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Essential Elements of Award-Winning Online Courses: 

Essential Elements of Award-Winning Online Courses Liz Sanchez, Poetry Writing VHS Teacher Liz Pape, CEO Virtual High School

Resources for Online Course Standards: 

Resources for Online Course Standards Guide to Online High School Courses Essential Principles of Quality: Guidelines for Web-based Courses for Middle Grades and High School Students Online Course Evaluation Project

Guide to Online HS Courses Quality Standards:: 

Guide to Online HS Courses Quality Standards: Curriculum Instructional design Teacher quality Student roles Assessment Management & Support Systems Technological infrastructure

Edutools Online Course Evaluation Project: 

Edutools Online Course Evaluation Project Scope and scholarship User interface Course features and media values Assessments and support materials Communication tools and interaction Technology requirements and interoperability

Scope and Scholarship: 

Scope and Scholarship Audience and grade level-appropriate Breadth of coverage Engaging and accurate writing style Available course orientation and syllabus Learning objectives clearly stated Effective exercises, projects and activities Course materials provided within course-textbooks optional Instructional philosophy fosters abstract thinking Copyright materials appropriately references

User interface: 

User interface Navigation is clear, consistent and thorough Students can track course progress Clear and consistent course organization User-friendly media controls

Course features and media values: 

Course features and media values Course features support online pedagogy Effective use of media to support course concepts Engaging and effective use of text, video, animation, graphics, audio, simulations Variety of media types accommodates different learning styles Appropriate opportunities for students to interact with content

Assessments & support materials: 

Assessments & support materials Assessments available within course Variety of assessments used Grading rubrics provided Support materials for students and teachers available within course

Communication tools & interaction: 

Communication tools & interaction Course delivered through appropriate course platform Communication tools reside within CMS

Technology requirements & interoperability: 

Technology requirements & interoperability Technology requirements to support course delivery clearly stated 508 compliant

VHS’s Online Course Design: 

VHS’s Online Course Design NOT a correspondence course Student-centered Active, engaged learning Collaborative, small group learning Secure, password-protected environment High academic standards

VHS’s Online Course Design: 

VHS’s Online Course Design Organized throughout most aspects of course Effective and appropriate use of the medium Effective use of teacher’s voice Diverse & multiple uses of instruction Quick, timely, regular feedback Clear objectives & performance expectations

VHS NetCourse Standards: 

VHS NetCourse Standards Course Description NetCourse Content NetCourse Characteristics Assessment and Student Portfolios NetCourse Communications NetCourse Pedagogy

Course Description & Schedule: 

Course Description & Schedule Standard: VHS NetCourses are clear in their description of learning objectives, and assignments in the schedule area are structured to require consistent efforts from students throughout the term.

Course Description & Schedule: 

Course Description & Schedule Indicators: Understandable to students and parents Includes a clear listing of student assignments Includes both online and offline activities Includes a statement of expectation about online discussion groups Includes student performance indicators linked to course performance objectives

NetCourse Content: 

NetCourse Content Standard: VHS NetCourses are developed and clearly matched to the performance objectives outlined in the national models for each given content area. Interdisciplinary objectives are encouraged.

NetCourse Content: 

NetCourse Content Indicators: NetCourse performance objectives are clearly stated Performance objectives are matched to the corresponding national model content area Performance objectives are grade level appropriate Performance indicators clearly matched to objectives

NetCourse Characteristics: 

NetCourse Characteristics Standard: VHS NetCourses will maintain high levels of engaged learning and focus on the development of critical thinking skills. Every course should be an opportunity for the student to master a limited number of concepts in depth, rather than many concepts at a minimal level.

NetCourse Characteristics: 

NetCourse Characteristics Indicators:

A “peek” inside a virtual class - putting it all together:: 

A “peek” inside a virtual class - putting it all together: Welcome screen Private spaces Ice breakers Student lounge Schedule with clear learning objectives and expectations Threaded discussions Small group/team assignments

Inside a VHS NetCourse: Welcome : 

Inside a VHS NetCourse: Welcome


“Getting Acquainted” Ice Breaker Activity:


“Coffee House” Student Lounge:


Schedule: Note Required Elements in Each Week - Overview, Repeating Feature, Readings, Activities, Discussion


The Week begins with an Overview which MUST Contain: a summary of what is to be covered, the objectives for the week, and a checklist of all activities with due dates and point values.


The Week begins with an Overview which MUST Contain: a summary of what is to be covered, the objectives for the week, and a checklist of all activities with due dates and point values.

