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Physical Education : 

Physical Education In The Curriculum

Jumping Jacks Push-Ups Sit-ups: 

Jumping Jacks Push-Ups Sit-ups Not just for the gym anymore


Math Teaching time,decimals,and measurement using a stopwatch. 1. Measure 50 yd. Dash 2. Students run 3. Students record time 4. Students compare data

…more Math: 

…more Math 1. Walk Steps 2. Count as they go. 3. Count by 2’s, 4’s, etc…


Art * Design and draw flags from different countries. *Attach flag to dowel *Find music from that country – get your flag- Dance!!!

Language Arts: 

Language Arts 1.Read: The Little Engine That Could 2. Compare Little Engine to Olympic Athlete. 3. Student can act out favorite olympic event.

Through movement children develop…: 

Through movement children develop… Social skills Emotional skills Cognitive skills Kids communicate… Express… Learn…

Fun Fun Fun: 

Fun Fun Fun P.E. builds trust Encourages teamwork

Just say NO!: 

Just say NO! To administrators who say NO P.E. To improve state test scores

Let’s Keep our kids Physically Fit!!: 

Let’s Keep our kids Physically Fit!! Keep Physical Educations in our schools

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Picture Sources: 

Picture Sources

This concludes my presentation.: 

This concludes my presentation. Shelley Janousek Bonesteel-Fairfax School Platte TTL June 2003

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