Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas - Custom Furniture Makers

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Dario Gimenez Design does fabrication, design, sets, custom Props, furniture & special effects. It also offers recycling & repurposing of the sets & furniture.


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Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas - Custom Furniture Makers

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Make Your Bed The Focal Point.

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Give Away Your Dresser.

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Buy A Small Chair And Table.

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Get A small folding table to use as A nightstand

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Rethink Your Approach To Lighting.

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Paint The Walls A Light Color.

Slide 8:

Pick Out Linens With Subtle Patterns.

Slide 9:

Keep The Floor As Bare As Possible.

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Use Mirrors To Make The Room Feel Larger.

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Use Wall Shelves Instead Of A Bookcase.

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Choose just a few trinkets to display.

Slide 13:

Find A Place For A Plant Or Two.

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