“ Writers Workshop”-Group Work: 

“ Writers Workshop”-Group Work

101 Ways: Peer Reviews: 

101 Ways: Peer Reviews

101 Ways: Peer Reviews: 

101 Ways: Peer Reviews


Another Activity for the Week: A Teacher “Lecture” Scanned into the MediaCenter - Materials Used to Support the Lesson -


Fostering Discussion


Week Three’s topic is “Who Am I?” and in the journal entry my students are asked to compose an entry that answers this prompt: “Where I am from…” I am so moved by their response – they have so quickly become acclimated to the class and seem to feel so comfortable that they are able to share so much of themselves so quickly. Also, I recognize the opportunity they have to be in a class together, and for many of them that is an unusual experience, to be in a classroom with folks from such a diverse array of backgrounds. Leslie’s “Where I’m From…” Week 3 journal entry: Far away from where I am right now is where I was born. An island chain called, the Philippines is where I grew up and spent most of my early childhood. My mom, and my older siblings and I were all from the Philippines, and moved here because my mom married my step dad. I have to say it is a better life here, because when we were in the Philippines, we were pretty poor. The lifestyle here is so different from the Philippines. Even though it is different I still feel like I can fit in back into the other lifestyle because I grew up there and got so used to it. I miss it of course, we all do, especially my mom. She misses her parents very much. I think of my mom as a hero. She saved us from everything and made our lives better. My real dad, whom I call, “Papa” died when I was only a baby, I recently found out that I only spent five whole months with him on earth until he died and went to heaven. Even though I don’t know him as much as my other siblings and my mom do, I know he loved me very much, he’s a part of me, and he’ll always be a part of me. The sad thing is, that I never get to visit his grave. The last time was probably in fifth grade when we visited family. I think if he was here today we’d still be in the Philippines, we’d be poor, but a lot happier. Now, I am here though. Life is good; you live through each day hoping to see tomorrow. Truthfully, my life is doing a “random” mode, I guess you can say. I just don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I guess that’s what everyone lives through. I am just waiting for the day when I get to be on my own and I can do whatever I want. I want to go to a city, like Seattle, and have an apartment overlooking the city. It is always beautiful at night in cities! I just want to sit and relax on my black leather couch staring outside my big glass window and don’t have to worry a thing. I can probably sit there forever, well, until I sleep that is. Then when I wake up I can tell people where I am really from. But like I said, for now I am here, I am from Forks, Washington. I am from where my family is at and from where my other loves ones are. I think that’s what I really care for in the world, my love ones. If anything happened to them, I’d probably die, they just mean so much to me, because they are there for me all the time, and I’d like to be there for them also. But I know there will be a time when I have to let go, and go on with my life, by myself, and just be on my own. Of course, I will not forget them; they can come join me on my black leather couch up in my apartment overlooking the city! :) Lisa’s “Where I’m From…” Week 3 journal entry: I live in a place where I’ve always loved to hate. I wish I could just get up and go. I mean just leave everything, everybody. (Maybe not my mom, but everybody else.) I live in what many people in my area call the ‘ghetto’ or the ‘projects,’ in actuality though it is called low-income housing. Yeah, my family doesn’t make much. My mom works at a meat packing company and my father… well like I said my mother works. Obviously since we stay where we do, she does not make much. In my area of town it is very hard to sleep sometimes. The people can get loud and if you don’t call patrol they will act like they never had any home training. There’s this one guy that stays next door to me and he has about four or five brothers. Their ages range from about eighteen to twenty-five and they love rap music. I’m pretty sure by now the whole neighborhood knows that. Another reason of why it is hard to sleep is because for some reason the people in my area are always fussing and fighting and yelling and screaming…three o’ clock in the morning. There’s this one couple that stays two doors down from me and the have a two children together. In a usual month they have about six or seven arguments, in public. I don’t know how much they fuss in the house. Another thing about where I live is the birthrate. Being that so many girls/youth are having unprotected sex, the birthrate in my area is very high. To put icing on the cake, several of the women/girls having these children are not ready. They have their children running around outside all night and my mother told me that some of the best meals the children get is at school. Some of the children cross street without looking, they use such obscene language and they have no respect whatsoever. The thing I hate the most is that there can be twenty or thirty children playing outside, blocks from their houses, and there are never any adults around. I think that this is crazy, especially since I live off of the waterfront. The children sometimes play alone at the water… unsupervised. That will all be changed in a few years though. The land where these apartments are have been purchased, and in less than eleven years they will be torn down and a new set of $200,000 condos will be built. What they are going to do with the three-hundred people who stay in my neighborhood, I don’t know. The one thing I do like about my neighborhood though is every now and then it is very quite and the weather is great and I am able to just look out in the water all day. It is so beautiful. I can look out at the water sometimes at night and see our sister city, (Norfolk) with its gloriously lit horizon. Too bad I won’t be here in a few years. My mom wants to move to a nice apartment complex in the middle of town. I like it there. One of my church members stay in that area and her apartment is beautiful…inside and out.


