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Corot is the most important 19C French landscape painters. He came from a long line of French landscape painters. He is also very easy to look at.


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Jean Baptiste Camille Corot : 

First created. Sep 2009. Version 1.2. Sep 2010. London. Jerry Tse. All rights reserved. Available free for non-commercial and non-profit use only Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (1796 – 1875) “Neither a Romantic nor a Realist, it was Camille Corot …. Who showed that these two approaches were not necessarily in opposition. He united great truth with great lyricism, but it was his astonishing truthfulness that ultimately made the greater impact.” Sister Wendy 1994. Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

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Corot saw the world with innocent truthfulness. In 1825, Corot went to Italy, a journey that influenced his approach to painting for the rest of his life. It was in Italy he first experienced the benefits of painting ‘en plein air (open air)‘ and have a significant influence on the Impressionist painters. His landscape evoke feelings of timeless serenity and the lovely silence of the countryside.

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First Italian trip (1825-28) produced some formative and splendid paintings

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“Corot is a rare, exceptional genius and the father of modern landscape. There is no landscape painter living who is not indebted to him, whether or not he realises it.” Eugene Delacroix.

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Corot’s first success at the Salon with this painting dealing with a Neoclassical subject

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Corot’s portraits are never dramatic or exaggerates. Colours simply melts into another but always truthful.

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By 1850s Corot’s style was increasingly impressionistic with loosely dabbed strokes, creating an dreamy and imagined landscape.

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Corot is also a painter of the human figure. In his later year he kept theatrical costumes in his studio for his models.

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“There is only one master here – Corot. Compared to him, the rest of us are nothing.” Claude Monet 1897 at a Impressionist exhibition.

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Final years

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Corot never married but remained very close to his parent even in his fifties. Corot is among the most unassuming painters. His landscaped are among the most enjoyable – calm, poetic yet realistic. By the end of his life he had become recognized as one the greatest French landscape painters. This feat he had achieved quietly, without rhetoric or rebellion – qualities which are also noticeably from his art. The End Music : Secret Gardens - Heartstrings

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