Persian Gulf War 2012

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Foreign Policy After the Cold War :

Foreign Policy After the Cold War Section 32-4 Let’s Go Pens! …yes I did make our PowerPoint Penguin themed!

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“ We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the ___________, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward a historic period of ___________. Out of these troubled times…A ______________ can emerge; A new era—freer from the threat of _____, stronger in the pursuit of justice; and more secure in the guest of peace, an era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. ” -George Herbert Walker Bush, Address to Congress, September ___, 1990 Persian Gulf cooperation New World order terror 11

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Less than two years after the ___________ fell, the United States found itself involved in another war after ____ invaded its neighbor, _______. When the Cold War came to an end, many Americans hoped that a new era of ______ would dawn. Instead, a new era of __________ regional conflicts unfolded. Berlin Wall Iraq Kuwait peace dangerous The Berlin Wall falls… almost two years later… Iraq invades Kuwait…

The Persian Gulf War:

The Persian Gulf War August 2, 1990—The Bush administration faced its most important foreign policy challenge when ____, led by ____________, invaded and occupied its neighbor ______. Iraq Saddam Hussein Kuwait

Causes of the War:

Causes of the War Saddam Hussein, Iraq ’ s ruthless dictator, had run the Middle Eastern nation with an iron fist since 1979. He used ______ to maintain control. By invading Kuwait, Hussein sought to take over Kuwait ’ s rich ___ deposits. With Kuwait in his power, Hussein would control nearly __ percent of the oil produced around the world. The United States feared that Hussein would target __________ and its massive oil reserves next. President Bush made it clear that he would not tolerate Iraq ’ s _________ against its neighbor. He worked to build an international coalition and backed a UN resolution demanding that Iraqi troops ________. terror oil 20 Saudi Arabia aggression withdrew

Operation Dessert Storm:

Operation Dessert Storm By late fall, about 700,000 troops had assembled in ___________, including nearly 500,000 _________ forces. Britain, France, _____, and Saudi Arabia, among others, also sent troops. Other nations, for example, Japan, agreed to help ____ for the costs of the operation. Saudi Arabia American Egypt pay

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Initially, Bush hoped that the presence of these troops along with the ___________________ against Iraq would convince Hussein to _________ his soldiers. At the same time, the President asked for and received from Congress the _________ to use force, if necessary, to back up the UN ’ s __________ that Iraq leave Kuwait. economic sanctions withdraw authority resolution

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January 16, 1991—_______________________, the name given to the American-led attack on Iraqi forces began. Operation Desert Storm

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General ___________, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General ___________________ devised and executed a strategy that began with five weeks of devastating aerial _____________ on Iraqi forces. Iraq countered launching _____ missiles on both coalition forces and on Israel. These missiles did little serious damage, although they struck terror in the hearts of many who feared they were armed with ________ warheads. Colin Powell Norman Schwarzkopf bombardment scud chemical General Colin Powell General Norman Schwarzkopf

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Scud Missile General Schwarzkopf commanding his troops

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February 23, 1991—coalition troops stormed into Kuwait. Easily overmatched, Iraqi troops __________ or fled, setting ___ to Kuwaiti ___ rigs along the way. Less than ___ days after the ground war began, Iraq agreed to a UN cease-fire. It had lost an estimated ______ soldiers. American deaths totaled ___. President Bush chose to limit American actions to enforcing the UN resolution. The coalition ’ s forces would compel Iraq to leave Kuwait but would not continue on to _______, Iraq ’ s capital, to topple Saddam Hussein. As a result, Hussein and his regime survived the war. Bush ’ s public approval rating __________. surrendered fire oil five 25,000 148 Baghdad skyrocketed

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