Role of Public Relations Consultancy


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White Water Public Relations is a Dubai-based PR agency. Started in 2008, White Water PR provides communication and public relations services to global clients. They have worked for startups and 250-year old companies also. Their clients include Haima, VLCC, FC Wilson, Falken, Apollo Hospitals and many more.


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Role of Public Relations Consultancy :

Role of Public Relations Consultancy


In today’s world, the lines have almost blurred between advertising, marketing and public relations. Knowing each management function’s defined role is crucial in garnering its maximum benefits. Most experts call Public Relations as “free advertising”, but this is so much more to Public Relations.


As defined by the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public’s.” Public Relations is based on relationships, whether it is the audience, influencers, employees, stakeholders, media or anyone that is associated with the company. A business’ reputation is paramount and Public Relations work in enhancing, building and protecting its image. Public Relations harness its biggest advantage of third party validation to promote the brand’s message through earned media.


Importance of PR Agency A good Public Relations consultancy can analyze the company, find its positive message and translate them into media stories aimed at the audience. A PR agency also knows how to handle the negativity surrounding the company and mitigate the damage. PR agencies are involved in PR activities every day and so they know what they are doing. They know exactly which story to run, which media channel to implement, and when to deploy the message. Also, most of the times, PR practitioners are former journalists, so they know how to locate beat journalists, the right reports and the correct channel. PR agencies offer a different perspective on the company’s activities as they are essentially an outsider. This can be beneficial for the business to pitch new ideas and also bridge the communication gap between the employer and employees.


The tactics used by PR agency includes, and are not limited to: Market research about the firm and identifying newsworthy stories. Contact with reports, producers, editors, bloggers and other influencers and maintain media relations. Writing press releases, pitches, speech, web content etc. Plan and conduct different events and conferences to reach the public and media. Social media promotion Crisis management.

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