Na I’m fine on my own, I don’t need anyone’s help. Sticking to my own grind.” 24 – Type: Mid shot 24 – Subject: Jerome puts all of his money in his bag, getting ready to go to the bank. 24 – Action: “Time to cash in down at the bank.” No camera movement/sounds. 25 – Type: Long shot 25 – Subject: Jerome in a dark alleyway walking with his bag full of money. 25 – Action: Sounds of his footsteps and blurred music from headphones.

Shots 26-28:

Shots 26-28 26 – Type: Over-the-shoulder 26 – Subject: Jerome in the alleyway and three mysterious people come in front of him. 26 – Action: “Yo we know what you’re holding, we want it all.” *characters run off shot* Shot then blacks out. 27 – Type: N/A 27 – Subject: JCD Production 27 – Action: “Na allow it fam, please, please!” Sounds of beats/kicks... running away; sound of footsteps. 28 – Type: Mid/long shot 28 – Subject: Jerome on the floor while the people who mugged him are running away. 28 – Action: Sounds of running footsteps away. Camera movement pans down to behind the body. Potential shot is made dimmer/dull.

Shots 29-32:

Shots 29-32 29 – Type: Mid shot/birds eye 29 – Subject: Shot of Jerome’s body on the floor, which then moves to show the body from above. 29 – Action: No dialogue. 2 nd soundtrack may begin. Camera moves upwards away from body Moves upward. 30 – Type: N/A 30 – Subject: WHEN YOU LOSE EVERYTHING 30 – Action: Soundtrack continues. No dialogue/camera movement. “When you lose everything”. Quick shot. 31 – Type: Close up 31 – Subject: Shows Jerome’s money. 31 – Action: Soundtrack 2. No dialogue/camera movement. Quick shot. 32 – Type: N/A 32 – Subject: YOU’LL DO ANYTHING 32 – Action: Soundtrack 2. “You’ll do anything”. Quick shot.

Shots 33-36:

Shots 33-36 33 – Type: Extreme close up 33 – Subject: Shows Jerome’s contacts on his phone; ‘The Job’. 33 – Action: Soundtrack 2. No dialogue/camera movement. Quick shot. 34 – Type: N/A 34 – Subject: TO GET IT BACK 34 – Action: Soundtrack 2 fades out to dialling/ringing sound of a phone. 35 – Type: Medium shot 35 – Subject: Jerome on the phone in his room. 35 – Action: Sound of phone answers with “hello?” “Yo, you still need someone for that job, I’m available.” “Cool.” 36 – Type: Mid shot 36 – Subject: Jerome putting on a mask. 36 – Action: Quick music. No dialogue/camera movement. Quick shot.

Shots 37-39:

Shots 37-39 37 – Type: Close up 37 – Subject: Jerome putting on gloves. 37 – Action: Quick music continues. No dialogue/camera movement. Quick shot. 38 – Type: Close up 38 – Subject: Jerome putting a gun in the waist of his trousers. 38 – Action: Quick music continues. No dialogue/camera movement. Quick shot. Fades to black. 39 – Type: N/A 39 – Subject: Blacked out, and fades to colour of vehicle pulling up. 39 – Action: Sound of vehicle pulling up and doors opening. Fades to colour.

Shots 40-42:

Shots 40-42 40 – Type: Long shot 40 – Subject: Van doors are open with three people inside it. 40 – Action: Camera fades into this shot from black screen. “Are you ready to make some real money?” 41 – Type: Long shot 41 – Subject: Jerome climbs into the van. 41 – Action: “Let’s get this done.” 42 – Type: N/A 42 – Subject: Trials and Tribulations of the Dope Game 42 – Action: Van door slams, screen cuts to black with title. Police siren colours around shot.

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