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Evaluators’ Observations: 

Evaluators’ Observations University of Florida 21st CCLC Program Evaluators: David Gardner Dr. Kathy Sohar Mike Thaler Andrew Wall


Introduction Purpose: To share some of the wonderful activities we have seen as we have traveled around the state

What are we looking for?: 

What are we looking for? Balance Variety Disguised Learning Hands-on Activities FUN!

Reading and Writing: 

Reading and Writing Collections of students’ work Games (e.g., Scrabble, Boggle) Book clubs Lyrics (e.g., Rap, Poetry, Haiku) Journals Imagery Karaoke Readers Theatre Reading Environmental Reading

Reading and Writing: 

Reading and Writing Student Newspapers/Newsletters

Reading and Writing: 

Reading and Writing Vocab Wall Slap (6 Volunteers)

Vocab Wall Slap: 

Vocab Wall Slap Question 1: What is one thing every program needs more of?

Vocab Wall Slap: 

Vocab Wall Slap Question 2: Which program do you think is the best in the state?

Vocab Wall Slap: 

Vocab Wall Slap Question 3: Who is most important to your program?


Math Beach ball Bingo (+/- x) $ Charades Team Competitions Egg Cartons

Science and Technology: 

Science and Technology Gardening Robotics Mad Science Madscience.org Architecture Astronomy Airplanes Bridges Solar Energy

Science and Technology: 

Science and Technology www.edheads.org Virtual Scavenger Hunt Virtual Field Trip Computer Applications AV Production Classes Announcements/Commercials www.nationalgeographic.com

Character Education: 

Character Education Leadership for Challenging Students Guest Speakers E.g., local law enforcement Girl/Boy Scouts School and community service projects Mentors College field trips Goal-setting Meditation/Reflection/Centering Creeds Incentives


Recreation/Fitness Walking (Marathons, Pedometers) Fitness Videos Swimming Lessons Kayak/Canoe


Recreation/Fitness Team Sports Tennis (USTA) Golf Jump rope Rock climbing


Recreation/Fitness Dr. Stu Ryan http://cops.uwf.edu/copsweb/hles/after/


Recreation/Fitness On the Go A program to help increase physical activity within your community. http://walk.hhp.ufl.edu

Arts, Dance, Music: 

Arts, Dance, Music Dance Dance Revolution Chorus/Singing Band/Instrument Lessons Dance Step, Ballet… Scrapbooks Painting Sculpture

Arts, Dance, Music: 

Arts, Dance, Music

Parent Activities: 

Parent Activities Reading/Literacy Nights Group Exercise (e.g., Jazzercise) Performances/Talent Shows Sporting Events Movie/Game Nights Workshops/Trainings/Classes Computer, FCAT, ESOL, GED Donuts/Coffee/Bagels in the AM HW Time Pajama Night

Parent Recruitment/Communication: 

Parent Recruitment/Communication School orientations/Open House Parent contracts Face-to-face Suggestion Box/Dry erase at pickup Surveys Flyers Stickers Incentives (e.g., food, giveaways)

Student Recruitment: 

Student Recruitment Find out what they want Surveys Student advisory councils Credit recovery Extra credit Incentives Most importantly: make it fun!

Getting the Word Out: 

Getting the Word Out Bookmarks Van Bulletin Boards Marquees Newspapers TV Any free press School announcements Newsletters


Forum Time to Share

Any ideas?: 

Any ideas? Academics Enrichment Physical Fitness Character Education Parental Involvement

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