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The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL): 

The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) Gayle Baker University of Tennessee (Adapted from slides by C. Swift, Gale Group)


Agenda What Is TEL? InfoTrac and GaleNet TEL Databases Who Do You Call? Hands On! Evaluation

TEL Facts: 

TEL Facts Access to 13 different databases Access to the full-text of several journals, reference works, etc. Material not readily or freely available through the Internet Available 24 hours a day Available free to all libraries and their patrons in the state of Tennessee Supported by federal funds under the Library Services and Technology Act through 9/30/02

InfoTrac Databases: 

InfoTrac Databases Business & Company ProFile ASAP National Newspaper Index Informe! Health Reference Center Academic Expanded Academic ASAP Contemporary Literary Criticism -- Select General Reference Center Gold InfoTrac Student Edition InfoTrac Junior Edition Info Kid’s Edition InfoTrac OneFile InfoTrac Student Edition K-12 Edition InfoTrac Junior Edition K-12 Edition InfoTrac Kid’s Edition K-12 Edition : Password = ?????

GaleNet Databases: 

GaleNet Databases DISCovering Collection (to be removed) Health & Wellness Resource Center What Do I Read Next?

General Reference Center Gold: 

General Reference Center Gold 2000/1200 indexed/full-text General interest magazines and business and industry journals Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service newspaper articles More than 15 reference books 300+ full color maps (Rand McNally) 500 historical images (All Our Yesterdays) Indexing for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (Not full-text) Children’s magazines

InfoTrac Student Edition: 

InfoTrac Student Edition Designed for students age 15-18 330 indexed titles, 270 full-text 13 reference books 500 historical images from All Our Yesterdays 300+ full color maps full-text Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service newspaper articles

InfoTrac Junior Edition: 

InfoTrac Junior Edition Designed for students age 12-14 100+ titles indexed, 90+ full-text 6 full-text reference books 300+ full color maps full-text Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service newspaper articles

InfoTrac Kid’s Edition: 

InfoTrac Kid’s Edition Designed for students age 5-11 75 full-text titles 6 full-text reference books 300+ full color maps full-text Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service newspaper articles

Expanded Academic ASAP: 

Expanded Academic ASAP Use to find information on : astronomy, religion, law, history, psychology, humanities, current events, sociology, communications and the general sciences 2600 titles indexed, 1400 full-text Includes most H.W. Wilson titles - built on General Science Index, Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index Includes 1400 refereed titles Deep backfiles

Contemporary Literary Criticism -- Select: 

Contemporary Literary Criticism -- Select Subset of the series Contemporary Literary Criticism (vol. 95-116) 700 authors, including 260 most studied Authors currently living or who died after 12/31/59 Emphasis on criticism of works by established authors who appear on syllabi in school and college lit. courses Several search formats: author name, profile (genre, nationality, ethnicity, gender), titles, subjects/themes, critics/critical sources, full-text search or combination

National Newspaper Index: 

National Newspaper Index Use to find information on: current events, lifestyle, biographies, sports, economics, consumer products, world affairs, public health, business trends, entertainment, and travel No full-text articles Index only - 5 major papers Wall Street Journal New York Times Los Angles Times Christian Science Monitor Washington Post

Business and Company ProFile ASAP: 

Business and Company ProFile ASAP Use to research all business and management topics. Directory listings for over 100,000 companies as well as information on finance, trade, new technologies, trends and more. 1335 indexed titles, 802 full-text Indexing for The Wall Street Journal, business & finance sections of The New York Times and The Asian Wall Street Journal PR Newswire Ward’s Business Directory

InfoTrac Onefile: 

InfoTrac Onefile New as of October 2000 18 million records from 4 of the TEL databases: Expanded Academic Index General Reference Center Gold Business and Company Profiles ASAP National Newspaper Index 6,000+ indexed titles, 3000+ full-text titles Coverage: 1980 - present


Informe! A general reference database which provides indexing, full-text and images of the most popular Spanish language magazines and pamphlets Features bilingual citations to help non-Spanish students and staff 50 full-text 100 full-text pamphlets Full-text of El Nuevo Herald (Spanish-language newspaper of Miami, FL)

Health Reference Center Academic: 

Health Reference Center Academic 228 titles indexed, 180 full-text health related 40+ full-text Allied Health & Nursing titles 2500+ overviews from Clinical Reference Systems Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine (five-volume medical encyclopedia) Selected indexing, abstracting and full-text from text of health-related articles from another 1500 journals 730 pamphlets Reference books

What Do I Read Next?: 

What Do I Read Next? Features more than 80,000 highly recommended adult, young adult and children’s fiction titles Award winning fiction (almost 500 awards) Books in a series (7550 titles) Books recommended by librarians and others Incorporates: What Do I Read Next? What Do Young Adults Read Next? What Do Children Read Next? What Do I Read Next? Multicultural Literature What Historical Novel Do I Read Next? Latest update May 2001

Health & Wellness Resource Center: 

Health & Wellness Resource Center New “Resource Center” 400 health/medical journals and hundreds of pamphlets 2,200 general interest publications (75% full-text) Medical reference texts Health-related web sites

Four Modes of Searching: 

Four Modes of Searching Subject guide ** Relevance (cf. search engines) Keyword (boolean) ** Advanced

Limits (used to decrease # records retrieved): 

Limits (used to decrease # records retrieved) Place of search within record Date Full-text Refereed (in some databases) Specific journal

Range Operators: 

Range Operators >, gt, after, since ge <, before, lt le >, - See help


Operators Boolean: AND, NOT, OR hazardous AND waste hazardous OR toxic (hazardous OR toxic) AND waste Proximity: wx, nx pigeon n5 champion rudy w1 giuliani


Truncation * - any number of characters (0 or more) polymer* ? – one character hazardous AND waste? ! – one or no characters Internal truncation: colo!r

Viewing Choices: 

Viewing Choices Citation Abstract Text Text plus graphic(s) Page image


Outputs Browser print PDF (Adobe Acrobat plug-in) Email – ASCII (no graphics)


InfoMark “Persistent URL” Can be bookmarked Can be copied into email or onto a Web page “Electronic reserve”


HELP 800-877-4253 #5 Search Help - (search strategies – librarians) # 4 Technical Help - (computer-related problems)

TEL Contacts at the State Library: 

TEL Contacts at the State Library Administration Edwin S. Gleaves, State Librarian & Archivist, Technical Support Jack Stacy, Bibliographic Services Coordinator,

TEL Training Page: 

TEL Training Page


Summary What Is TEL? InfoTrac and GaleNet TEL Databases Who Do You Call? Hands On! Evaluation

Search Questions: 

Search Questions Find a transcript of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech (Gen. Ref. Center Gold) Search for rain forest. Limit to journals Discover or Kids Discover ( K-12 Kids Edition)

Search Questions: 

Search Questions Find journal articles in Reading Research Quarterly about parental involvement in reading

Search Questions: 

Search Questions Find information on smoking Subject Search (HRC) Find information on teen smoking Subject Search (HRC) Find information on cancer from reference books Advanced Search (HRC)

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