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The Endless WinterWinter : 

The Endless WinterWinter By: Danika Duffy

Early Childhood: : 

Early Childhood: Born September 14, 1990 to Rob and Jenifer Duffy Only child Parents ex. Pro surfers and Television stars Lived at the beach entire life Enjoyed reading, drawing, playing with friends Disliked majority of outdoor sports

Teenage Years : 

Teenage Years Attended Santa Catalina School; came home after one semester Felt tired and sluggish most of the time Gained/lost weight rapidly and for no apparent reason Hospitalized several times Diagnosed with autoimmune hyperthyroidism/Graves’ Disease Begin Snowboarding

Graves’ Disease : 

Graves’ Disease The thyroid/metabolism gland is overactive Antibodies target the thyroid gland, causing it to produce more hormones Symptoms include drastic appetite and weight changes, extreme exhaustion, abnormal heart rhythms, hair loss, depression, anxiety attacks, cognition problems, and insomnia

Snowboarding Begins : 

Snowboarding Begins Coach and parents support snowboard goals Travel to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and all over the U.S. to train/compete Pick up sponsorship through Betty Rides, Omatic, Von Zipper, and Flux Win first competitions/Earn first magazine ads Sustain several injuries

Disciplines of Snowboarding : 

Disciplines of Snowboarding Slopestyle: Jumps and rails Halfpipe: “U” Shaped ditch Boardercross: Six person race Slalom/Giant Slalom: Racing gates Back Country: Powder and cliff drops, usually out of bounds of a regular mountain resort Freeride: Just linking turns!

Pro/Semi-Pro/Am : 

Pro/Semi-Pro/Am Pro: Fully sponsored, participates in contests/filming, makes enough money to support themselves, participate in events required by sponsors such as guest appearances and photo shoots Semi-Pro: sponsored, either fully or partially, contracted or not contracted, but does not receive enough money from sponsors, contests, and filming to support themsleves. Participate in events required by sponsors. Am: not sponsored. Participating in local competitions or just shredding for fun.

Goals and Plans : 

Goals and Plans Dew Tour European Open US Open X Games Dew Cup Top Ten, TTR Ranking

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