Melissa’s “Where I’m From…” Week 3 journal entry: Where I’m from… That’s a funny question. Well, I obviously come from my mother, who had me at 24. I never met my real father. She married when I was 4 or 5, and I reluctantly admit that my (second) father has a big influence on me. My family is loving, I suppose, but hard to communicate with. That might explain my habit of shutting my mouth when I’m angry. I’m really not sure how to answer this question… I’m not poor, but by no means am I rich. My family and I are the kind that sit down to dinner together. We go camping together quite often. There has to be some other way of looking at this besides talking about my birth origins. Where I’m from… I do tend to daydream rather often. I find I’m not always very realistic. I love NJ and it horrifies me to think that I might have to live somewhere else due to the financial insanity of my home state. Where I’m from… I used to watch horror movies all the time when I was little, and now I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have. Or at least I don’t plan to let my children watch them so young. That thought was a bit random, I suppose. Where I’m from… I never spent a lot of time in cities when I was younger. I was raised in a rural/suburban town and was never really exposed to any “rough living”. A drive through Trenton or Philadelphia scares me more than anything. Well, my 15 minutes are up. This is probably going to be my worst journal entry ever. –Melissa Matthew’s “Where I’m From…” Week 3 journal entry: A small city in a foreign land Bustling with tourists and uneasy residents A middle class place Faces looking up and down A market full of families Scraping together pennies So I think back and I wonder about it Why don’t I remember it? Why did I leave a peaceful land so young? Why am I in this country when I could be over there? Speaking in a tongue I am more comfortable with But in my visits I know I would have loved it We would be poor but so what? What’s money matter? More my mother misses it all And I wish I could have known it all Not on a visit but a time when I could reside Now I look around and yeah I’m happy here But I’ll never know what it would be like if I still lived there, So I just forget and go day to day in my life Enjoying things that some over there don’t have A house, air conditioning, TV, computer Things people here take for granted They are lifetime goals for people in Poland So now in a country where were always at war Not that I’m against it because I support Bush But we always seem to have to fight And I know all about fighting for what’s right And I support this war but it’s just sad to have to hear About the families losing children, Losing fathers, losing mothers, Losing sisters, losing brothers, Well I guess my 10 minutes is up, So one more thing on the true topic I wish I could know my country of birth But I can’t so I guess America isn’t to bad at all. Josie’s “Where I’m From…” Week 3 journal entry: I am from a small town called Lincolnton. This is a town where everyone knows everything about you, even if you’ve never met. I hate this town because it is so small and there is nothing to do. You have to go 20 miles to get to a Wal-mart, and at least 35 miles to get to a mall. Lincolnton has a lot of stuck up people. It revolves around your last name. If you aren’t well known in Lincolnton, then you are just out of luck. Another reason I hate Lincolnton is because it is in Georgia. I never really cared for Georgia. I have always hated it. I always wanted to live in South Carolina. Most of my family and friends live there. I hate living here because growing up it was so hard to fit into a social circle. You have to work really hard to get to the top, and when you do, you wish you were at the bottom. In Lincolnton you feel like you have to be someone else. Being yourself isn’t good enough for anyone. I hate the place that I grew up in. The only thing I like about where I grew up is my house. I love my house! A sense of belonging hits you in the face right when you walk through the door. That is the only thing I like about where I’m from. Dida’s “Where I’m From…” Week 3 journal entry: Where am I from? I'm from many places... but where I was born played a big role in my life. I was born in Oslo, Norway. My mom and dad met there. My mom originally lived in Los Angeles, California; but she moved to Norway for the thrill. I was born in 1989. I lived in Norway for about three years of my life. Most of my family on my dad's side live there. My grandma on my mom's side lived in Los Angeles, and so we decided to pack up and live with her for a while. We stationed there for about two years. It wasn't too tragic, my main family from Norway (grandparents & uncle) came to visit us for a few months. I attended pre school in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there had been frequent earthquakes there, so we decided to go to a place that doesn't usually get earthquakes--the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Now, I've lived on this island for about 11 years now. You would think it's very entertaining, but the truth is, there's not much to do around here anymore. We try to keep ourselves busy though. So, basically this wraps up my life, living in different hemispheres of the world, and what brought us to these places.

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Thank You! Liz Sanchez Liz Pape

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