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The Wallace Collection (is) the finest collection of art ever assembled by one family and now s national museum. Five generations of collections, four Marquises of Hereford and Sir Richard Wallace, each made their own special contribution. The Wallace Collection a national museums in the heart of London, own one of the finest collection of fine and decorative art in the world. The Collection was bequeathed to the British nation by the widow of Sir Richard Wallace in 1897. The Collection was assembled entirely in the 18C and 19C. It is an oasis of European art in the heart of London, with emphasizes on French arts.


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18 th Century French Painting French Paintings “One of the best places in the UK to see examples of French visual and decorative arts of the Rococo and Neoclassical periods is in the Wallace Collection ” Wikipedia on 18 th -century French art.


Carle van Loo 1727


Lemoyne 1737 “ Rococo ” was an European artistic movement in the 18 th Century. Antoine Watteau (1684-1721), Francois Boucher (1703-1770) and Jean- Honore Fragonard (1732-1806) were among the more important French painters of the movement.


Nattier 1733. Orientalism in the 18C.


Boucher 1753. Boucher was the most typical Rococo decorator and the friend and protégé of Madame de Pompadour. He began as an engraver of Watteau and won the Prix de Rome in 1723. He admired Tiepolo decorative works. Boucher more well-known painting of Blonde Odalisque. APM.


Boucher 1754. The is the detail of a set of three paintings by Boucher, on Greek mythology on the life of Venus. (see next slide).


Life of Venue. Boucher 1754.


Boucher 1754. Venus was the Roman goddess of love and fertility and often symbolized visual beauty. Beauty and desire were the central concerns of the 18C French art and Venus is thus one of its most commonly depicted deities.


Boucher 1759 Boucher was a friend and protégé of Madame Pompadour.


Fragonard 1776 Fragonard studies under the French painter Chardin for a few months and then under Boucher for about 2 years.


Fragonard 1785.


Vigee-Lebrun 1789


Greuze 1790s Greuze (1725-1805) was a popular French painter from about 1755 to 1780. To the modern eyes his paintings seem sentimental and melodramatic. He often extolled the simple virtues of family harmony and the simple life. His heroine appears possessed of the heady combination of sexual innocence and emotional depth.


Dumont 1793 Francois Dumont (1751-1831) was a miniaturist and a member of the Royal Academy in London. Marguerite Gerard was the sister-in-law of Fragonard and studied under him.


Delaroche 1829 Delaroche was a painter of historical Romanticism.


Delacroix 1829 Delacroix most famous printing – Liberty Leading the People Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) was an important painter of the Romantic movement in France. He is also a colourist.


Horace Vernet 1821 Wallace Collection has a very comprehensive collection on the painter Horace Vernet .


Horace Vernet 1820


Vernet 1633


Vernet 1636


Vernet 1637


Bonheur c1874 Head of a Calf. 1878. Private Collection. Rosa Bonheur was an animal printer. She painted domestic, farm, working and wildlife animals. She painted Brizo as an intelligent and watchful dog.


Isabey 1852


Isabey 1852 (Detail)


Isabey 1852 (Detail)


Dutch Paintings Bol 1650 There is a significant collection of Dutch paintings in the Wallace Collection, by such artists as Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Aelbert Cuyp, Gabriel Metsu , Jan Steen, Jan van Huysum etc.


Hals 1626 (Dutch). This is a masterpiece portrait by Frans Hals. The Cavalier was 26 years old. Perhaps it was painted to celebrates this enigmatic young man’s betrothal symbols of love are depicted in the embroidery on his jacket.


Cuyp 1650s (Dutch).


Rembrandt 1657 Titus was the 4 th child of Rembrandt and the only surviving child of Rembrandt. After Rembrandt bankruptcy, Titus was put in charge of Rembrandt’s works and began to sell his work for him. Titus got marry and had a daughter. In 1668, he died at the age of 26, a year before his father .


Metsu 1658 Gabriel Metsu (1629-67) was a painter of still life, portraits and genre. One of Metsu more famous printing


Velde the Younger 1665.


Velde the Younger (Detail) 1665.


Italian Paintings Italian paintings make up the next group of paintings. Many of these paintings are views of Venice. There are small collections of paintings from other countries like the UK, Spain etc.


Canaletto 1735


Canaletto 1735 (Detail)


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