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This is an introduction to the gallery and museum. A selection of paintings in the collection of Thyssen Bornemisa Museum in Madrid. The museum has a particular large collection of 20C paintings. This is part of series of Powerpoint slideshows on galleries and museums.


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Alternatively, you can download a version of this painting here. Daperro. See also the related slideshows on the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagan.

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15C Italian - Ghirlandaio

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16C Italian - Capaccio

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16C German - Grien

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16C Spanish – El Greco

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Italian Baroque - Caravaggio

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17C Dutch - Ruysdael

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17C Dutch Still Life - Kalf

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17C French Landscape - Lorraine

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17C Spanish – El Greco

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17C Italian - Watteau

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18C French - Chardin

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18C Italian - Tiepolo

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18C Spanish – Goya

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19C Germanh – Freiedrich

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19C Fremch – Corot

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19C Fremch – Degas

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19C Fremch – Renoir

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19C Fremch – Monet

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19C Fremch – Degas

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19C French Impressionist – Toulouse-Lautec

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19C Norwegian - Munch

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19C Fremch – Pissarro

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20C German - Nolde

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20C Austrian – Schiele

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20C Spanish - Picasso

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20C Spanish - Dali

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20C Ameria - Hopper

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The museum houses the collection of the Thyssen-Brnemisza family over two generation. The collection began in the early decade of the 20C. In 1988 the Spanish government and the Thyssen-Borneisza family reached an agreement whereby the collection, consisting of 775 paintings, would be on display to the public. The Palacio de Villahermosa was chosen as the site for the new museum. In 1993 the collection was acquired by the Spanish government. Part of the collection consists of 60 paintings are on displayed at the Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona. The remainder of the collection of 715 paintings are permanently on display in Madrid. The collection span the entire period of Western paintings. Much of the collection is focus on the modern paintings of 19C and 20C. Unlike most collection, it does includes a surprising contributions by the 19C American paintings. History of the collection (Museo Thyssen-Brnemisza) Click to advance to next slide.

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