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Although the museum is one of the youngest in the United States, it is fairly large and comprehensive museum, a significant representation of European art, ranging from antiquity to the present day. The museum was inaugurated only in 1965. However, a large part of the collection came from the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, which was established a century earlier. The museum is also known for its Modern art items as well.


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Indigenous LACMA is very large and its collection is fairly comprehensive. It is one of the larger museum in the United States.


Burial Urn – 800-1000 Panama


Condor Ceramic – 200-500 Peru The Moche culture (also called Mochica) flourished along the northern coast and valleys of ancient Peru, between 1 AD to 800 AD. It was very rich in sculptured figures.


A traditional Wedding – 17C Mexico Painted by an unknown artist, depicting a traditional wedding around a flying pole, surrounded by acrobats and dancers. The flying pole dance still continue today. The one on the painting had many flyers on the pole.


A traditional Wedding - Detail


A traditional Wedding - Detail Masked dances as the bride entered.


Early European


15C Venetian Renaissance - Bellini Founder of an artistic dynasty of Bellini in Early Renaissance. Jacopo was the father of Gentile and Giovanni Bellini. Giovanni Bellini was the most well-known of the Bellinis.


16C Italian Renaissance Vasari was a pivot in the history of Italian Renaissance. He was most famous today for his book, ‘Lives of the Artists’, in which he recorded all the well-known artists of the Italian Renaissance.


16C Italian Renaissance Portrait - Titian Titian was the most successful Renaissance portraitist of his time. He was also the most important member of the 16C Venice school.


16C Venetian Renaissance - Veronese Veronese was known for his huge historic paintings of religious and mythological subjects. He was also a colourist. One of his well-known huge canvas is hung in the Louvre (The Wedding Feast at Cana).


17 th C


17C Portraiture – Guido Reni Guido Reni (1575-1642) was an Italian Baroque portrait painter. He worked most in Rome, Naples and Bologna. Such fine clothing for the cardinal.


Frans Hals was a Dutch Golden Age portrait painter. He is one of the best portraitist in history. 17C Dutch Portraiture


17C Dutch Portraiture Rembrandt is one of best admired Dutch portraitist of the Dutch Golden Age.


17C Dutch Portraiture This was an early painting by Honthorst, when he painted religious themes or Biblical stories.


17C France Baroque Portrait This is probably the best known LACMA painting in its collection. It was painted by Georges de La Tour, a Baroque Caravaggisti artist.


17C Dutch Still Life One of the few successful Dutch woman painters of the Golden Age. She specialized in painting cheese still life.


17C Dutch Landscape Heyden is known for his incredible fine detail townscape paintings. It is not unusual to see every bricks in his buildings.


18 th C


18C Cityscape Canaletto is known for his paintings on Venice. The best of his paintings are in London. Rich people bought these paintings as memento of their travel to Venice.


18C English Portrait During this period the English society was becoming rich and there were a high demands for portraits. Thomas Lawrence was amongst a top bunch of portraitist in this period.


18C Dutch Floral Still Life It is general accepted that Huysum is the best floral still life painting of his era.


18C American Portrait John Singleton is a 18 th Century American painter, one of the finest during the colonial America era. He is a portraitist and well-known for his paintings on historical subjects. One of the first generation of American painters.


18C American Portrait A first generation of American painter of historical scenes around the time of the American War of Independence.


19 th C


19C French Neoclassicism David was the most important neoclassicism painter. He was the painter of the French Revolution.


19C French Neoclassicism Gros was decorated by Napoleon and many of his paintings were about the Napoleonic Empire.


19C French Portrait This is really a very surprise portrait by Emile Jean Horace Vernet, who is more well-known for Napoleonic battle scenes and painting of French soldiers.


19C French Romanticism Delacroix is a colourist. He was the greatest French painter of the Romantic movement. He visited Morocco and painted a number of paintings of Orientalism.


19C American Hudson School Thomas Cole is the founder of the American Hudson School of landscape painters.


19C American Hudson School Frederic Edwin Church was the best known of the Hudson school of painters.


19C American Landscape - Bierstadt Bierstadt was a German-born American painter best known for his lavish, romantic sweeping landscapes of the American West. He was also part of the Hudson school of painters.


19C American Portrait - Sargent An excellent and successful American portraitist who spent much of his working life, painting in Europe.


19C French Impressionist Monet is the best known Impressionist painter.


19C French Impressionist Renoir was one of the leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. He was a painter of female beauty and sensuality.


19C American Impressionist Mary Cassatt, an American lived her life mostly in France and the she was one of the painter within the impressionist circle. This is the first of her popular mother and child series of paintings.


19C French Impressionist Toulouse-Lautrec was a well-known impressionist, who painted the colourful life of Paris at times decadent, with elegant, enticing and provocative images.


19C French Landscape Corot is a landscape and portrait painter before the Impressionism. His landscape paintings evoke the silence of the countryside


19C Impressionist Landscape - Sisley


19C Post-Impressionist Landscape Cezanne laid the foundations of the transition between the 19C artistic style and the 20C century artistic style changes.


19C French Post-Impressionist Gauguin


19C Danish Landscape Kobke is the most renowned Danish artist. He is most famous for his intimate depictions of landmarks of Copenhagen.


19C Danish Genre Rorbye was known both for genre works and landscapes. He was a central figure of the Golden Age of Danish Painting.




Smith – 20C American


20C Mexican Still Life


20C Mexican Still Life Diego Rivera was one of the best known artist of Latin America. He large frescoes helped to establish the Mural Movement in Mexican art. He was married to fellow Mexican artist Frida Kahio. Political active, eccentric in spirit and controversial outside of his own country.


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